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Within Kumogakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Clouds), two figures were fighting against each other. They were both wearing the same type of armor, with only two differences. One was clearly a male with bright spiky yellow hair, the color of his armor was red and upon the left shoulder the head of a fox was displayed. The other was clearly female since her black armor did nothing to hide that fact. She had long blonde hair in a single ponytail, as well has the head of a cat displayed on the left shoulder. These two were the best Kumo had to offer, respected by few and feared by all.

Their sparring, however, was more like watching two people dance…a deadly dance, but a dance none the less. At first glance a passerby may think that the two were trying to kill each other. But as one continued to watch this dance, they could see that the two were in prefect harmony with each other. When the male swung his katana, the female would block with her scythe. When the female attacked, the male would block; attacking, blocking all done to some unheard beat. Even their animal features added to the elegance of this spar; him with his nine fox tails and she with her two cat tails, each with ears of their respected animal poking out of their hair.

While blonde boy in the red armor was known by many names; yet to few, he was known as Naruto Namikaze; son of the Konoha's Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. His sparring partner, his future wife, was known as Yugito Nii; daughter of the Yondaime Raikage. One would wonder, though, why someone who was born from Konoha would be living in Kumo. The answer was simple…he left his village. Why did he leave the village that his father gave his life to protect? Because the entire village, save for a very select few, hated him to the point where they almost beat him to death.

Not that Kumo was much different after the Godaime Raikage forcibly took control of the village, turning Yugito into the ultimate weapon for the village, and caring nothing about what the villagers had done to her. But that had all changed when the Rokudaime Raikage led a rebellion against the Godaime, succeeding in overthrowing the Godaime to take control. With the new leader in charge the Rokudaime made sure that the villagers understood that harming either of his apprentices would result in death.

Naruto and Yugito had met the Rokudaime during Naruto's travels as a Konoha ninja. Naruto had been out on a two year training trip with his sensei, Jiraiya. It was also during this time that he had first met Yugito. Eventually Yugito asked if he would come back to Kumo with her. At first Naruto didn't accept the offer, but then they met the man who would eventually become the Rokudaime Raikage. He told them that he could help them train in their demonic powers, and make Kumo a batter place. Yugito had asked how he could do that when she noticed the others that had come with him. One was a tall blonde that held some kind of two-pronged spear; another was wearing all black armor, two red phoenix feathers attached to the helm and holding an X-shaped weapon with the blade of a halberd on the four ends; while the last one was a female wearing a two piece purple dress that left her stomach and right leg exposed, a bladed whip hanging on her belt.

It took some persuasion on Yugito's part to get Naruto to come with her, but he agreed to go with them. And when the six of them took out the Godaime Raikage, with the Rokudaime Raikage taking power, the village prospered under the new rule. But that wasn't the real surprise. What was surprising was the fact that the demon sealed inside of Naruto, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, knew who was training them both. In fact, the Kyuubi had been a follower of his before she came to this world.

The two paused in their match as a Kumo ninja approached them. The chuunin knelt down and said, "The Raikage wishes your presence." With that said the chuunin wasted no time in getting out of the slightly intimidating presence of the couple. Naruto sighed before he and Yugito disappeared in a swirl of red and black flame.

In another training ground, two other warriors were facing off against the other, the large blonde spearman having the time of his life facing off against his opponent. His weapon was a large two-pronged spear called Divine Mandible. His name was Keiji Maeda, one of the strongest warriors in all of Japan. The other warrior stood opposite him, the long phoenix feathers swaying in the wind. His weapon, Sky Piercer, was held in front of him as if ready to block any attack. He was Lu Bu, the strongest warrior in all of China; none were able to stand against his might! And yet because of this, he craved for the day he would be able to have a decent opponent that would provide him with a decent fight. And that's what Lu Bu enjoyed about this spar, it was challenging. True he had yet even begun to become tired, but Keiji made for a very decent opponent.

Not to far away was the beauty known as Diao Chan, watching her Lord Lu Bu spar. It brought a smile to her face knowing that her lord was finally getting the challenge he so desired. She had feared that being sent to this strange new world would cause her lord to search out new opponents to face to test his might. And yet, because he was sent here with them, she feared even more that something horrible would befall her beloved Lu Bu. But the things she feared did not come to pass; she was content on staying by her beloved's side.

She had wondered why Zuo Ci had sent her, Lu Bu, Keiji and…him, to this world. Why would they need to be sent from the world he created, to this strange new one? What would be so important that the wise sage would find it necessary to send the four of them? What would warrant the strongest warriors needing to be sent? Well, at least he wasn't cruel to the village of Kumo as he had been when he merged China and Japan together. Or was that just the cruelty of those that followed him? Men, like Dong Zhou, who cared for nothing save for their riches and women? It didn't matter, she supposed as long as her lord Lu Bu was safe and was happy.

Lu Bu and Keiji stopped their spar as a chuunin messenger knelt before the two warriors. Lu Bu turned to face the chuunin and growled out, "What is it, vermin?" Why must these idiots interrupt his decent fight?

"R-raikage-s-sama, w-wishes y-your p-presence." The message delivered, the chuunin disappeared. Many a messenger had learned the hard way not to anger him.

