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Sakura's Pov...

Hi my name is Haruno Sakura, I have green eyes, pink hair ("yes, PINK!") and I'm Japanese.

I like to do a bunch of stuff on my free time. I recently turned 18 and I go to this school in America due to my parent's work, I've been living in this country since I was really young.

At school, I'm not popular, but I'm not nerdy either I have my good share of friends, but there are still jerks who make fun of me, just because I'm Asian. I really hate those stupid comments especially when they go blabbing random stuff that I'm pretty sure isn't a word in ANY language.

God, such idiots. There is also this one girl that has dated like every cute guy in our school...at least twice, she HATES my guts. Every time I pass by her in the hallway, she glares at me and whispers insults while passing. That gets me super piss and I scream at her out loud which makes ME look like the bad guy. The world is so screwed up.

I'm just a normal girl, with a tiny bit of a temper, pink hair, green eyes, and a slightly larger than normal forehead. Okay, maybe I'm not so normal.

Last night, during dinner, my parents were talking about Japan and I realized that I know nothing of our culture or country, my parents seemed to have noticed as well.

With my mom and dad being such accomplished Doctors they usually work over time, so the three of us rarely get together for dinner or any form of family outings.

When we do have dinner together, which is like two or three times a month, they are too tired to converse.

I practically grew up without parent's. Even though they don't spend time with me, I know that they love me very much.

Then, this morning, while the teacher was explaining something in Algebra II, I was called down to the office.

I could have sworn I got in trouble because earlier I made that Stupid bitch cry for calling my forehead big.

Even my parents were there. This can't be good. Mom and Dad don't even care if I got home at three in the morning, usually because they don't notice.

"Sakura, you are going home early." The office lady said, I stared at her like she was stupid.

"Excuse me, you are going home early." She said again. This time I didn't stare at her, but I turned to my parents, gaping, speechless.

They smiled back at me, as if nothing was wrong.

"What are you… How are you… I-" I was cut off by my mother, "Don't just stand there and attempt to form a sentence, come on." She grabbed my hand and gently pulled me to the car. I just followed.

When we reached the car, I sat in the backseat, totally confused.

"Umm, Where are we going and why are you two off work?" I asked, finally able to speak correctly.

"Sakura, you know that we love you more than anything in the world," My mom began as I continued staring, "But due to our jobs that takes up most of our time, we don't get spend any time together. As parents, we are failures and both of us feel really guilty. So, your father and I thought it would be better if you go to a friend of ours. She is very nice and we will be sending money to her for taking care of you." She finished.

I stared at her, letting all this information process.

"Does this mean you guys are getting rid of me?" I asked.

A hurt expression flashed on my mom's face and a pang of guilt hit me, the words just came out.

"We would NEVER get rid of you, Sak." My father stated.

"Then why are you sending me off?" I retorted, he stared at me, contemplating.

"What are you not telling me?" I questioned, eyeing them.

He looked at mom, as if asking her for permission, she nodded.

"We are being relocated and even if we wanted to bring you, we can't because everything there has been destroyed by a hurricane. We would kill ourselves before we let you live there." He explained, a sad expression on his face.

I made an 'O' shape with my mouth.

"Whatever happens... just remember that we truly, sincerely love you. You are our baby."

And just like that I was on a plane to...JAPAN?

Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces past, and I'm homebound.... My blackberry began to ring. I checked the caller ID, it read 'mom'.

"Hey sweetie." She greeted.

"Don't you think you should have mentioned that this friend of yours lives in, umm, I don't know, JAPAN!?" I screamed.

"Shhhh," The flight attendant whispered, glaring at me. I looked at her, silently apologizing.

"Oh, I forgot." She answered, laughing lightly.

"People need to know these things mother." I replied.

All passengers, please turn all mobile devices and electronics off, we will take off in just a few moments.

"I got to go, talk to you later." With that, I hung up the phone.

I'm moving to a new country, that apparently is my home land and the only thing I have to find this friend of my parent's is a photo and an address. Boy am I screwed,

Well at least this 'Mikoto Uchiha' looks nice.

Sasuke's Pov...

The name's Uchiha Sasuke, 18 years old, and I go to a school called "Haruno Gakuen" in Japan.

Mom's name is Uchiha Mikoto, 45 years old, she is in charge of some company that I don't give a shit about, so I end up taking care of my annoying little sister.

Even if my mom is a workaholic, she will ditch anyone when they're in trouble.

My little sister's name is Sakuno, she's 5, and attending kindergarten at the same school I do.

She might look cute on the outside, but on the inside she is the most devilish creature ever.

It was a normal morning, wake up, brush teeth, change, go downstairs to eat breakfast.

My mom was sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

"Good Morning." She greeted, still staring at the paper.

I replied, while grabbing some food. Sakuno came downstairs, in her pajamas, and said good morning In that sickly sweet voice.

Then mom put down the newspaper, She looked at the both of us and began talking.

"Okay, today there is going to be a new member of the family." I stared at her wide eyed.

"You're pregnant?" I asked, she stared at me and laughed. "No, I'm not, the person that is moving in is a good friend of mine's daughter, her name is Haruno Sakura, She is 18, just like you Sasuke, and she will be transferring to your school."

This is stupid, why would I want another girl in the family? I already have a mom who bosses you around and a little bratty sister, me being the only guy and now another one? No. Way.

What makes it worse is that Sakuno is jumping up and down, clearly excited.

"She is the daughter of my best friend in America, so Sasuke. Be. Nice. To. Her. Or. Else."

"Is she American?" I asked.

"No, she is Japanese." She answered.

"Hn." Let's see who this Haruno Sakura girl is...


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