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A/N: It's my first Skins story! This has been written since the first time I watched episode 5 (Chris's episode) I just never got to post it up, so here it is. Just Jal's thoughts on the whole situation. I'm aware it's really short. I know it's probably not very good too, but oh well. Reviews are very much appreciated.

"Your shirts inside out," She smiles, tugging at the thin material.

He doesn't say anything and this makes her look up. Where's the wacky comeback?

He was never good at lying. And she stares at him, the smile slowly fading from her face. He stares back, a guilty expression on his face.

Confused, her eyes drift towards the crowd of people in the apartment. That's when she sees her. Stumbling past a group of people, the woman stares in her direction, eyes wide, and Jal has to look away.

No. He wouldn't do this to her. Not to her. Never.

Her eyes meet his again, and he's staring at her desperately. Pleadingly. Then it hits her, and she wishes it hadn't.

"Jal…" He says before, she's shaking her head, betrayed. She feels so stupid. So small. She wants to disappear of the face of the earth.

Then she's running. Away. Away from the one person who she thought would never hurt her. The one person who she thought she could depend on. The one person who'd she'd always run to. Her best friend.

Not anymore.

Her vision is blurry from the tears that threaten to spill from her eyes, and she pushes past several people on the way, not bothering to apologise.

She rounds the corner, slumps against the wall, and collapses. She feels sick, and pathetic, and angry all at the same time.

She hates him. She hates herself for deluding herself into thinking that for once everything would be ok. That everything would work out for the both of them.

Instead, she's alone in this crazy messed up world once again.