kai: god help me.

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kai: thank god she doesn't

CC92: -smacks kai on back of his head-

kai: OW!

Son of the Dark

Harry had been trying hard to keep his mind of the fact that his only friend in Slytherin was his mortal enemy's son but.. That proved harder them he thought; when he got 'home' to the Dursleys he fond out that Dudley had gone mad on BeyBlade, yep BeyBlade of all things, why beyblade?! the thing kai 'the son of Voldmort' is world famous for! He was the leader of the world champion beyblading team for heaven's sake! And Dudley was always watching them on that beyblade channel!

Dudley also had every wall in his room covered in beyblade posters of the team that kai is in; the BladeBreakers who represent Japan, he also had posters of the Majestics who represent the Europeans, the White Tigers who represent China, the All-Starz who represent America and the Demolition Boyz who represent Russia.

See! Dudley talks so much about Blading Harry knew a lot more then he wanted to, like; max is American and used to be in the All-Starz, Rei's Chinese and used to be a part of the White Tigers team and kai's half Russian and ditched the BladeBreakers twice to be in the Demolition Boyz.

Harry couldn't take it and the only other thing that could take his mind off it was Sirius's death and he rather think about kai then that.

And Guess What! Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were taking Dudley too see the BladeBreakers play at a charity tournament and then a autograph signing and they were dragging Harry with them!


Kai was bored and guess why; he had to watch his team mates battle against some no-talent kid that won the charity tournament ,they were told to take it easy on the them, that's why kai was just watching his team knew he wouldn't 'take it easy on them' and he might hurt someone if he didn't.

So kai had to just watch, bored to death, it was also very hot so but luckily he decided wear a pair of white shorts that went to his knees ,a blue T-shirt and combat boots. He sat there with his arms crossed ,one leg over the other and his eyes closed.

'damn it. Why do we have to be there?! I'm not even battling! I bet I'm just here so the others don't get lost…again, shit! why can't they just lean to read a map!?' he thought opening his eyes and looked around at the cheering fans and noticed some were looking at him 'I hate this. Their looking at my outfit aren't they! Why can't I wear something that's not all dark colours without getting weird looks?! …Or maybe it's my hair, I guess it's weird to see me with my hair in a braid (plait)' kai thought as he ran his hand through his hair 'but come-on it's summer and hot, what else could I do with it? My hair even reaches my shoulder-blades when plaited and it would make me even wormer if I left it down' he started playing with the end of his plaited hair "maybe I should get my hair cut" he said to himself thinking how much of a girl he looked. The rest of the match went on like that for kai; think about nothing important.


After the charity tournament they were taken to some popular BeyBlade shop to sign autographs. Tyson and daichi were loving all the attention, they both had big stupid grins on there faces and posed for pitchers.

Max was okay with all the fans and stuff but he was sugar-high at the moment, rei just smiled politely and signed the pitchers of the team and kai…well kai was having trouble controlling his powers, he hates big crowds and being surrounded by obsessed fans when they had to do stuff like this makes it hard to control his emotions, that's why he normally disappeared for most of the year and only came back for the world tournament so he left alone.

"um. Mr. Kai?" hearing this kai looked up at a girl who was bending over the table, she had long wavy blond hair, baby blue eyes and was wearing a pink crop-top that was showing a lot of cleavage and red mini skirt "yes?" kai he asks un-affected by the girl.

She gave a sickly sweet smile at him "can I have your autograph?" she asked looking down at him, "fine, what do you want me to sign?" he asked picking up his marker pen. Her smile turned into a smirk and pulled her crop-top off so she was standing there in her bra, Everyone was staring now as she leaned down over the table so her boobs were right in front of him "can you sign my breasts?" she asked with a large smirk.

Kai just blinked and tilted his head cutely ,rei and tyson paled at the sight, max and daichi became confused, kai nodded and started writing his name on the girls breasts.

Tyson's & Rei's POV:

Nononononononono! She's flirting with my pore innocent naive kai!!….and she has really BIG boobs! Nooooo! If he likes her he may not be gay!! Wait, wait, wait!! He maybe bi ,yeah he must at least bi.

Daichi's & Max's POV:

……….what the hell is going on!?

Kai's POV:

Weird. Why does she want me to sign her breasts? Wait one moment!……That bra does not go with that outfit, I guess it wouldn't matter if she hadn't take of her top.

Normal POV:

Once kai was done the girl grabbed his arm ,took the marker and wrote her Mobil phone number. "call me next time you in the UK" she said ,kissed him on the cheek and walked off.

Rei and tyson weir really mad now, how bare she kiss their kai!

Kai was still looked confused even when the girl was out of sight when he spotted some-one in the line, kai's eyes widened and grabbed rei's shoulder to get his attention "rei?, I really need to get out of there" he said as rei turned to him "why?" rei asked raising an eyebrow.

