"The Detectives Kamiya: A Quick Hit from the Mafia," written by Freedom Fighter

Summary: Tipped off to a clue that might solve the mystery of their mother,
Tai and Kari, and their Digimon, fly to Hong Kong. But when they get there,
will the anonymous tipster lead them to an answer or to a trap?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfic.

Rating: R, contains profane language, violence, and implied sexual situations
(though not all may be present in each episode). Do not read this if you are
too young or you are against reading fanfics that contain this type of stuff.

Before I begin the season finale episode, I wanted to point out something
from last episode. You all remember Kari's friend and ex-classmate from the
restaurant. You know, the waitress named Rokuna? Sound familiar? The green
hair should give it away.

Her last name wasn't revealed, but it was Hiiragi. Sound familiar now?

Making a special guest appearance... the Japanese version of the Mon Colle
Knights star, Rockna Hiragi! Well, truth be told, I don't know what Rockna is
like in the original version. Nor do I think that she would act the way she
did last episode when she's old enough to go to college.

But it's just a silly cameo, and I wanted to see if anyone picked up on it.
I actually try a few obscure references here. See if you can spot them!

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled program...


Tokyo, Japan

It's an early August morning, and Kari is standing in front of the gates of
the Tokyo Almost Minimum City Prison. Kari is dressed in a yellow blouse and
a sky blue, knee-length skirt, and a pair of brown-colored boots. Gatomon is
standing next to her. In fact, other than prison guards and a few passersby,
there seems to be no one else outside.

"Are you sure she's being released today?" Gatomon asked her partner.

"Yes, I'm sure," Kari replied, a little peeved. "For the 32nd time, yes."

"Somebody didn't have their mocha latte this morning."

"I woke up late after having to do all of that paperwork on that wild Snimon
case last night. Then, we had that rabid Japanese World Cup soccer fan who
was painting Japanese flags everywhere, even three weeks after the games were
over. We still need to prove that he was actually the one."

"What makes you think he isn't?"

"His initials are A.K., but he claims that the he saw the paintings and that
they were signed by someone with the initials A.R. He thinks someone erased
the top part of the R so that it looks like a K."

"The things you humans do for your love of sports sometimes is just insane."

"And if that wasn't bothersome enough, our rivalry with the Shinjuku district
police force is getting out of hand!"

"What makes you say that?"

"Somebody planted one of the restrooms at the Odaiba station with cherry
bombs. Someone thinks that they saw a Guardramon leaving the scene last

"So, are you going to get back at them?"

"I won't personally, but I bet someone does. And then this gets blown all
out of proportion and a lot of people lose their jobs over it."

"Maybe I should think about transferring to Osaka."

Kari shot an icy glare at Gatomon.

"On second thought, I think I'll stick it out here in Odaiba."

Finally, the front gate to the prison is opened by one of the guards. Two
more exit from the building, following right behind 19-year old Yolei Inoue,
dressed in a white, green, and pink flower print dress that left little to
the imagination. She was also holding a small brown suitcase in her hands.

"I really learned my lesson guys. Thanks!"

Yolei waves goodbye to the prison guards as she walks through the gate, which
is shut behind her.

"Of all of the stuff in your wardrobe, you had to pick THAT to walk out in?"

"I wanted to make an impression on the prison."

Kari sweatdrops. "If anything, you left one with those guards."

"Don't worry, I didn't bribe my way out using my own body. Of course if I did,
then I might have been out earlier. But I thought that it wasn't right."


Kari, Yolei, and Gatomon walk towards the parking lot.

"Anyway, I guess I never formally thanked you for helping me get that lighter
sentence. You know, saying I attacked you in my own self-defense."

"For the most part, it was true. Besides, I did it for Tai."

"You mean your brother's still with the force? I wonder if he'd want to go
out on another date with me."

"I'm sure he would... but you just got out of prison! Don't you want to take
a breather and enjoy being free?"

"Of course! But I'll do so dancing my ass off at a club! And maybe I'll
score on my first night of freedom!"

Kari sighed. "You're just like my brother. You never stop talking about

"Don't tell me you're still a virgin."

"Okay," Gatomon interjected, "she won't."

"Let's just get to your parents' place, okay?" Kari grumbled.

The trio happens to approach Kari's car, which is a 1997 dark blue Honda

"A Prelude?" Yolei said, not liking Kari's taste in cars.

"My brother bought it for me, okay? Now get in... I have to be at work at 1."

The three of them pile into the car, with Gatomon sharing the backseat with
Yolei's suitcase. Kari then starts the car, shifts it into drive (she has a
manual transmission, by the way), and then pulls out of the parking lot.

Yolei then lowers the window on the passenger's side of the car and starts
screaming out of it.