Diao Chan walked over to stand beside Lu Bu, "Then we should get going. You know he doesn't like it if we're late." Lu Bu and Keiji nodded in response, and the three of them headed for the Raikage's Tower.

When they arrived in the office of the Raikage, they found a meeting already taking place. Naruto and Yugito were already there, along with the Raikage's scantly clad advisor. They also noticed two other people in the room, one a pale faced man who was the leader of Oto, Orochimaru himself. The other was a teen no older then Naruto, with dark black hair that spiked out behind his head. He was Sasuke Uchiha, self proclaimed avenger and traitor to Konoha. Lu Bu took a few seconds to look over Sasuke and Orochimaru and growled out, "What are these vermin doing here?"

Sasuke clenched his teeth in barely suppressed anger. How dare anyone call him vermin?! He was an Uchiha, damn it! The best clan to ever live! There were none that could stand against the might of an Uchiha! And yet this…loser was calling him vermin! How dare this trash not show him the proper respect all Uchiha are shown. His anger continued to boil until lightning sprang to life in his left hand. He was prepared to show this weakling who insulted him just who he was messing with when something caught his hand. He turned to look into the slitted eyes of Naruto. Sasuke's anger only increased, how dare this…idiot and loser stop him. Naruto tightened his grip on Sasuke's wrist forcing Sasuke to dissipate the lightning.

Before anything else could happen, the Raikage's advisor spoke up, "You've all been summoned here to discus the up coming Chuunin Exams and the fall of Konoha." Her voice was filled with giddiness, plans churning in her mind to further the goal of her Raikage-sama.


Within the great Konohagakure no Sato (Hidden Leaf Village), the Godaime Hokage was not having a good day… or the last couple of years for that matter. The village's council had, on more then one occasion, tried to get her to label Naruto as a missing-nin when he disappeared. So far she had managed to foil their attempts, mainly because the council had to have a unanimous vote. Luckily with some of the Clan Heads not hating Naruto, the council couldn't come to a unanimous vote. Since that hadn't worked one of the more powerful members of the council, Danzou, tried to have tracker ninja sent after Naruto. She knew that she couldn't continue to prevent Danzou from carrying that out, but luckily for her, Jiraiya was able to convince the council to let him deal with finding Naruto.

Jiraiya had later told her that none of the best tracker toads that he had summoned was able to pick up the scent. She had then sent out Kakashi to help Jiraiya, and they were on the mission for several weeks. When they had returned, Kakashi said that his nin-dogs couldn't pick up one scent. He had reported that the dogs smelled a high amount of snake scent. At first she had thought that Orochimaru got to Naruto when Jiraiya wasn't around, so she sent Jiraiya to work on his spy network to found out what he could find. That, however, turned out to be a dead end as well. After a couple years of not finding anything, many of the villagers were starting to celebrate Naruto's disappearance.

What pissed her off was that she couldn't punish the villagers without risking her title of Hokage. How could those biased bastards only see the demon? How could they not see that Naruto was not the fox that he held within him? Well, at least the other genin that had gone to the academy with Naruto didn't see that. Even if much of the younger generation took after their parents and didn't like Naruto, there were some that didn't hate him. And it was those friends that took Naruto's disappearance the hardest.

Neji, Lee, Tenten, Kiba, Shino, Ino and Chouji trained under the sensei more then they had in the past. But none worked harder then Sakura and Hinata did. Sakura took to the medic-nin training as if her life depended on it. Hinata trained even harder in the Hyuga family form of fighting, but she also did extra training that had not been seen since her mother was still an active ninja. All in all Tsunade knew that these three teams were going to pass the upcoming Chuunin Exams.

That was another thing that was worrying her. Jiraiya's spy network had heard rumors that Iwa, Oto and Kumo all joined together to make an alliance. Normally this wouldn't be unheard of in the shinobi world, but because the alliance was made with Oto she had to be careful. She wouldn't put it pass Orochimaru to attack Konoha again during the Chuunin Exams. It was the reason why she had to cut down on the number of missions the village's shinobi went on, so that she could increase the security to make sure no one got in that wasn't supposed to. But even so, she knew that with all of the genin coming from different villages, there would be someone that would go unnoticed. Regardless of what happened there really was only one thought that plagued her mind, "Be safe, Naruto. Where ever you are."


Six figures on horseback rode toward the great gates of Konoha. Leading them was a male in blood red armor, riding upon a red horse. To his right was a female in form-fitting black armor upon a black horse. On his left was a male who was wearing white robes with a little green mixed in, riding on a white horse; held in his hand was a fan made out of feathers. Behind these three was another male in black armor, riding on a red horse as well. To his right was a female on a white horse and across from her was a tall blonde male on a black horse.

As they passed through the gates of Konoha one would have expected them to slow down, but they didn't. The six riders never slowed down their speed even as they entered the village. Luckily no one was hurt, the villagers were either pushed to the side of the streets or the horse was forced to jump over them. The six horses reeled back as they came to a halt in front of the Ninja Academy where the participants for the exam were gathering. They dismounted and walked into the building.