Kai nodded his head to the line of fans "Harry's here and I can face him now not now he knows who my father is" kai told him looking a little panicky, rei looked to the crowed and spotted harry standing next to a porky guy who was a little taller then harry and a middle aged fat man and a thin middle aged woman. Rei looked at kai with sympathy "sorry kai but you know you cant leave until 3pm" he said rubbing kai's upper back to comfort him. Tyson sough rei talking and rubbing kai's back and glared at him, rei sough this and smirked ,moving his hand to kai's lower back gust to piss tyson off.

Once the group of four got too the front of the line the porky boy handed them a peas of paper, max spotted harry and grinned "Hi Harry!" he yelled even though he was right in front of him(like I said before 'sugar high'). Dudley's eyes widened and he turned to his cousin, harry just shrugged and turned to the BladeBreakers, daichi jumped up from his seat "what are you doing here harry?!" he asked grinning like an idiot, harry gave a sad smile and nodded his head to the Dursleys "they made me come with them" he said honestly.

"so did you even leave the UK? Its been just over a week since school ended" harry stats and glances at kai who was looking at a small dint in the table with much interest, "no Mr. D said we should stay for the charity tournament" rei said taking the paper from Dudley "name?" he asked "Dudley" Dudley answered, rei signed it then handing it to kai, "Bye Harry See You At School!" max yelled after they all signed it and harry and the Dursleys left, upon seeing them leave kai let out a huge sigh of relief and slumped in his chair.


About a week after the autograph signing the BladeBreakers were still in London on holiday, kai had made sure too get them a decent hotel this time so he took them to one of the five star hotel's he owned in London.

The hotel staff gave them the biggest and best suite they had seeing as kai owned the hotle, it had five luxury bedrooms, three bathrooms ,a large living area ,a dinning area and a Jacuzzi. Each bedroom had a four poster bed, a large wardrobe and a dressing table. The living area had a four seater settee, two armchairs, a coffee table ,a large plasma screen TV ,DVD player ,CD player ,Video player ,a X-box and a game-station, the bathrooms had large bathes ,steam showers a fountain/sink and a toilet with a slow shutting toilet seat, The dinning area had a six seater wooden table and chairs.

Every room had crystal chandeliers and flowers on every table, kai thought the staff over did it a little when he noticed the faces of his team mates when they first got there, kai knew they ,weren't used to such royal treatment but to kai it was kind of sloppy, he'd think Buckingham palace was poorly made from where he used to live with his grandfather.

At the moment Tyson and max weir sitting on the floor playing on the X-box ,daichi was distracting tyson to piss him off, rei calling room service and kai was laying on his stomach on the settee with his laptop in front of him. It had been two weeks since the school year ended and they hadn't been in Japan since Christmas ,they weir all missing the chief(Kenny) and Hilary, tyson was also missing his grandpa so they decided to go back to Japan in a weeks time.

Kai was talking to Dizzy on MSN,(for all who don't know Dizzy is kenny's bit-beast that is stuck in his laptop) he did this every so often to get the best gossip(he sounds like a girl) kenny never knew that Dizzy kept a file just for all her gossip.

PhoenixFlame says: how you doing Dizz?

FizzyDizzy says: fine kai ,kenny's been boring as normal

PhoenixFlame says: k ,so any news?

FizzyDizzy says: Enrique and Oliver are dating

PhoenixFlame says: not surprised…

FizzyDizzy says: Oliver's seme

PhoenixFlame says: …well now…that IS a surprise

FizzyDizzy says: -smirk- I know, OH! Ming-Ming and Mariah are also going out!

PhoenixFlame says: …what's with all the gay?!

FizzyDizzy says: you just don't like it because your in denial

PhoenixFlame says: OF WHAT?!

FizzyDizzy says: sorry g2g!!

FizzyDizzy has singed out.

"bitch!" kai says slamming his laptop shut, he looks up to see his team staring at him in shock, "excuse my languid" he mutters blushing, tyson was about to say something when a black owl flew in through the open window and dropped a letter in front of the settee that kai was laying on before flying away.

Kai sat up and grabbed the letter "what is it?" rei asked putting the phone down and walking up behind the settee to look over kai's shoulder. "its most likely my O.W.L results" kai said opening the letter and reading it;


Pass Grades: Outstanding (O) Fail Grades: Poor (P)

Exceeds Expectations (E) Dreadful (D)

Acceptable (A) Troll (T)


Astronomy: O

Care of Magical Creatures: O

Charms: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Divination: O

Herbology: E

History of Magic: O

Potions: O

Transfiguration: O

"wow kai, you passed every class!" rei said proud of what kai did in just a year, kai how ever didn't look so pleased, "what's with you? You passed all your classes" tyson asked sitting down next to kai. "I only got a 'Exceeds Expectations' in Herbology" kai grumbled crossing his arms.

Max blinked looking up at kai from the floor "um.. Kai its no big thing you paced didn't you?" he said confusedly, kai glared down at him "my grandfather trained me to be perfect and I know he would beat me if he knew I didn't get Outstanding on all of them…well if he knew I was going to Hogwarts" he explained darkly. "um…well then be happy he's in prison!" tyson said throwing his arm over kai's shoulders. Kai's dark look turned into a smile as he looked up at tyson "yeah, your right! And plants aren't my thing anyway!" he says cheerfully.

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