Angela: Written on request for Hikari. This is what happens when I get my paws on a list of bad luck myths and start thinking.

Have fun with it HikaP. xD;;;

Note: Also, you may have noticed what I did with "Mama" there. -shifty eyes- Cuz, you know. Usually his parents are dead and he's an orphan but what if they aren't dead they really just abandoned him because L's a genius and genuises are eccentric and hard to deal with and and and-- -flail-

Someone had walked across his grave. He'd felt the chill, and it hurt.

They hadn't just walked across it, they'd stomped and dug their heels in so deeply that the earth was ripped right up.

He shivered.

Mama's words. "If they walk on your future grave, you can feel it, L. It's a chill, you know."

"Blackbird, blackbird, where's my star? Here it is, here it is, it wasn't very far." Mama sang to him at night, to put him to sleep. Nothing much, just a song about blackbirds and one about the crows. "One's bad, two's luck, three's health, and four is wealth. Five's sickness, but six is death." "Remember that L," she'd say before the light went out.

Six. Six crows, lined up on the telephone wire outside the building. He'd seen them from the door, as Matsuda had come back with coffee and donuts for the Task Force.

Six is death.

He'd be lying if he said he wasn't scared.

A child's promise of honesty. Cross my heart and hope to die, cut my throat if I lie. He'd never had a friend to make such promises with. He was too smart, too weird, they didn't understand. No one trusted L, L trusted no one. Even Mama had lied, she'd gone and left him out of the blue.

He didn't think he'd ever see Near or Mello again. He'd said goodbye to them on the little bridge over the river back at Wammy's place. Goodbye on the bridge, six crows. He should have chosen an heir before he left, but alone neither could ever reach their potiental.

If you say goodbye to a friend on a bridge, you will never see each other again. Mama said goodbye to him on the bridge before she walked away. He waited for her, but she never came back. He didn't understand why she didn't. He'd been a good boy and waited for her all night. Had he done something before to make her angry?

He was beginning to regret coming to the roof. All day, even from inside, the bells had been ringing. No one else commented on how loud they were, but it bothered L.

"Demons are afraid of bells, L. The sound makes them angry, so when you ring the bell they leave you alone." "I thought a ringing bell meant an angel got wings Mama." "Well, yes. A angel gets it's wings when the bell rings, and the ringing of those bells drives the demons away."

He wondered idly who'd recieved their wings. And what about the demons? Were they fleeing from the bells even as he stood there?

It didn't feel like it.

When he and Light went inside, L made sure to step on every crack he saw.

Step on a crack, break your mother's back.

Mama deserved that much.

-blinks- In case you didn't realize it by now, there's two completely different storyline/ideas going on here. One's actually happening and the other's just... er, flashback type things.