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With Sakura…

"Okay class, we have a new student today," Iruka signaled for Sakura to walk in, "Her name is Haruno Sakura. Tell the class a little about yourself Sakura."

The said person looked at her new classmates nervously, Well, I have Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sasuke. . . . I'll live…maybe. She thought, waving at her newly acquainted friends.

Naruto grinned and waved back enthusiastically, the other two ignored her.

"Um.. . I'm from America, I like dance and music, and I don't like people who leave other people to find their classrooms." She finished, looking at the class, but her emerald orbs lingered on Sasuke, directing her last comment to him. He smirked.

Earlier that morning the young Uchiha, after the two drop off Sakuno, left Sakura, telling her to find her class herself.


"Bye Onii-san, Onee-chan." Sakuno waved in her plaid uniform dress, her raven hair swishing back and forth.

Sakura returned the wave, smiling. "She is the cutest thing ever." She commented turning to Sasuke who just ignored the little girl.

"She's a little devil." He replied, turning around and walking away.

Sakura gapped. "Aren't you going to take me to my classroom?" She asked.

"Go find it yourself, you're smart." With that said, the Uchiha walked away, not even turning back to look at the angry expression on the pinkette's face.

End of Flashback…

Just thinking about it pisses me off, that jerk; I take back all the nice words I've wasted on him! She screamed, mentally.

"Does anyone have any questions for her?" Iruka asked, breaking her mental rant on why the Uchiha was a heartless bastard.

A brown haired girl raised her perfectly manicured hand. "Is your hair like really that color?" She asked, smiling in a sickly sweet fashion.

Sakura smiled back, unwillingly, "Yes, it's natural."

Another hand was raised, this time it was someone she knew, "Sakura-chan, do you play an instrument?"

She smiled at the blond, "Yeah, I play the guitar and piano." She answered.

"Showoff." The girl from earlier whispered, only to be ignored.

"You're hot; would you go out with me?" Someone else asked, earning multiple 'yes' from other guys in the room.

Before the teen could answer, the teacher butted in. "Class, Sakura-san over here, is currently living with the Uchiha's. She moved here herself, without parents so make her feel welcomed. You can ask more questions after class."

Sakura and Sasuke stared at the teacher, eyes wide and speechless, along with everyone else in the room (Excluding Naruto and Shikamaru)

"What!" He wasn't suppose to say that!

Earlier With Sasuke…

The moment the teacher walked in, the Uchiha groaned. I hope he doesn't say anything about her living with me. He thought, slamming his head on the table.

"What's wrong teme? Aren't you excited? Sakura-chan is going to be in our class!" Naruto exclaimed, earning a grunt from the raven haired teen.

"Shut up Dobe." Damn, mom's going to kill me if she gets pummeled by my fan girls. The Uchiha thought.

The pink haired girl walked in, everyone stopped their jabbering and focused on the new girl.

"Um... I'm from America, I like dance and music, and I don't like people who leave other people to find their classrooms." She finished, looking at the class, but her emerald orbs lingered on Sasuke, directing her last comment to him. He smirked. That's what you get for pushing me into the water yesterday. He thought.


Sasuke stood at the side of the pool, watching his stupid best friend try to float without moving.

"Uzumaki, you suck." Neji commented, smirking at Naruto's failed attempt.

"Shut up Hyuuga!" The blond retorted.

"Why don't you swim with us Sasuke?" Ino asked while backstroking.

"Hn. No." He answered, crossing his arms.

"You're such a fun sucker teme." commented Naruto, who was in a headlock by Neji.

"Yeah! Sasu-nii, you should come swim with us." Sakuno cried, splashing around in the shallower end of the pool .

Before he could reply Sakura jumped onto his back, causing him to lose balance, and both of them to fell into the water; resulting in a big splash.

Mikoto took a picture of the two in the air, How cute! She thought as she stared at the picture on her digital camera.

End Flashback…

Naruto raised his hand and screamed, "Sakura-chan, do you play an instrument?"

The girl smiled, "Yeah, I play the guitar and piano." She answered.

Sasuke's eyes widened a fraction. No way, those are the same ones I play, what a biter. He thought.

"You're hot; would you go out with me?" Some kid asked, earning multiple 'yes' from other guys in the class.

The question made something in Sasuke stir. What the hell! Why am I jealous? She's nothing to me! I won't give a shit if she says yes. He lied.

Before the teen could hear the answer, the teacher butted in. "Class, Sakura-san over here, is currently living with the Uchiha's. She moved here herself, without parents so make her feel welcomed. You can ask more questions after class."

"What!" Fuck! I'm screwed.


