"The Detectives Kamiya"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Summary: A trio of good girls gone bad is wreaking havoc in Tokyo. For starters,
they've taken a doctor-to-be hostage! The only ones who can save him are Tai and Kari
Kamiya... a brother and sister detective team. An alternate universe Digimon fanfic that
definitely should not be passed off as a kiddie show.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, human or Digimon, in this fanfic.

Rating: R, contains mild profanity, violence, sensuality, suggestive sexual situations, and
the collapsing of a building. Do not read if you are sensitive to one or more of these


Downtown Tokyo

The city of Tokyo. It's no surprise that this humongous city is so cheerful on this great

The sun is shining brightly up in the sky above the city. The camera pans around to
showcase the thousands of people walking up and down the streets early on a Monday

As is the same with any other metropolis, the city of Tokyo is filled with evildoers and
villains, all threatening to make the city their own.

A blond haired man wearing a green shirt and khaki pants suddenly snatches a purse from
a yellow haired woman wearing a strapless yellow dress. She screams as the man takes
off running.

"Ha ha!," he laughs. "No one can stop me! I am the great Michael! Ha ha, I say again!"

But unlike many of the world's other major cities, this city has its own defenders.

At a nearby coffee shop, nineteen year old Kari Kamiya is sipping on her daily cup of
mocha latte. Usually, she would be dressed in a police uniform or a trench coat. But this
happened to be her day off. One she was glad that she finally had, after having to work
on solving ten cases in the past week with very little sleep. Today, she was dressed in her
casual outfit: a pink short sleeve shirt and yellow spandex shorts.

"I can't believe I actually convinced Matt to give me a day off!" she said to herself,
smiling. "I bet Tai's got his hands full with that Oscar the Grouch case. I'm sure he can
handle it, though."

"Stop! Thief!"

Kari looks towards the street, quickly identifying that the screaming voice had come from
a woman. She watches as a blond haired man, the thief, runs by with a brown purse.
Kari rolls her eyes as she gets up and starts chasing after the man, leaving her unfinished
mocha latte behind for some lucky sap to take for themselves.

Kari takes one quick glance at the victim before focusing on the thief himself. She
observed that despite how slim this thief seemed to be, he was out of shape. Kari smiles
again, knowing that all of the training she had to go through in police camp was going to
come in handy. It wouldn't take her long to catch him.

Michael turns a corner and runs right into the business district during lunch hour. He had
no idea that Kari was chasing him. He thought he was in the clear! Just as he is about to
get himself lost in the crowd, she appears from around the bend. With a determined look
on her face, Kari charges towards Michael. He pushes his way through the crowd in an
attempt to get away. Kari follows him, but despite being slightly smaller than her
adversary, she is having trouble getting around the traffic.

"This isn't working," Kari thought to herself. "If I don't do something fast, he's going to
get away! And then what? I can see Tai laughing at me right now..."

Kari begins foreshadowing into the future...

"You're telling me you couldn't even catch a pursesnatcher?" Tai noted, doubling over in
laughter. "That's so rich!"

Kari assured herself that she did not want that to happen. She yells over the noise of the
crowd to get everyone's attention. "Stop! Tokyo PD! You're under arrest!"

Quickly, the normally calm crowd begins to panic into a frenzy. While some people dive
out of the way to allow Kari to pass through, many others are running all over the place
in their attempt to clear the way. Unfortunately, they seem to be knocking each other
over, making it harder for Kari to catch up. She glances down the street and catches a
glimpse of the thief turning another corner. Wasting no time, Kari shoves her way
through the crowd, being polite enough to apologize to anyone she knocks down.

In the meantime, Michael was about to jump for joy. He had not only got away with the
purse he had stolen, but he had also managed to evade being caught.

"That was easier than I thought!" he exclaimed as he continued to run. "Not even the
great Michael can be apprehended by a chick in yellow spandex! I have to admit, she
was kinda cute though." He then developed a smirk on his face. "Maybe I should ask
her out."

Michael was too distracted thinking about how cute his pursuer was that he did not notice
the busy intersection that he was approaching. Luckily, some guy in a trench coat dives
on him just before he steps into the street. In the process, the purse falls out of Michael's
hands and down onto the sidewalk.

"Thanks man! I was almost street pizza!"

The stranger does not respond. Instead, he pulls out a police badge and a pair of

"What the hell is going on?" Michael asked.

"You have the right to remain silent," the stranger began. "Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law. You also have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford
one, we will gladly provide one for you. If you wish, you may also refuse one, if you so

He grabs Micheal's arms and puts the handcuffs around his wrists.

"You've got some nerve, buddy," the cop commented. "I don't know who the hell you
are, but when my partner tells you to stop, you'd better stop!"

"And what happens if I don't?"

The cop smiles. "Let's just say your mom won't recognize you after she's through with

Finally, Kari reaches the duo, out of breath. She bends over and puts her hands on her
knees as she gasps for air. The cop smiles at her.

