The one...

After about 10 minutes driving I see someone... its a girl I think I know her wait wtf is that Sharpay?

I get out of my car when I see Sharpay kissing a boy

"What the fuck, Sharpay?!"
"Oh hey Gabriella!" she smiles

"You are his girlfriend!"

"Oh cmon he had been gone for nearly 4 months! Did you actually thought I would wait for him I mean I never thought we would find him, and they'll turn off the machines so hes dead tomorrow anyway ...oh btw that's Andrew!" she smiles at the guy next to her

"Listen Evans, and listen good! You fucking had the best boy you could find on earth and you fucking didnt care for him! And youre a bitch a real bitch! How dare you saying hes dead tomorrow? God Sharpay you fucking dont deserve him! I hate you!"

I get back in my car and drive to the hospital.

I go in Troy's room & sit next to him. I grab his hand and stroke it... I fall asleep a few minutes later.

-Next morning-

"Miss Montez?"
I wake up in panic..."Huh? Oh sorry...what is it?"

"It's 11.45 am" the nurse says giving me the worried look

"What..what about his parents?"
"They were here an hour ago they didnt wanted to wake you up..." the nurse says still looking at me

"Mhm.." is all I can say

"Are you alright, Miss Montez?"
"Yes I am fine...can you just you know leave me alone?"

"Of course Miss!" The nurse leaves

"Troy...I I dont know what to leave me speechless.

You know Troy I dont know how I'm supposed to live without you... youre the one whos my best friend, the one who makes me feel better, the one whos always there for me, the one who scares the shit out of me when you're sick, the one who means the world to me...

What I'm trying to say're the one for me...the one.

I love you Troy. I love you so much. I need you so much. I want you so much. I'll miss you so much. I'll never forget you Troy...never!" I lean over and kiss him sweetly on the lips...a tear of mine rolls down on his cheek.

"Goodbye Troy." I try to pull my hand back. But i cant . Not that I dont want to no...its just that I cant...he holds it



Hey I'm Gabriella but you can call me Ella... Listen if this boy wouldnt die everytime I yell I would...Hey what about Troy? I like that name since ages its so...I know you and I promise we'll work this out together...As long as I feel you...dont leave me Troy I need you...You made me love're the one...i love you so much--

End of Flashbacks

I'm not going to let her go...I need her


Omg! Gabi are you dreaming?! He squeezes my hand for sure! "Troy..can you hear me? Troy wake up sunshine..."

Troy slowly opens his eyes...he looks next to him to see a crying Gabriella with closed eyes whos holding his hand in hers

"Please Troy wake up...please dont leave me" she says crying not opening her eyes afraid he isnt breathing anymore...

"I'm not going to leave you...I promised." He says weak and carefully but for her its the most amazingst thing anyone had said to her..her eyes shot open

She smiles "Troy!"

He smiles back.."Gabriella!"
She finally realizes hes awake "OMG! TROY!"

He laughs " Right here and not going to leave!"
The door swings open

"Miss Montez its about Time!" the nurse walks in fallowed by Doctor Hopcins and Elizabeth.

"Hello..I'm Troy Bolton" Troy says taking his hand up

The doctors just gasp " You are awake?!" they say at the same time

"Obviously yes." He smiles at Gabi she smiles back at him leaning over and kisses his cheek--...

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