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Behind The Scenes


You've all seen how the Straw hat crew interact, their adventures and what the people around them think about them… or have you? You haven't heard it from the ones that see them every day. A few minutes ago, the crew had left the ship unmanned, having docked at a small deserted island to collect some provisions for their next voyage, which promised to, as always, be an adventurous and dangerous one.

Silence reigned down on the little ship, her sails fluttering idly in the soft breeze, Jolly roger flicking back and forth as if attempting to get free but forever failing. Nothing was heard except the soft creaking of Merry's hull, and a ship full of inanimate objects ... or were they? After all, they say that in the Grand Line, the weirdest things can happen, right?

The Merry's main areas consisted of the deck, the galley, the cabins, storage and bathroom. Each room was used on a daily basis with its own purposes and uses, full of objects handled by the straw hat crew regularly. You all have your opinions of the Straw Hats, but what about the opinions of the ones that are with them all day, every day? Well… why don't you take a look and find out for yourself…

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