"About time you got here," he noted.

"Oh, shut up. You didn't have to chase him through the business district."

"Who are you guys?" Michael asked.

The cop shows his badge to the thief. "I'm First Class Detective Tai Kamiya of the
Tokyo PD." Pointing to his partner, he then adds, "And that's First Class Detective Kari
Kamiya, my sister."

Kari smiles and waves hello to the thief, despite being tired from chasing him. "Hi!
Nice to arrest you today!"


(Begin theme song)

The siren of an ambulance wails in the background. Younger versions of Tai and Kari
are standing with their father and a hundred other mourners, all dressed in black. A
gravestone marked with their family last name, Kamiya, is on it. Kari weeps openly into
her brother's arms as a coffin is slowly lowered into a hole in the ground and then
promptly buried in dirt.

Now in present time, Tai, dressed in a gray suit with matching pants along with a white
buttoned long sleeve shirt and plain orange tie, walks out of a police station. Kari is
walking next to him, wearing the same clothes as her older brother, with the exception of
a knee length skirt in place of pants.

Meanwhile, the title screen appears...

"The Detectives Kamiya"

Starring Tai Kamiya...

Tai smiles goofily while lying in bed as he reminisces about an old girlfriend.

Kari Kamiya...

Kari walks through the police station as she flips through some papers in a folder.

Also Starring Matt Ishida as the Chief...

Matt opens a steel door and then gasps in fright at the sight of the figure standing behind

Fanfic Written and Edited by Freedom Fighter...

Kari dives into a small hole in the side of the building to avoid getting burned. In another
scene, Tai motions to punch someone in the face, but he misses.

As the song comes to an end, Tai and Kari stand in front of their mother's grave. Kari
sheds a tear as she places a bouquet of flowers next to the tombstone. Tai hugs his little
sister as he looks up to the sky, knowing that their mother is now in a better place.

(End theme song)


Episode 1 - "Meet the Detectives Kamiya, Part 1"

A few minutes have passed since the arrest. Several police cars have pulled up to the
corner. Two officers were escorting Michael into the back seat of one of the cars. Tai
and Kari share a smile as they discuss what just happened.

"So much for my day off," Kari commented, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"I bet Matt wouldn't mind giving you another one. Besides, you're a pro at getting what
you want," her brother responded suggestively.

"Don't start with me, Tai Kamiya! I had to leave behind my daily dose of mocha latte to
chase that guy down! I'm not in the mood!"

"Do you mean this?"

Kari turns around and sees the yellow haired girl standing there with Kari's cup in her
left hand. Kari squeals with delight as she takes the cup from the girl and begins dancing
around with it.

"I can't believe it! Oh thank you, thank you!"

While Kari continues to celebrate, she doesn't notice the surprised look on her brother's
face. Or the equally amusing look on the girl's.

"Catherine?" Tai asked, stunned. "Catherine Bouveaux? Is that you?"

"Yes Tai, it is I," Catherine replied.

Tai slowly picks the purse off of the ground and hands it to Catherine. She takes it and
checks to see if anything is missing. Luckily, nothing is.

"So," Tai began, scratching the back of his head nervously, "long time no see, huh?"

Catherine smiles before quickly leaping at Tai and glomping on to his left leg.

"Hey!" Tai exclaimed. He started shaking his leg in an attempt to shake her off. "Get off
of my leg!"

"Oh Tai, you have no idea how much I've missed you. I've been thinking about you
forever and ever and ever and ever and ever..."

"Isn't that nice?" Tai remarked sarcastically.

"... and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever..."

"Okay Catherine, I get the idea."

"... and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever..."

Tai reached down and put his hands over Catherine's mouth to shut her up. "Okay, I get
the idea!" He manages to move his hands away without Catherine opening her big mouth
once again. He was still struggling to shake her off of his leg, though. He looks over to
her sister, who is now rubbing her cup against her face. "Kari! Will you stop praising
that cup of coffee like it's your most prized possession and come help me over here!"

Kari looked up at her brother and responded, "It's not coffee, Tai. It's mocha latte." She
then notices that Catherine was holding onto her brother's left leg and wasn't letting go.
"Excuse me," she began to say, walking towards Catherine, "but that's my brother you're
glomped to."

Catherine turns towards Kari. Her eyes lighten up instantly. "Kari! Is that you?"

Kari gave Catherine a look of confusion. "Have we met?"

Catherine finally releases her grip on Tai's leg... only to get up, go over, and give Kari a
big hug. Kari's eyes open wide in surprise. She definitely wasn't expecting that. Tai,
meanwhile, was walking over towards the duo, relieved that Catherine was no longer
attached to him, so to speak.

"Tai, who is this girl?"

"Ahem, well, you see..."

"Allow me, sugarplum."

"Sugarplum? Tai, is there something you're not telling me?"

"Okay Kari, you got me. Catherine here is, well, a former acquaintance of mine..."

Kari raised an eyebrow at hearing this. "What do you mean, former acquaintance?"

