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This takes place on Sokka's first night back after "Sokka's Master"

Toph Vs Toph

Toph Bei Fong lay in her earth tent that night playing with the piece of meteorite Sokka had given her earlier that day. Her own piece of space earth was just like his sword. They were the only two people to have ever live who had a piece of it. No one else had some. No one else ever would. Even if someone found another meteorite, she doubted it would be the same. It was an elite group of people who owned a piece of that particular meteorite, just her and Sokka. It was like a special bond between them, an unbreakable bond that would last forever.

What are you thinking, Toph? You make it sound like you and Sokka are married or something. You're not married to that Meathead. Who would ever want to marry a goofball like Sokka? I mean, sure, he's smart. And he's funny. It was more boring than books with him gone. What use does a blind girl have for books anyway? That's why it's nice to have him back. It's not because you're in love with him.

Then why did you blush?

I did not blush when he came back!

Yes you did.

The wind was blowing. My cheeks were turning red from windburn.

No it wasn't.

Yes it was!

You like him.

No, I don't.

Right, you don't like him. You LOVE him.

Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!

Toph put her hands over her ears to stop the voice in her head from saying anything else.

I am Toph Bei Fong, the greatest earthbender ever. I don't do stupid, girly stuff like fall in love. Especially with a meat brained klutz like Sokka. And even if I did fall in love, it wouldn't be with Sokka. He's not my type.

What is your type?


If Sokka's not your type then what is your type?

I don't know. Tall, I guess. Just because I'm short doesn't mean I can't like tall guys.

Like Sokka.

Yeah like… Hey, shut up!

What else?


Your type? What else do you like in a guy?

I don't know. He'd have to be smart. I mean really smart. I want someone who can keep up with me.

Like Sokka.

Shut up. He'd need to be funny too. Why would I want a guy who couldn't make me laugh?

The way Sokka does.

How many times do I have to tell you to shut up? I don't want some wimp either. I want somebody strong, somebody with some muscle.

Like Sokka.

I'm tired of telling you to shut up. In fact, I'm just tired. I'm going to sleep now, so you be quiet. No more of this Sokka-love talk. I am not in love with Sokka. I mean, you talk like I fall asleep thinking about hi…

This is just my best guess at what Toph was thinking the night Sokka returned. Whenever she is confronted with her crush on Sokka, she always seems to try to deny its existence. When Katara made the marriage joke, Toph didn't make any sarcastic remark or any comeback at all. She just rolled over as if to pretend nothing ever happened. I'd call that denial.