Me & Him..and then we met...

My name is Gabriella Montez. Most of my friends call me Ella. I'm 17 years old. I'm the cheerleadercaptain & I'm going to be Prom queen.

But all I really want to be is a normal Girl, a geek, a friend, a helper. Last year my dad died by having a car accident.

I miss him. He was my best friend. Since he died I want to become a doctor.

No one should die too young..that's my Motto. I want to do anything which is impossible in this world to help people.

Because of that I am going to be a nurse in Summer vacation.

I will help...will change the world.

It's Monday Morning, 31th of June.

''Gabriella! Wake up!'', my mum yells. ''In one hour you have to be at the hospital!'' My first day as a nurse will begin in one hour. I can't wait!

I jump up.

''Be right there!'' I yell back. I put on my clothes get ready & run downstairs.

My mother is standing in the kitchen holding my bread in the right and my milkcoffee in the left hand.

''Morning Mom!'' I kiss her cheek and take a big sip from my coffee.

''Morning Hun!'', she smiles.

I don't see her that often smiling

''You're ready?'', she asks.

Well if you think of nervous, scared, tired, exited, hyper, sad, happy & all that in the same time by saying ready then yes I am.

''Ttly ready!!'' I smile. She's so worried about me..

Some time later I leave the house & drive to the hospital.

I go inside. I fallow the shields to the 'office'.

''Excuse me,'' I begin, '' my name's Gabriella Montez! I'm the summernurse.''

''Montez? Is your dad named Jack?'' The boss asks.

'' uhm..yes'' Maybe I should join that he was named Jack..but in my heart he still is.

''Wow! Jack worked here when he was in college! The time is running! How is he? Still making his fabulous meals?'' The boss smiles. I never knew that my dad worked here..

''Yes..he had his own restaurant...but he died last year. He got into a carcrash..'' I'm tearing up..I feel it..Some minutes more & my tears will roll down. The boss turns white, his lovely smile changes into a weak one: ''I'm sorry Gabriella'' he says finally.

''It's okay...'' I try to smile but I can't.

''Code Red!!'' Somebody screams.

''Code Red?! What's that?'', I ask the boss as we run out the office.

''Planeaccident!'' he replays.

10's of busses arrive with lot's of casualities.

''Gabriella! Check out that one please!'' The boss(Doctor Hopcins) points to a car. What the heck?! But I..I have tons of questions but the doctor is at an other car already.

''Okay'' I say to the paramedics as I turn around.

''A boy'' the one medic begins ''identity unknown. Age around 18 insensible & coma. Blood group A positive.''

''Station 2b, room 419.'' I replay..The paramedics do it. I have no clue what I just said but it looks like it was right.

I fallow the medics to the room.

The boy is at the machines. He looks so desperate & scared but still beautiful. He's alone. At the moment..he doesnt excist..does he?!

''Good work Miss Montez!'' says Doc. Hopcins as he walks in the room.

''Good work?!'' I start yelling. ''you just left me even..'' I notice the boy's puls running, he's hyper..nervous. I grab his hand & strike it softly. The puls gets normal again. Doctor Hopcins stares at the monitor not believing what just happened.

''You can bet Mister, this is so not over!'' I whisper.

The doc leaves the room.

''Hey!'' I the room because no one is there who I could talk too..except for the boy. ''I'm Gabriella'' I continue. ''But you can call me Ella. All friends call me that.'' I can't believe I'm talking to a boy who is in coma..

My beaper starts beaping. ''Oh I gotta go...but I will come back!'' I have Lunchbreak...I search Doctor Hopcins.

''He's at the coffeeshop over there!'' a nurse tells me pointing to a cafe over the street. I go outside..suddenly I feel a cold wind..I move...exactly in that moment a car is driving across the place I stood before..What the heck was that?! I go inside the coffeeshop ''Outside or here?'' I ask the boss.

''Here I guess..'' he answeres.

''Fine!'' I start yelling again. ''You left me even when this is my first day & I'm just a summer nurse & I was half crying because of my dad &...''

''Well you know..'' The boss stays calmed.

''Don't you dare to interrup me!''


''Gosh why are you so calmed anyway?!''

This doc is driving me crazy!

''Because, Gabriella, this boy...he trusts you! As you grabed his hand he chilled! I mean that was magical!'' he replays.

''Magical?! You are crazy! I mean ttly sick! He just calmed because he felt someone caring! I'm nice! I show him that he isn't alone! I can't believe you are allowed to operate people, Psycho!''

Oh my Gosh! I never was so mad in my Life!

''Believe me, Gabriella! Something will happen..'' I guess he will fire me every minute!

''Like I said: Psycho!''

But thats no reason for me to get nice again! I mean I'm an awesome nurse and if he wants to fire me then its his own bad.

I don't eat..I'm too mad for that right now..I go back to the boy.

''I'm back!'' I say smiling when I enter the room. SurpriseSurprise: No answer! I sigh..

''Wow you know what?!'' I start ''when I wanted to go to the coffeeshop across the hospital I felt this cold wind even when there are like 30 degrees outside so I moved and exactly in that moment a car drives above the place I stood before!''