Catherine released her grip on Kari and quickly spoke up. "What Tai means is that we
were former lovers."

Kari was really intrigued about this. "You mean you two actually dated before? How
come I've never seen or heard about her until tonight, Tai?"

"Well, you see Kari, we only went on one date. And that was during summer camp
almost ten years ago."

"Wasn't I at summer camp with you that year?" Kari questioned.

"No, that was the following year. The year Catherine and I dated was the year that mom
passed away, remember?"

"Oh," Kari replied somberly. Kari reminded herself of that tragic day when her mom got
caught in the crossfire of a small gang war that was going on in their apartment complex.
In the past, she would break down and cry every time she thought of that horrible
evening. But over the years, she had grown strong in spirit. She no longer weeped for
her deceased mother. She was past that stage in her life and she knew there was no way
for her to change it. With the help of her father and Tai, she was able to keep her
emotions in check.

"Anyway," Tai continued, snapping Kari out of her trance, "Catherine was a transfer
student from Paris at the time, who was staying in Japan until the end of the year. I kinda
stumbled upon her when I found her lost in the woods without a flashlight. Being the
gentleman that I am, I helped her back to camp. From there, we kinda hit it off."

"The last night of camp," Catherine butted in, picking up where Tai left off, "we were all
given free time. So Tai and I decided to go off for a little hike in the woods..."

Realizing where the conversation was going, Kari decided to stop them right there and
then. "Okay, just stop right there. I think I know what happened next."

"You think we..." Tai began.

Kari nodded her head. Catherine laughs and replies, "Do you think we're stupid? We
knew we were too young to get that intimate."

"That's a relief," sighed Kari. "So, you guys never saw each other again after that?"

"Well, not exactly," Tai stated, blushing. "Remember what happened three summers
after that camp?"

"Yeah, I remember. That's the year when Mimi invited us to join her on a vacation to
Paris, right?"

"Yep. Anyway, remember that night that I got into an argument with Sora?"

"Oh yeah," Kari replied. "Mimi and I ended up consoling her 'til four that morning!
What exactly did you do to her anyway?"

"Oh, she was just mad at me because I got her a hairclip for her birthday."

"A hairclip? Tai, was your head on straight that night?"

"My head is always on straight!"

"Yeah, right," Kari sarcastically responded.

"Anyway, back on topic..."

Catherine jumps in again to continue the story. "In the weeks prior to their trip to Paris,
Tai and I had been communicating through e-mail. I gave him my address so he could
visit me. My parents were out of town for the weekend, so there was nothing to worry

Kari gasped. "So I'm guessing this is when you two got together, per se?"

Catherine smiled. "Yep! It was the happiest night of my life!"

"At least it was for you," Tai grumbled angrily, now with his hands crossed over his
chest. "Thanks to you, I lost Sora. The one girl I truly loved."

Catherine begins patting Tai on the back, "Oh, forget about her. I'm prettier than she can
ever hope to be."

Before Tai can interject, the group watches as the police cars begin leaving the scene.
Without hesitation, Tai jumps into the driver's seat of the last car.

"Let's go," Tai quickly shouted at his sister. "We've got to file this down at the station."

"Ahem..." Kari coughed, pointing to Catherine. "We have to bring her with us. She was
the victim, after all."

Tai sighs in frustration as he waves Kari and Catherine into the squad car.


At the police station, an officer leads Catherine off for questioning, while Tai and Kari
head towards their office. Along the way, the duo runs into the chief, Matt Ishida.

"Welcome back, Tai. Nice to see you too, Kari. I thought this was your day off?"

"You know me, Matt. You couldn't keep me from this job even if you threatened to kill

"Sure, whatever. Remember Kari, I can sense when someone's being sarcastic."

"Yeah, I remember."

"So what's up, Matt?"

"Well Tai, we're still looking for that one clue that'll bring an end to that Oscar the
Grouch case of yours. In the meantime, I have to introduce you two to someone."

Tai smiles as he runs a hand through his hair, pushing it back. "I bet it's a pretty woman,
right? You shouldn't have, Matt." "Is that all you ever think about, big brother?"

Matt leads the duo to their office, where two Digimon are waiting for them. One of them
is a small orange dinosaur that sort of resembles a tyrannosaurus rex. The other is a
white and purple cat with a similarly colored striped tail with a ring on it.

"I'd like you two to meet your new apprentices, Agumon and Gatomon."

The two humans give Agumon and Gatomon the once over. Finally, Tai speaks up.

"A miniature T-rex and a cat? Do I look like the ringleader of a freak show?"

"Digimon have feelings too, you know," Kari retorted. "I think we should give them a

"Just give us a chance!" Agumon repeated.

"We won't let you down!" added a very excited Gatomon.

"Give 'em a test drive," Matt suggested. "What harm could they do?"

"You know," Tai replied, "something always goes wrong when someone says that."

"Who's being pessimistic now, big brother?"

"Shut up!"