"I'm free! Yippee! Alright!"

Kari sighed again. "I need an aspirin."

====== (Theme song - Limp Bizkit's "Boiler")

Episode 10 - "A Quick Hit from the Mafia" (09.14.02)

Two weeks have passed since Yolei had finished serving her time in prison.
She was now back living with her family, though she was hoping that wouldn't
last long. She was working full time at her family's convenience store,
hoping to get enough money to buy an apartment of her own. She had been
kicked out of the one she had before she had gone to jail, and most of her
stuff had been confiscated by the police. Yolei remembered begging Kari if
she could get some of it back, but Kari wasn't allowed to do such a thing.

So when she wasn't working at the store or sleeping, Yolei was locked away in
her own private room, trying to reconstruct the files she had lost through a
lot of Internet searching and chatting with some her former informant friends.
Well, the ones that would still talk to her at least.

You see, her association with Izzy and the fact that she actually spent two
months in prison work against her in the world of informants. Not many people
trusted her anymore, thinking that the police might be using her against them.
Although that was not the case, Yolei had little success convincing them
otherwise. So for now, she was stuck with the few 'friends' that still
trusted her.

Tai and Kari knew that Yolei was an informant, but they didn't have access to
the files that the police had confiscated from her. So other than knowing her
job, neither of them knew much about who she had worked with in the past and
what she had done for them.

On this very day, the two siblings would be asking her to help them with a
problem of theirs...


It was just around four thirty in the afternoon, and Yolei was working behind
the register. She was wearing a white and yellow apron over her purple blouse
and lavendar leg-length skirt. She greeted customers left and right and
helped them buy what they needed.

But she lost her saleswoman's train of thought when Tai and Kari entered the
store, dressed in uniform.

"Tai and Kari? Is something wrong?"

"Yolei, we need to talk," Tai said to her.

"Talk away. As long as I keep an eye on all of the customers, it'll be

"Yolei, this is something that we need to talk to you in private about,"
Kari added.

"Oh. I see. Hold on a minute. I need to see if one of my siblings can
take over for me."


A few minutes later, Yolei leads Tai and Kari up to the family apartment and
straight to her bedroom. She locks the door to her room behind them and
closes the curtains covering her windows.

"Why did you lock the door and close the curtains?" pondered Tai.

"In my line of work," Yolei told them, "I have to be very careful. If anyone
found out where I lived... you know, one of my bitter clients, they could
have me killed instantly. That's why I'm trying to get out of here and back
into a place of my own ASAP. I don't want to put my family in danger."

"So, you'll help us find the one guy still loose?" queried a hopeful Kari.

"This guy also played a part in killing your mother, yes?"

"He was the one who shot her."

Kari managed to keep her composure even though the memories were very painful
to her.

"Any chance of finding him?" Tai asked, hoping to cheer his sister up.

"Well, after losing about three-quarters of my contacts, it may take awhile.
A few days, weeks, months... hell, it might even be years!"

"But we can't wait months. Or even years."

"There's gotta be something we can do!" Tai exclaimed, pounding his fist on
Yolei's bed.

"Well, I could work a little faster... for the right incentive."

"Say no more! If you want a date or two with me, then I'm all for it."

"As much as I'm flattered that you want to go out with me again, I was
thinking more along the lines of... you know, money."

"Yolei, we're police officers!" Kari shouted. "That's bribery!"

"Bribery is when you pay an officer to say he didn't see anything at a crime
scene!" Tai recited. "This isn't bribery!"

"Thank you for understanding, Tai. I knew you would."

"It's highway robbery!"

Yolei falls out of her chair and onto the floor.

"You mean you won't pay me for my services?" Yolei asked again.

"I don't see why we should," Tai responded.

"I am the best informant in the Odaiba district, and one of the best in the
city. I also have numerous connections both countrywide and worldwide.
There are possible links everywhere through newspaper clippings, radio
broadcast transcripts, orders of war, and a lot more! You never know what
you can find and where you can find it! Only an expert like myself knows how
to sort through all of the junk and find the real gems."

"Okay, I give up. We'll pay you to help us solve the case."

"Yeah! Yolei is back in business!"

"But this is the only time I'm doing this. If we need your help again, we're
not paying you."

"Fine. I guess we'll start with 4500 yen."

"4500? What?"

"Yolei, that's too much!"

"Sorry Kari, but that's how I make money. Besides, it'll be worth it! I
guarantee nothing but class-A information!"

"Fine," Tai grumbled, handing over the money. "But not a yen more until we
hear something from you. Okay?"

"As soon as I find something, I'll be sure to call you!"

"Then I guess we'd better head home," Kari said.

"We'll see you later!" Tai shouted, waving goodbye.