Omg..I feel I crazy?!

''Yeah I know..'' a voice says.

Yes I am crazy! ''What the fuck?!'' I scream and jump up from my chair...the boy's puls is running like hell...but I can't grab his hand now..I'm too scared..a team of doctors & nurses come in the room.

''It's too late!'' The one nurse says.

''You're right! He won't do it..'' A doctor replays.

''Do something!'' its the voice again. ''I won't die.''

Did the voice just said I?! I look around the room. I can't see anyone except for the doctors & nurses.

''Please I won't...'' Yes the voice says definatly I!

Gosh, Gabriella how could you?! I lost my one should die too young and this boy is obviously too young! I push the nurses out of my way. I grab the boy's hand and strike his forcehead. ''Sh..'' I say to him. All people stars from me to the monitor, from the monitor to me. I'm still holding his hand till his puls gets normal again.

''Miss Montez! How do you make..'' a doctor asks me.

''Just leave please.'' I answer. They all leave.

''Thank you'' the voice says.

''Listen!'' I don't yell, '' if this boy wouldn't nearly die everytime I yell than I would believe me! But he does so your Luck! If that should be any kind of joke than you should know, it is not funny! And I want to know who plays that joke!''

''No joke!'' The voice says.

''Than can't you show you?!''

All of Sudden there is a boy. And not any boy! Its the boy who is laying in the bed!

I want to scream..but I can't..there's no air to scream.

''What are you?!''

''A boy?'' The boy says.

''Yes! I noticed! I mean who are you?!''

''I dont know!'' he replays..he sounds really nervous and scared.

''Can't you just lay down in..this body next to me?!''

He does so.

''And??'' I ask.


Gosh this is just a dream Ella! You'll wake up every minute!..Hopefully..

I look at the clock. It's 6 pm. 6 pm?! That late?!

''I gotta go!'' I say.

''Okay!'' he answers.

I turn around looking at him ''You are coming with me of course!''

''Oh I am?!'' He looks confused.

Hes following me out the hospital and into my car.

Some minutes later we are at my house.

''Mom Im home!'' I yell as I enter the house and smile comforting at the boy.

''Hello Ella!'' my mom kisses my cheek.

We go upstairsme&the boy.

''So why cant my mom see you?'' I ask.

''I'm a soul..your heart sees me..!'' he answers.

''Kinda whats your name?'' I smile at him.

'' be honest idk!''

''Well..I'm going to say some names alright? Maybe its yours.'' Did you ever talked to a soul?! It isnt easy! Its pretty difficult..I mean you cant hug him or her when shes sad or stuff and then he dont know anything about himself..theres not even a little guess who he is.

''Sounds good'' the boy says.

''What about..Lucas?'' I start. The boy shakes his head.





20 names later:


'' Names Zac..hey Im Zac..Zac thats me..nice to meet you Im Zac..''

''Zac?'' I ask again.

''No..!'' he says.

''Urgh!'' I scream in my pillow...

30 names later:

''My minds are blanc!''

The boy laughs ''then take a break.''

1 hour laterwe were just talking and stuff

''Hey what about Troy?! I like this name since ages its so..''

''Troy!'' the boy interrups..thanks god..otherwise I was going to tell my whole lifestory about that one name..

''Thats it! My name is Troy! Troy Alexander!''

''Awesome!'' I kinda yell. '' So do you have a last name?? Or a name from your parents or from a friend, or your school name or the name of you town or...''

''Okay Gabriella stop right here!!''


''Jesus! I dont know anything about me! Nobody knows me! I mean I am ttly..'' he answers.

''Alright, now you stop right here Troy!..I know you and I promise we will work that out..together.'' I smile at him.

Gosh do you know this feeling when you want to give someone the biggest hug ever?!..I have this feeling right now and its killing me that I just cant..

''Thank you Gabs..'' he smiles too.

Gabs..I never heard that name. All people call me Ella or Gabriella..Gabs is new..but I like sounds familiar...

''Earth to Gabriella, you're there??'' I snap out. Troy waves his hand in front of me.

''Right here!'' I replay with a grin.

''Great'' Troy smiles. I never noticed how good-looking he is...well I mean I know hes beautiful but man hes hot!! I mean he looks so normal..

''Gabriella!!'' Troy sorta yells.

I snap out again: ''What?! You know you liked it..'' I replayed with a grin.

''Stop grinning!'' he laughs.

''Fine!'' I answer.

''Fine!'' he grins.

''Urgh!'' I laugh and go in the bathroom. I take a bath.

''Hey Gabs! What about a movie?'' Troy screams suddenly..when he enteres the bath now hes gonna die..then Im gonna kill him!

''Sure! I'd like that!'' I yell back..can he take the DvD btw?! I get out off the bath wrapped in a towel.

''What movie would you like to watch?!'' I ask.

''What a..''he turns around ''uhm..what..uhm..''

''What?!'' I look at him confused.

OMG! No that doesnt really just happened did it?! OMG! Please not!

''Uhm are..uhm..''

I look down on me..OMG it happened..the towel fell down how embarassing! I blush like hell. '' right back!'' I rush in the bath with all my clothes.

