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Behind The Scenes

The Galley

The kitchen was quiet, the noise and commotion outside cut off as if it existed in it's own little world. A soft giggling broke the silence.

"I'm having an affair with the captain." the fridge announced, giggling again.

"For the last time, fridge, he only wants you for your food!" the cupboards yelled, rattling impatiently. Fridge had been on about this for a while now.

"LIARS!" she hissed in response, "All lies! The captain loves me, he told me so!"

"Yeah, like he loves his shoe." the tap snickered rather nastily like the insensitive drip it was.

"You're… so mean!" Fridge replied, sniffling a little.

"Oh please…" The cupboards sighed. As if on cue, due to the noise that was now echoing around the kitchen, the drawer began to rattle like a mad thing.

"Zis iz an OUTRAGE!" a muffled voice cried from the chef's spatula, "'Ow can Zanji-zan keep leaving me in zis… zis… PRIZON!"

"Frenchy, that accent is so fake. Give it up, would you?" the spoons yawned, spooning against each other boredly. Fridge giggled again in the background.

"The Captain was so desperate for me the other night! He was drooling, and staring at me with those big eyes... And then he reached out and grabbed my-"

"Would you give it a rest? He's. Not. Interested. In. You. He loves you for your food!" Usopp's latest invention piped up from the corner. Fridge sniffled a little.

"Why do you insist on denying our love!" she cried, bursting into tears.

"Merde. Now we 'ave to leesten to 'er balling all day again." the spatula called out in annoyance.

"I'm like... so hot." the stove piped up, adding her two cents worth into the general chaos of the room, "I could like, totally burn this place up in like... a second. And why do you like, drool over the captain when like, there's a much better man aboard to like, drool over?"

"Like who?" tap asked, sniffling as it dripped again, "Damn I wish I could get rid of this cold..."

"Like Sanji-kun, of course. He's like, so totally awesome." the oven sparkled, "His hands. He keeps trying to like, y'know, come onto me, but I just keep like, burning him." stove chuckled evilly.

"You know, that's more than a little scary." the light added.

"Who like, asked you!" stove hissed, "I'm like, the hottest thing in here!"

"That may be true, but the only person who comes near you is Sanji-san. Doesn't that tell you something?" the floorboards snickered nastily, "Not to mention we're always holding you up and lady, you sure aren't light."

"Ooh! Just you wait! One day I'll like, fix you you little imgrates!"

"Could we all calm down, please?" the door whispered, shaking a little, "Please don't upset anyone. I don't want to be smashed open again!"

"Sorry, door." everyone chorused.

"Can… I not go back into Luffy's mouth… please? It's scary in there…" one of the forks shuddered, "I feel like I'm never going to come out again…"

"How do you think I feel?" the table called out, "How many times have I been beaten up! I can't take the pressure! I'm gonna break soon! I feel like such a failure!" And she burst into tears which made the rest of the galley groan in mild annoyance. Table was always complaining about how beaten around she was.

There was mumbling from the cupboards from the cups and plates and such, but noone paid them any heed. After all, why bother listening to pointless mumbling? Suddenly, the ship rocked to the side and all objects in the room let out a terrified scream.

"Sacre bleu!" the spatula yelled from the drawer. There was a loud crunch from outside, and then a horrible silence fell over the ship.

"That didn't sound good…" the bench muttered.

"YA THINK!?" everything else in the room yelled before a soft, sweet voice made them all pause again and look to the cupboard, where one of the ceramic cups was teetering on the edge of her hook.

"Ha… I'm slipping! Please! I don't want to die!" she screamed.

"We'll break you!" the floorboards cried, "... I mean, we'll break your fall! Ha... ha ha..."

"Very funny, floorboards." Fridge commented in the background.

"Ah! No!" one of the plates cried, but it was too late. Cup's handle slid from her hook, and she was heading straight for the floor.

"My whole life is flashing before my-" SMASH! An eerie silence fell over the room. It didn't last long.

"… So, anyone up for a game of I, spy?" Table asked.

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