Matt coughs. "Tai, I need you to go to the interrogation room to talk to both the suspect
you just brought in, as well as his victim."

"Both of them at the same time?"

"Of course not, dummy! You'll meet the guy first."

"Excuse me, sir," began Kari, "but shouldn't I be the one to see them?"

"I have a different assignment for you."

"What is it?"

"You'll see. It'll be a good chance to show your new partner the ropes. You too, Tai.
Bring Agumon to the interrogation room with you."

Tai stands up and salutes Matt. "I will, sir." Tai then turns towards Agumon. "Follow
me and I'll show you around."

Agumon nods and follows Tai out of the room. Matt then motions for Kari and Gatomon
to follow him to the front desk.

"So, who exactly am I seeing? Besides, I'm off work today, remember?"

Matt goes up to the dispatcher's desk and pulls a copy of a police report from the 'in'
basket on top of it. He then hands it to Kari without stopping.

"Consider yourself back on duty after what happened. Besides, only you have the
expertise to handle this."

Kari looks up at Matt weirdly. "A missing persons case, sir?"

"Yes. About an hour ago, a young man came in. He claimed that he does not know
where his younger brother is. The last time he or and of his family saw this younger
brother was eight a.m. yesterday."

"You're asking me to take care of a simple job like this?"

"We have reason to believe that fowl play is involved."

"Really? Now it gets interesting."

The trio enters the waiting room. Matt temporarily takes the report from Kari and reads
the name on it out aloud.

"Kido? Is there a James Kido here?"

After a few seconds, a gentleman in his mid-twenties gets out of his seat and walks up to
the trio. He has bluish-gray hair and is wearing a business suit. For what reason, nobody
knew. Matt went up to the gentleman and shook hands with him.

"I'm Chief Detective Matt Ishida. Sorry it took so long to meet with you."

"That's okay. By the way, my name's Jim. Jim Kido. I know it says James on the form,
but most people call me Jim."

"That's great," Matt said sarcastically. He then introduces Kari and Gatomon to Jim.
"I'd like you to meet First Class Detective Kari Kamiya. She will be the one you will be
talking to about the incident you described."

"Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kido," Kari politely replied, shaking hands with him.

"And this Digimon next to her is Gatomon. This is her first day. I hope you don't mind
if she is in the room with you and Kari."

"Oh, that's perfectly fine. The more people in the room, the better my chances of finding
my brother."

Matt waves goodbye as he steps off into a side corridor. "Good luck, Kari. Remember,
room 21, ok?"

"I've got it! Thanks!" Kari yelled back before grumbling to herself, "thanks for nothing."

Tai and Kari's interrogations take them both into the early hours of the evening. It seems
like they had both got into good conversations with their witnesses and that they had lost
complete track of time.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, a bar and strip joint was just beginning their
business for the night. The place was called the XX-Gulp, for obvious reasons.

Inside, there were a stripper already on stage, entertaining the few early birds. She was
still fully clothed in a suit, tie, and pants, but those articles of clothing were quickly being
peeled off, one by one. There was a guy or two over there, already motioning to put a
few bucks in the stripper's G-string.

Behind the bar, a brown spiky haired guy with a mustache and squinty eyes was the lone
server of alcohol. His brown short sleeve shirt, green vest, and brown pants made him
distinctively distinguishable from the customers themselves. A black haired gentleman
and his Datamon were sitting at the bar. The gentleman was sipping from a frosty mug
of Budweiser, while his Digimon was drinking a cup of motor oil, spiced up with some
vodka. Needless to say, they were both already tipsy after several drinks.

Besides the two guys by the stage and the gentleman and his Digimon by the bar, the only
other people in the whole place were a group of Digimon. A Stingmon, a Palmon, a
Leomon, and twin Gotsumon were all sitting at the same table, cheering and singing
happily to the song playing while the stripper was dancing.

"This is the, hiccup, best party I've, hiccup, ever been to!" said a very drunk Palmon.

"Don't worry, my dear," Leomon said, taking Palmon by the vines, "the fun's not over

"Oh... " replied Palmon, obviously seduced yet unaware of Leomon's advances.

"Sure, you guys can do it all over my bed for all I care," added an irate Stingmon. "But
first things first! Let's finish off this birthday party with a little surprise."

"What surprise?" said one of the Gotsumon.

"What do you have for us?" questioned the other.

"You'll see." The Stingmon calls over one of the waitresses/strippers. A young girl with
pink hair walks up to the group's table, dressed in a seductive bunny outfit (think of the
outfit Oolong gave Bulma on 'Dragonball').

"Good evening. I'm Mimi and I'll be your object of desire tonight. Anything else I can
get you?"

"Yes," began Stingmon, "my friends, the twin Gotsumon over here, are celebrating their
twenty-first birthday. I'd like you to give them something special, if you know what I

"Sorry sir," Mimi replied, "but I don't do Digimon."

Stingmon pulls out a fifty dollar bill from his pocket and waves it in front of Mimi's face.
"How's fifty sound?"