Omg! I wont go out off this bathroom! Never!

''Gabriella come on now!'' Troy yells.

No way! I lock the door. I cant look at him now..Omg! He just saw me like naked! Im never gonna open that door again!

''Gabs?'' he stands in front of me all of sudden.

''What the heck?! How did you came in here Troy?!''

''I'm a know walking threw walls and stuff'' he answers.

I blush again..

''You're nervous?'' he asks.

Nervous? Embarassed, awkward, shy, red, tired, annoyed would be better!

''Kinda..'' I answer with a red head..really red.

''Why?!'' he asks again.

Hello?! Is your brain not working? You just saw me naked! Thats pretty embarassing!

'' just saw me naked..''

''Thats all?!''

''All? I think thats enough!''I'm still blushed.

''Gabs chill..its not like your dieing now..''

Pff! You have clues! I am gonna die! Yes definatly!

''You're right!'' I answer.

''And moreover you looked really hot!'' Troy grins.

''Urgh! Get out off here Troy!'' I say.

''Anything for you Gabs!'' he smiles & leaves.

Pf! He dont even should think that I like him! Cause I dont!

I get change and go back in my room. ''And what movie are we watching?''

''I thought of Just like Heaven?!'' he answers.

Just like Heaven is Just like our situation lol

''Yeah awesome! I like that movie!'' I smile & put the DvD in the DvDrecorder.

After some time I yawn...gosh Im dead tired!

''Hey Gabs, your okay?'' Troy hes so cute! Hes caring..Gabriella stop that!

''Yeah..just tired!''

''Then you may sleep?!'' he says

''Yep I will...Night Troy!'' I smile and fall asleep..


Next Morning I wake up in painc.

''Troy?'' I ask cause no one seems to be there. No answer.

''Troy!'' Now Im yelling. I run downstairs in the kitchen. I find a note.


I left for work.

I'll be back around 8 pm.

Have a nice day!

Love, Mom xx

Ps, Dinner is in the oven!''

I lay it back on the table.

''TROY! Get your ass back now!''

Still no answer. I go in the bathroom and get ready.

1 hour later:

I'm worried. I should drive to the hospital..yes I will. Maybe it was all just a dream?!

Gosh what the heck?! Concentrate Ella! I'm ready. I've to eat but I can't..My stomach hurts..Im so nervous..

Why? Idk..

''Troy?'' I ask again. Theres still no answer. I 'spected that.

I get in my car. I take my cell out.

''Heather?'' I ask when my Bff answers my call.

''Omg! Ella!!'' She screams.

''Wow, chill! How's Spain?'' I try to sound happy..

''Awesome!'' she screams again.

''I'm glad you like it Hunnie!''

''Hows your job? I mean the hospitalthing?'' she finally starts to calm.

'' out please..''

I pull over & stop the car. Right after I did so a little girl grabs for a ball which is under my car..OMG! I nearly killed a child!

''What the fuck?! Troy!'' I scream.

''Ella? Hey are you alright? Who's Troy? Gabriella?'' she sounds worried.

''What yeah Im fine..I'll call you later!''

''Uhm okay!'' Heather & me hang up.

''God Troy!''

''Are you here?! TROY!'' I yell again.

I start my car and drive to the hospital.

When I come in everybody starres at me

''Miss Montez! What are you doing here? It's your free day.'' a nurse says.

I stop: ''Yeah I gotta visit someone!..btw the boy without identity is named Troy.'' The nurse looks at me confused: ''What?!''

''Uhm never mind..'' I walk to Troys room..I knock...surprisingly there is no anwer -.- I open the door & go in.

''Troy?'' I ask..''Troy?'' No reaction.. I walk over to the bed.

''Hey!'' I smile as I take his hand & lean over.

''Please come back..'' I whisper.

''Why back?! I'll always be beside you Gabs!''

I turn around. ''Troy! Where were you?''

''Here & there..'' he smiles.

''Come on! I wanna show you something!''

He leaves the room & I fallow him.

''Where are we going?''

''Just fallow Gabs!''

''But I can't just fallow!'' I answer.

Troy stand still & looks in my eyes..

''Trust me Gabriella..'' he says

''Urgh..Fine I'll fallow!'' I finally say. We walk to a park..

''Lay down with me..'' Troy says as he lays down in the grass.

I lay next to him...even tho I hate grass o.O

''Look there!'' Troy points to the sky.

''I never noticed how wonderful it is...I wonder if you'll be there..after you die..because when I die then I want to be heaven..just in heaven..''

''Troy stop that! You wont die!''

''I dont know Gabs..''

''You wont!'' I replay as I roll over to him so I can see his face.

''Well..'' he starts & still starring in the sky ''...I dont know..I just know that when Im not with you it feels it is like I'm not extisting..but when Im with you...''

'' feels quite normal?'' I ask.

He turns his face to mine ''Exactly!''

I smile. '' You wont die!''

''Maybe I am already its just..''

''You wont die Troy!'' I interrupt.

He smiles ''Your right! I wont long as..''

I grab his hand and let my fingers run threw it..I continue ''I feel you..''

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