Once Tai and Kari leave the room, Yolei closes the door behind her. She then
takes a seat in front of her computer and starts typing away.

"Don't worry Tai," Yolei thought, "I won't let you down."

=== ===

That night, Tai and Kari were back in their apartment. Kari was in her room,
reading a romance novel, while Tai was in the living room, watching television.
Suddenly, the phone begins to ring. Tai leaps out of his seat and heads to
the kitchen to answer it.

"Hello?" Tai asked, speaking into the receiver.

"I've hit paydirt, Tai!"


Kari comes out of her room, looking at her older brother with interest.

"Is that Yolei?"

Tai nods his head. He then starts talking to Yolei again.

"What have you got for us?"


On the other end of the line, Yolei is in her room, lying down in her bed
while wearing nothing but a white T-shirt and a pair of purple panties. She
has her cordless phone pressed against her left ear. In her right is a small
print-out from her computer.

"I have a friend in Hong Kong who heard about my query and responded to it,"
she said into the phone's receiver.

"Really?" came the response from Tai.

"It seems that an older brother of one of her friends knew the guy who killed
your mother. Unfortunately, the guy has disappeared and hasn't been seen in

"What? How can that be?"

"She doesn't know. But maybe this friend may know something about him."

"So I guess Kari and I are going to Hong Kong. We'd better start packing."

"I would be careful if I were you. I can't guarantee that this tip is 100%

"Yolei! Do you think we're paying you to get us half-reliable information?"

"Hey you! You have no idea how many strings I had to pull just to find out
about this! You should be appreciating what I'm doing for you!"


Back at Tai and Kari's apartment...

"Fine! But if we end up in a trap, don't expect on getting paid!"

With that, Tai slams the receiver back on the base. He turns to Kari, who has
a hopeful look on her face.

"Please tell me that Yolei had good news."

Tai sighed. "Somewhat, but I can't be sure. She thinks there might be a girl
in Hong Kong who might know the guy that killed our mother."

"Might? It's hard to be happy about a 'might,' Tai."

"It's the only thing Yolei's come up with so far. We've got to take a chance
and follow the lead. It's what a good detective would do."

Kari raises an eyebrow and smirks.

"It's what a good detective would do?"

"Yes, that's right. Is there an echo in here?"

Kari giggles. "Where did you get that from? One of those detective shows you
like so much?"

"You know very well that I'm just stating the obvious. We are detectives,
after all, and when trying to solve a case, we do have to follow every lead.
No matter how small."

"Still, it's funny hearing the words 'good detective' out of your mouth."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means what it means."

"If solving a case in an average of eleven days doesn't make me a good
detective, then what does?"

"Using your brains, for one thing."

Kari then heads to her room to start packing, but Tai shoots the argument back
at her.

"Are you insulting my deductive reasoning skills? Because I know you are!"

"Give it up, Tai."

"I won't! I don't think it's right that you don't think highly of your own
older brother!"

"If I did that, then it wouldn't be fair to everyone else on the force."

"Good one," Tai quips sarcastically. "Remind me to stop helping you look for
a boyfriend!"

"Good. I don't need you to anyway."

"Fine. It's settled."

"Good. Now go pack."

"Yes ma'am!"

Tai starts to walk off towards his room, but then he stops, realizing that
Kari has one-upped him again.

"Hey! Don't tell me what to do!"


The following afternoon, Tai and Kari catch the first flight out of Tokyo to
Hong Kong to pursue the lead that Yolei had given them. As they sit on one
side of the aisle, next to each other, Agumon and Gatomon do the same on the
other side.

"I'm surprised Matt let us go through with this without any second thoughts,"
Kari said to Tai.

"He knows how important to us this is. He wants to do anything to make sure
that we solve this case and put our fears to rest."

"And something tells me you didn't convince him completely enough... which is
why Agumon and Gatomon are with us."

"Yeah, pretty much. He's still mad at me after the whole Motimiya incident."

"That's why I should have talked to him."

"But I'm closer to him than he is to you," Tai said aloud, before adding under
his breath, "at least for now."

Across the aisle, Gatomon is trying to take a nap. But Agumon is keeping her
up, unable to contain his excitement about flying on an airplane for the first

"How do they keep these big metal bird things up in the air?" Agumon asked
her, half-expecting an answer. "I mean, the wings don't flap or anything!"

"Can you be excited about the plane without being so loud? I'm trying to
take a catnap!"

"Who can sleep at a time like this? I'm flying in the air, and yet I can't
understand how it can all be possible!"

Gatomon hisses and raises her right paw, as if she's about to swipe her claws
at Agumon.

"I'll show you a method of flying that is possible if you don't shut up!"


Once they get off of the plane at the airport, Tai immediately heads for a
payphone so that he can call Yolei and ask her where they need to go.