Mimi smiles as she snatches the bill from Stingmon's claw and examines it. She then
looks at the two prospective clients. She finally comes to a decision. "Oh! You want
me to do a Digimon! Why didn't you say so? I'll do it!"

She grabs the two Gotsumon and leads them to the 'private screening room' in the back
of the building. The Gotsumon smile stupidly as they are led off, to the cheers of their
friends back at the table.


Back at the police station, Jim and Kari are shaking hands, finally finished with their
so-called meeting.

"Don't worry," Kari stated reassuredly, "we'll find your missing brother. You can bet on

"Thanks! I knew I could count on you. Thank you, officer."

Jim bows to Kari before walking out of the building. Kari breathes a sigh of relief as she
heads back to her office.

"Finally... I got him to leave. How can it possibly take over four hours to convince him
that we'd do everything to find his brother and bring his kidnappers to justice?"

Upon entering her office, she sees Gatomon there, holding a styrofoam cup filled with
water between her paws. As Gatomon offers the cup to her, Kari smiles and takes it.

"It's not my mocha latte, but it'll do."

"Are you going to be fine getting home, Kari?"

"So, you've learned my name by heart already. That's good. Let's see... I'm going to
find my brother and we'll ride home together. Thanks for the offer, but I'll be fine."

"Okay then," Gatomon replied, heading out of the office. "See you tomorrow!"

"Bye!" Kari said, waving goodbye to her new partner. Kari then began to look around
the office. She saw Matt walking her way, so she decided to ask him where her brother
was. "Matt! Just the person I'm looking for!"

"Need something?" Matt asked her.

"Do you know where my brother is? I'd like to go home now."

Matt gulped nervously. He knew where Tai was, but he didn't want Kari to find out. Tai
was taking care of some 'private business,' and had told him that he didn't want anyone,
especially Kari, to find out. But Kari continued to pry.

"Chief Ishida! Where's my brother?"


"Don't give all of this bullshit, Matt! I know you know where Tai is! Tell me!"

Matt sighs and finally gives in. He decides to reveal Tai's plans in hope that Tai
wouldn't get him back for it later.

"He took that broad whose purse you retrieved earlier today home."

"You mean Catherine? When did they leave?"

"About two hours ago."

"Then how come he hasn't come back yet?"

"Well... that's the part I can't tell you about."

At the Kamiya's apartment, two distinctive screams of pleasure can be heard.

"Yeah!" yells Tai in ecstasy. "That's it baby!"

"Ooh!" Catherine moans back. "Sacre bleu! You're hitting my sweet spot! Aaaahhh!"

Back at the police station...

"Oh brother..." Kari said, rolling her eyes. "Can Tai go one week without getting a girl
in the sack?"

"You're just jealous because you haven't gotten any," stated a smirking Matt.

"Oh, please. You get laid almost every day!" she exclaimed, pointing at him. "And
besides, my love life is none of your freakin' business! Got it?"

Back outside the XX-Gulp, a fairy like Digimon lands out front. It happens to be
Lillymon, Mimi's Digimon partner. As she walks towards the front door, a lecherous
Veggiemon steps in front of her.

"Got any extra pollen, 'cause I'd love to extract it from you."

"Back off, creep."

As Lillymon walks past, the Veggiemon gets angry and decides to use his vines to wrap
the fairy Digimon up. Unfortunately for him, Lillymon sees this coming, as she whips
around, floating out of the way of the vines. But Veggiemon fights back, sending a vine
streaking through the sky and around Lillymon's left leg. Veggiemon smiles. But
Lillymon is thinking otherwise, as she begins charging up for an attack.

"Flower Cannon!" she yells as she fires the energy blast right at Veggiemon, deleting the
Digimon instantly. As she floats to the ground, she bends down and pulls a thorn that hat
managed to get stuck in her left boot. She then looks at a few of the other male Digimon
who had also been eyeing her. They wisely decide to run away. Lillymon smiles as she
walks inside the club.

Inside, Lillymon discovers that the club is not as busy as she thought it would be. She
looks over to the bar and sees that the bartender is waving for her to come over. She does
so without hesitation.

"Evening, Rocky."

"Evening to you too, Lily."

"How many times have I told you not to call me that?" she grumbled.

"Oh. Sorry about that, Lillymon."

"It's okay. Now, have you seen Mimi?"

"I think she's in the back. She took two Gotsumon with her. That was fifteen minutes
ago, I believe."

"Isn't that a bit long?" Lillymon asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, Mimi's a pro. She knows how to take care of herself."

Lillymon sighs. "That's what I'm afraid of."

Rocky goes to get a mug. "You want anything to drink?"

"No thanks. I have to get Mimi back home."

"But she's not off for three more hours."

"Not according to Sora."

"And I say not according to me! If this Sora wants to pull her out of work early everyday,
why doesn't she just come down here and explain to me in person why she always needs

"Because Sora is a very busy woman. You know, making deals and such."