When they entered the room, every single ninja turned around to face them. Lu Bu and Keiji were looking over the other participants, though Lu Bu wasn't impressed. It didn't appear that any of these vermin would give a decent fight. Keiji just couldn't wait until he could fight these people, just thinking about it got his blood pumping. Zhuge Liang used his fan to cool himself off as dozens of strategies went through his mind. Naruto's eyes scanned the crowd looking for a certain group of ninja that he knew were there, and he found them all standing together in a corner. All of his former classmates and comrades were there, save for Shikamaru who had already made it to chuunin.

His former comrades were staring right back at him and his teammates. It didn't surprise him that they didn't recognize him, but that really didn't matter. None of them changed all that much. Though Hinata Hyuga did surprise him the most. She was wearing a lavender colored top that extended into a dress stopping below her knees. Over that she wore ANBU style breast armor, along with vambraces attached to gloves as well as knee high boots. On her back she carried a quiver, and in her hand she held a bow. The bow itself was a re-curve in style; however it had a total of four blades, two on top and two on the bottom, attached to the sides of the bow.

As Naruto continued to stare into her eyes, he could have sworn that she recognized him, but he wasn't sure. Hinata was really the only one that acknowledged him when he had lived in Konoha. Looking back, he saw the similarities between how she acted around him and how Yugito started to act around him after he had gotten to know her more. Though Yugito blushed more then she fainted, still the similarities were there. And despite what others may think about him, he wasn't as dumb as he looked back when he first made genin. He had learned early in his life that when he succeeded in something, the villagers increased the beatings they gave him. So he hid his talent and let them believe him the fool.

But he stopped all of that when the great kitsune sealed within him started to train him. The first thing she told him was how she came to be in this world. Apparently she was summoned here, by whom she could not remember save that he had blood red eyes with comma marks. Then she explained how she had first met the Raikage, when the two of them created one world out of two different worlds. Once the history lesson was over, she started to train him in using his demonic chakra, or youki. The training only increased when he himself became the kitsune lord, the same happened with Yugito when she became the neko mistress.

Part of him was glad that his friends were alright; even if he's a Kumo Nin, he never stopped believing that his former classmates were his friends. Part of him was uncertain that he could follow the plan that Iwa, Oto, and Kumo had set up for the Chuunin Exams. Even if the villagers never treated him right, this was a place filled with memories and he wasn't sure if he could destroy those memories. But that didn't matter now. Deciding to be friendly and try to catch up before the start of the exam, Naruto walked over to them.

The Konoha nin looked at him strangely as he approached them. He was a few feet away from standing in front of Hinata when Neji blocked his path. The Hyuga glared at him and said, "What is it you want, Kumo."

Naruto smirked before saying, "Is that anyway to say hi to an old friend."

That's when the Konoha nin took notice of the whisker marks on his cheeks, his bright blonde hair and his crystal blue eyes. All of their eyes widened when they realized just who was standing in front of them. Hinata was the first one to speak, "N-naruto-k-kun?"

Hinata couldn't believe it. Her long time crush was standing in front of her. She had always known, always believed that he was alive and well. Where others had lost faith, and worse prayed that he wasn't fine or that he had died, she never stopped believing, never stopped praying that he was safe and would return to her one day. And here he was standing in front of her, HER! It almost made her faint, but she had gotten over that a few years ago. So instead she settled for a full body blush as she took note of Naruto's armor. It really wasn't her fault that she noticed how his blood red armor defined each and every muscle. Nor was it her fault for the less then pure thoughts running through her head about just how much he had grown.

Sakura, predictably, was the next one to react. The pink haired medic-nin clenched her fist and slowly walked over to Naruto. When she was within striking distance, she raised her fist and swung. She didn't expect him to catch her fist; considering she had put chakra into that strike, it should have at least broken Naruto's hand. But what surprised her even more was the fact that it appeared that the strike didn't even affect him.

"Did you think, Sakura, that I would allow you to hit me as in the past?" Naruto asked. "If you did," he tightened his gripe on her hand, the clawed points of the gauntlets digging into Sakura's hand, "then you were mistaken." His voice was laden with venom.

Sakura tried to sputter out an apology, while she healed the miniscule wounds on her hand. Hinata came out of her stupor enough to glare at the pink haired medic. They had been reunited with Naruto for no more then ten seconds, and already Sakura was trying to hit him. Rare anger boiled over and she herself hit Sakura over the head for trying to hit Naruto. This, of course, stunned all of the Konoha teams; they had never seen Hinata do something like that. Sure to her enemies she was a force to be reckoned with, but to her friends she had always been kind and caring. Still, what Sakura had done just got to her.

However, Hinata wanted to tell him…to show him that she cared. She had dreamed of doing this, but whenever she tried to tell Naruto how she felt either something would happen to distract him or she fainted. But not this time, this time she would tell him just how much she cared. She calmly walked over to him, her lips moving to form the words but her voice failed her. So instead she leaned up and pressed her lips to his, her bow clattering to the floor as her arms wrapped around his neck. Nothing else mattered to her at the moment; nothing else existed at the moment. All that mattered, all that existed…was her and Naruto, and it was pure bliss.

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