"Okay Yolei, we're in Hong Kong. What now?"

"My friend sent me an e-mail about an hour ago," came Yolei's voice from the
phone. "She'll be waiting inside the warehouse by Pier 3. Be there at 3:45."

Tai searches around the area for a clock. He spots one not too far away.
Both hands are pointing towards the three on it.

"It's three fifteen now. We'll head straight over there."

"Great! She can't wait to see you again."

"Wait a minute... again? Who is this contact of yours anyway?"

"You know that I can't give you that information!"

"Why not? She's your friend, after all."

"Sorry. I'm obligated to tell you only what you should know. I can't tell
you what you NEED to know."

Tai grumbles. "Fine. How much will it take before you'll tell me?"

"1300 yen should be about right."


Yolei is standing behind the register at her family's convenience store, with
the phone sandwiched between her left ear and left shoulder.

"Tai? Hello?"

She then hears Tai hang up the phone.

"Well, of all the nerve!"


Tai locates Kari, Agumon, and Gatomon, who are retrieving their bags from
luggage pick-up, even though it wasn't more than just two large suitcases.

"What did Yolei say?" Kari asked.

"We're heading to a warehouse by Pier 3. We're supposed to meet this friend
of hers in thirty minutes."

"We'd better get a move on then."

"I don't know... Yolei said that this friend of hers can't wait to see us

"Again? You mean we've met her before?"

"Yolei hints at it, but I can't be sure."

"Who do you think it could be?" Agumon asked.

"We'll never know if we keep standing here wondering," Gatomon added.

"Good point," Kari said with a smile. "After all, we didn't make this trip
for nothing."


The foursome arrive outside the warehouse just minutes before their scheduled
meeting time. They start searching for a way in when Gatomon spots one behind
a bunch of empty crates.

"Did anyone want in?" she said with a smile, pulling the door open.

She rushes inside, with Agumon following right behind her. Tai and Kari try
to catch up.

"Hold on you two!" Tai shouts at them.

"You don't know what to expect!" Kari warned.

Tai and Kari run into the warehouse, and as expected, find out that the lights
are off. Wandering around in the dark, the two siblings trek quietly and
carefully around all of the crates and other things around them.

"Tai!" Agumon shouted. "It's a trap!"

"Get out while you still can!" Gatomon added.

Suddenly, the lights in the warehouse come on in a flash. Tai and Kari look
ahead... and see Agumon and Gatomon wrapped in the tentacles of two Octomon.

"What kind of Digimon are those?" Tai asked, not figuring out the obvious
name choice.

"They're called Octomon," responded a mysterious voice.

"They're great at detaining unwanted intruders," came a second voice.

"But they can get rid of them too," added a third.

Leaping in from different directions, three similarly-looking men appear in
carefully iron-pressed gangster-like suits. All stand at almost the same
height, and only the different colors of ties each of them sported could tell
them apart.

"I knew that this was a trap!" Kari exclaimed.

"We don't know about this being a trap," began the one with a red tie.

"But we do know that you're tresspassing on our turf," the one with a yellow
tie said.

"Our mistress won't be proud of that," stated the one with a blue tie.

"Your mistress?" Tai asked curiously.

Suddenly, a third Octomon appears behind Tai and Kari.

"Octomon," said the blue-tied one. "Squeeze these two out of their misery."

Octomon prepares to lunge its tentacles at the two siblings. But before that
could happen...


The Octomon stops dead in its tracks. Everyone turns towards the other two
Octomon, as a woman and her Digimon make their way past them. The Digimon
happens to be a Biyomon. And the woman?

"Sora!" Tai and Kari exclaimed at the same time.

"Well," Sora smirked, putting her hands on her hips, "I never thought that I'd
see you two again."

Sora was dressed in a yellow sundress and had Chinese sandals on her feet.

"You mean you're Yolei's friend," Kari deduced.

"Well, if you mean that girl that was asking about your dead parents, then I
don't know her personally. But luckily, one of the gang members here does
know her. And I've used that to lure you four here."

"So it really was a trap!" Tai shouted.

"Of course, Tai dear. And I assure you, you won't get out of this one!"

To be continued...

This brings us to the end of the first season of "The Detectives Kamiya."
It's been a great ride, but it's time to take a break from this fanfic.

I love this fanfic a lot, but writing has become harder and harder. So now
I have to spend the next few months doing some reconfiguring. You know, what
to write for the duo's next adventure, how I can keep myself interested in
writing, and keeping all of you loyal fans.

I'm tentatively thinking of starting season two in February 2003. Hopefully
you'll be able to wait that long for that.

In the meantime, keep tuned in to my other projects, and don't forget about
Tai and Kari! The mystery continues... this winter!