"I bet," Rocky replied, snickering. Lillymon whacks him upside the head.

"Men. That's all you think about."


Lillymon gets up and heads towards the back room. "I'm tired of waiting. I'm going to
go get Mimi, okay?"

"Not if she's busy, you understand? Otherwise, you can take her. But tell her that I want
to talk to this Sora of hers!"

"Gotcha, Rocky!" She waves goodbye to Rocky. At that moment, Mimi comes out,
dressed once again in that bunny suit. The only difference from earlier is that her hair is
all a mess. Mimi then realizes that Lillymon is right in front of her.


"Go get your stuff, Mimi. Sora wants you home right now."

"Sora? Why should I? I don't see why that bitch needs me."

"That 'bitch' is paying us a lot of money to work for her!"

"Well, I get just as much money doing this job. On busy nights, at least twice as much."

"Sora's gonna beat you if you don't get back right now! Move it, sister!"

Mimi grumbles as she goes to the back to change into her regular clothes. Lillymon
follows her back there.

Back at the apartment, a nude Catherine is out of bed, slowly slipping her clothes back
on. As she slides her white lace panty up her legs, she glances over to the bed, where Tai
is fast asleep. He is sleeping naked with the bedsheets covering only the lower half of his
body. Catherine kneels down and slides her yellow dress over her head. She then grabs
her purse and slips out of the room. Once downstairs, she goes to the phone and dials a

At that exact moment, Mimi, now dressed in a pink short sleeve shirt, a tan brown skirt,
and pink high heeled shoes, and Lillymon are walking out of the strip club and to the
back, where Mimi finds her 1999 Honda Civic. She unlocks the car, throws her bag in
the bag, and gets into the car on the driver's side. Lillymon de-digivolves to Palmon
before getting in on the passenger's side. Just as Mimi starts the car, she hears a ringing
sound coming from her purse.

"Palmon, could you get that?"

Palmon opens Mimi's purse and pulls out the ringing cell phone. Palmon pushes the
'talk' button before handing it to Mimi. Mimi takes the phone from her Digimon and
begins to speak into it.


"Mimi, it's me," came the voice, which sounded like a young woman's.

"Palmon briefed me on the plan. Are you all set?"

"Let me just make sure he's out cold, okay?"

For about fifteen seconds, Mimi hears nothing but silence on the other end. All of a
sudden, a guy can be heard mumbling incoherently. Then, all of a sudden, Mimi hears a
loud crack, probably of her friend hitting her hostage with something, followed by a thud.
After a few more seconds, Mimi's friend comes back on the phone.

"Shit! I think I hit him too hard!"

"What makes you think that?" Mimi curiously responded.

"He's got this big bump sticking out of the top of his head."

Mimi sweatdrops. "You idiot! We're just kidnapping him, not trying to knock him off!"

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!"

Mimi sighs and shakes her head. "Give me the address."

Twenty minutes later, the Honda Civic can be seen leaving the scene. Just seconds later,
a Toyota Camry pulls up. Matt and Kari get out of it, unaware of what had just
happened. Kari leads Matt up to her apartment. As she reaches for the knob, she's
surprised that the door's unlocked.

"That's weird," Kari noted. "The door's unlocked."

"What do you mean that's weird?" asked Matt. "Since when does a guy have time to
lock the door when he's about to screw a hot girl?"

"Will you stop talking about sex! I don't care how many positions you've done it in or
how many people you've done it with, but I don't want to hear any more of it!"

"I can show you what you're missing out on."

Kari slaps Matt across the face. "A police chief sleeping with one of his own detectives?
Not exactly appropriate behavior, you know."

"And hitting a superior officer is?" retorted Matt, rubbing the red hand mark on the left
side of his face.

Kari runs over to Tai's bedroom, which she finds open by a crack. Politely, she knocks
on the door.

"Tai, are you decent? And please tell me that Catherine is too."

After hearing nothing, she assumes that they are both asleep. She steps into the room,
only to find it in utter disarray. She cringed as she went over to the bed and saw that the
sheets were still wet... a sign that they had finished up very recently. He then saw that
everything Tai had been wearing today, minus his trench coat, had been scattered all over
the room.

"This can't be right. Unless Tai changed clothes afterwards and forgot to put the dirty
ones in the laundry basket. Then that would be normal."

Kari then gasped when she saw Catherine's purse on the nightstand. She walked over to
look at it when she spotted a sticky note attached to the other side of it. She took the
sticky note off and read it aloud.

"We have kidnapped the detective and the woman that was with him. If you ever want to
see them alive again, please bring two hundred million yen to the alley next to the
Hiroshima Dojo at ten o'clock tonight." Kari then looked up worriedly as she began to
worry about her older brother's safety.


Tai Kamiya slowly opened his eyes up. He tried to regather his thoughts in order to
figure out what had just happened.

"Let's see... I had just finished having sex with Catherine and then I fell asleep. When I
tried to wake up, someone knocked me out. Ow! My head hurts!"

"Finally awake, huh?" came another voice. Tai turned his head to the left and saw
another person was next to him. It was another guy. This guy had blue hair. He was
wearing a white long sleeved business shirt, a dark blue tie with a picture of an anchor on
it, and khaki pants. He was also wearing a pair of blue framed glasses. Tai assumed that
the individual was about his age, if not older. He then noticed that the guy had his body
and his legs tied to a chair. Then he realized that he was tied up the exact same way. In
addition, the only things he was wearing was his trench coat and his shoes.

"Who are you?" Tai asked the stranger next to him.

"Joe Kido," he responded, identifying himself. "And you?"

"First Class Detective Tai Kamiya."

"You must not be a good detective if you got caught this easily."

"Well, it's not my fault that I take a nap after I have sex!"

"You must have just finished when they got you, since it seems that you're wearing
nothing but that trench coat of yours."

"What makes you think I'm not wearing anything under this?"

"I figured it out after the two women who brought you in here and tied you up were
eyeing your crotch. One of them smiled at you, too."

"Speaking of smiles... have you seen Catherine?"

"Catherine? Who's Catherine?"

"Let's see... French woman, golden yellow hair, early twenties, probably about five feet
six, between 120 and 145 pounds, was wearing a strapless yellow dress... but not while I
was doing her, of course."

"Uh huh. Please don't tell me what she looks like in the buff."

"Why not? She's like an angel with no clothes on! I could run my hands along her
curves for days and never get tired of them."

"You know, I think one of the girls that brought you in here fits that description."

"What? No way!"

Joe nods. "I think she used you, man."

"How can that be? No one uses the great Tai Kamiya! If anyone gets used, it's the girls I
sleep with!"

"If I had a more active feminine side to me, I'd probably kick you in the shins right now."

The conversation was interrupted as someone opened the door to the room. Two females
and their Digimon entered, but because of the direction Tai and Joe were facing, they
couldn't see their faces. They could hear them, though.

"I swear Mimi, one of these days that job of yours is going to get you killed."

The guys hear Mimi snap her fingers. "Stop being so jealous, Sora! Just because you
don't have the body..."

"Don't give me that crap! At least I know how to satisfy my men. You go to that whore
house of yours just to show your goods off."

"Don't call it a whore house! It's a strip club, for pete sakes!"

Behind the two women were their Digimon, Biyomon and Palmon.

"They're going to fight again," sighed Palmon.

"This could take awhile," added Biyomon. "Want to go out in the forest?"


The two head out of the room, wing-in-vine. Meanwhile, Sora and Mimi go over to their
prisoners to say their hellos. Mimi was still dressed in the same clothes as before, while
Sora was dressed in a tight, strapless aqua colored dress, which had a very, very short

"I see you're finally awake," Sora said to Tai.

"Sora! What the fuck is going on?"

Sora grabs Tai by the collar and starts yelling at him. "You tell me, you stinkin' piece of
trash! You know how much I still hate you after you gave up your virginity to Catherine
Bouveaux all those years ago!" Sora began to cry. "I thought I was supposed to be your

"In a matter of speaking, she wanted it more than you did. That was all there was to it."

"I see," she responded, releasing Tai and pushing his chair down on the floor.

"Why'd you push me down?"

"Simply put, you deserved it. That's all there was to it."

Tai growled as Mimi went over to Joe and straddled him. As Joe opens his mouth to
object, Mimi smothers him with a long kiss, twirling her tongue inside his mouth
throughout the whole time. Joe struggled to break free, but it was no use.

"Mimi, could you please not make out with the prisoners?"

Mimi released her liplock on Joe and turned to Sora as her victim breathed for air. "You
let me do it last night," she pouted.

"Tai here is a bit of a pervert," Sora commented, glaring at Tai. "If you do that little
striptease of yours on Joe again, you might turn this guy on. Who knows what he'll do to
you if he gets free."

Mimi gets off of Joe and walks over to Sora. Mimi then eyes Tai suspiciously.

"Now that you mention it, I could swear he thrusted up into me when I was putting on his
seatbelt in the car!"

Tai gave Mimi a look of innocence. But Mimi wasn't buying it one bit. Neither was

"Why are you keeping us here?" Tai asked defiantly.

"You see," began Mimi, "we can't risk being out in public when we pull off our little
crimes. So we recruit guys to do the dirty work for us."

"Remember the guy you caught today?" Sora asked Tai. He nodded. "He was working
for us."

"Michael was working for you?" Tai asked, in shock.

"Yep," Mimi nodded happily. "He doesn't have much of an output in the sack, though."

"And you're telling me this because?" Tai questioned, somewhat afraid of the answer.

"Oh, it's the least I can do for a former boyfriend," replied Sora. "By the way, we're
going to have to kill you."

"I figured as much," Tai responded. Joe began to panic.

"You're not going to kill me too, right?" he asked.

Mimi smiled at him. "Sorry my dear, but you heard everything too. We have to get rid
of you as well."

"Hey, I can forget all about it! I have a tendency to forget about things that I don't care
about that much. You won't have to worry about me telling your secret plans to the

"We can't risk it," Sora said. "You will both be eliminated at dawn." She then turns to
Tai. "In the meanwhile, I think we should get rid of your sister while we're at it."

"Huh? Kari? Keep her out of this! She has nothing to deal with this!"

"I'm sorry Tai, but any relative of yours must be eradicated from the face of the Earth."

"You're evil, Sora! Real evil! Why did you change? What happened to the sweet girl
that I grew up with?"

"She died the moment that bitch Catherine stole your virginity away from me! Catherine
will get hers too, when I find her. But I'll be satisfied with you and your sister for the
time being." Sora then turns to Mimi. "Find Kari Kamiya and have Biyomon and
Palmon destroy her. Do the same to anyone that's with her."

Mimi bows to Sora. "As you wish. I will go retrieve our Digimon now."

Mimi runs out of the room. Sora then walks out, laughing maniacally as she gives her
two prisoners one last look.

"Get a good night's sleep tonight, you two! Because it's going to be the last one you
awake from!"

With that, Sora exits, closing and locking the door behind her.

At exactly ten o'clock, Kari is waiting in the alley next to the Hiroshima Dojo. She is
holding a sack of money in her hands. Agumon and Gatomon are hiding behind the trash
dumpsters, a bit further back in the alley.

"Remember guys," she told the two Digimon, "when I give you the signal, you jump out
here! Okay?"

The two Digimon nod in agreement. All of a sudden, Kari spots a flying Digimon in the
air, heading her way. Agumon and Gatomon go into hiding. A Birdramon lands to
Kari's left. Hanging off one of the legs happens to be Mimi and her Palmon. Birdramon
then de-digivolves to Biyomon. The trio then walks over to Kari.

"Are you Kari Kamiya?" Mimi asks Kari.

"What if I am?"

"Do you have the money?"

Kari hands the sack to Mimi. She opens it and sees that there is some money in it. But
obviously enough, it is a lot less than the amount they asked for. Mimi decides to ignore
it, since she was going to get rid of Kari anyway. She closes the sack and glares at Kari.

"I kept up my end of the bargain," Kari stated. "Now, where's my brother?"

"Oh, don't worry. He's safe with us. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for you." Mimi
points to Kari defiantly. "Biyomon! Palmon! Get rid of her!"

Kari gasped as the two rookie level Digimon walked towards her. Luckily, Agumon and
Gatomon had realized that she needed help, and so they jump out to assist Kari.

"Huh? You have Digimon as well?" Mimi said, surprised and a bit scared at the same

Kari smiled. "Afraid that my Digimon will beat yours?"

Mimi smiled back. "I don't think that's going to happen. Biyomon! Palmon!

"Biyomon digivolve to Birdramon!" yells the cute pink bird, who turns into a giant
orange bird.

"Palmon digivolve to Togemon!" yells the plant-like Digimon, who transforms into a
giant cactus.

Kari turns to Agumon and Gatomon in desperation. "You two can digivolve too, right?"

Agumon, confused about the whole thing, turned to Kari and asked, "What does
digivolve mean?"

Everyone except Agumon facefaults. Gatomon then gets up and admits to Kari, "I'm a
champion level Digimon like those two are, but I don't think the odds are in our favor if
Agumon can't digivolve to champion."

"Enough talk!" yelled Mimi. "Get rid of all of them!"

"Meteor Wing!" Birdramon shouts, sending a huge flaming bird projectile at the trio.
Kari, Agumon, and Gatomon all hit the ground and duck out of the way in time. The
attack does hit the small building on the right side of the building, though, causing it to
waver just a bit.

"If you think that was hot," began Togemon, "then wait until you get a taste of my
Needle Spray!"

Togemon fires a cluster of cactus needles at the trio. They manage to duck behind a trash
dumpster, but not before Agumon gets stabbed by two of the needles in the tail. Seeing
that they had nowhere to run, Mimi came up with a way to end this battle quickly.

"Bring that building down!" she shouted, referring to the five story office building that
housed the karate dojo as well as other important city financial offices. Birdramon fired
off Meteor Wing after Meteor Wing, while Togemon punches dents in the building,
hoping to weaken the structure enough so that it would fall over. In just a matter of
seconds, it did just that. Kari, Agumon, and Gatomon had nowhere to go, as the building
collapsed into the alley that they were hiding in.

Mimi smirked as the building was reduced to a pile of rubble, save for the first floor. She
laughed evilly as Mimi climbed onto Birdramon's leg. Togemon de-digivolved back to
Palmon again and joined her trainer as the trio took to the air, happy that their mission
had been accomplished.

Kari was dead. And in the morning, Joe and Tai would join her.

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is, we have no idea where we are! We can't be in Tokyo! Heck, we might not even be
on Earth! Oh, and wait 'til you find out who's the third member of this evil trio that
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