Lunch break…

The whole gang was currently sitting at a table in the lunch room; the boys were sitting on one side as the girls sat on the other. Everyone was chatting happily.

"So, how is your first day so far, Sakura?" Tenten asked, noticing the pink haired teen's silence.

She looked up, confused. "Huh?"

Tenten sighed and repeated her question; "How was your first day?"

Sakura flinched, which didn't go unnoticed by Tenten and the girls. "It was good," She answered.

"Who have you had your classes with so far?" Ino asked, urging her new friend to talk.

Sakura looked up, thinking. "For homeroom I have Iruka with Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sasuke. For first period I have AP chem. with Ino, Shikamaru, and Sasuke. For Second period I have AP Cal. with Sasuke. And now I'm at lunch." She finished.

"WAIT!" Ino screamed, causing a few students to stare, but she ignored them. "Let me see your schedule." She commanded, snatching Sakura's schedule.

As she looked over the paper, her blue orbs widened. "Tennie, Hina, look at this." She said, showing them her schedule.

"What?" Sakura asked, confused.

"Y-you have all the same classes as Sasuke-san." Hinata answered.

"There is no way that can be coincidence." Tenten stated.

With the guys…

"Hey, guess what?" Naruto asked, even though he received no answer, he continued anyway, "Sakura-chan plays the same instruments that the Teme does."

His statement received multiple stares.

"Does that mean that the Uchiha will have competition?" Kiba asked, receiving a glare from the said person.

"How troublesome," commented Shikamaru.

"Only fate would know who is better." Neji concluded.

"You guys are idiots." The Uchiha stated, glaring at his blond best friend.

"Oh shit. I think he's angry." Naruto said.

"No shit, sherlock." Neji replied.

"I think it's because of the rumors going around." Kiba remarked.

"Ohhhh! I heard one that teme got Sakura pregnant when he went over to America for that concert and now she is here so that both of them can take care of the kid." Naruto anounced

"Can you guys shut up?" The raven haired teen asked, getting up and leaving the table.

"Oh My Gosh! It's true isn't it! You Knocked Sakura-chan up!!!!!" Naruto yelled causing the surrounded crowds to gasp.

Kiba smacked him.

"You're a fucking dumbass!" Kiba yelled.

Back with the girls…

"What are you guys talking about?" Sakura asked, her three friends stared at her.

"You don't know?" Ino asked, amazed.

Sakura twitched. "I wouldn't be asking if I knew now would I, Ino-pig?"

The blonde glared at her friend for the nickname. "Well, Forehead," She began, using her own nickname; "You and Sasuke have the same schedule because you are in the A & M department for your last two periods." She finished.

Emerald orbs just stared.

"I don't get it. What's so special about it?" She asked.

Ino sighed, exasperated. "Tenten, you take over."

The said girl patted the blond on the back, then looked at Sakura.

"A & M stands for arts and music. Only multitalented students are allowed into those classes; they have a mix of different events. There's hip hop, tango, ballet, piano, guitar, waltz, singing, etc. If you are in those classes, it means that you must be good at something." She explained.

"Then what about you guys?" The pinkette asked.

"N-Neji-niii and I have to take business majors because of my father, Ino-chan is the cheerleading captain so she spends her last two periods at practice, Naruto-kun cannot dance, or sing so he wasn't accepted," Ino butted in.

"He sings like a girl," She laughed, "and has two left feet, Shika-kun is failing all his classes because he is too lazy to do shit, even with his brains, so he can't be in there." She finished.

Sakura 'ahh'ed, understanding the situation; "That explains the slutty girls." She whispered to herself.

Too bad her friend heard her.

"What slutty girls?" Ino asked.

"H-huh?" Sakura asked, playing stupid.

"What. Slutty. Girls?" She repeated.

Sakura sighed, gave in, and began explaining earlier events.


"Okay, since we have a new student today, I'll give everyone a free day." Kakashi announced, taking out his Icha Icha paradise book and sitting at his desk.

Sakura smiled, putting away her calculus notebook, happy that she didn't have to do any work for the next hour.

Right when she was about to turn to Sasuke, someone slapped their hand on her desk.

"Excuse me, bitch."

Sakura stared at the red head in front of her. Are prostitutes allowed in Japan? She wondered, eyeing the shortness of the girls skirt.

"She said, escuse me, bitch." Another girl said.

Emerald orbs flickered to the purple haired girl and ths shortness of her skirt. Are these girls in my class? She asked herself, Am I really in AP calculus?

"Hello." The redhead said, snapping the pinkette back to reallity.

"Yes? How may I help you?" She answered, not wanting to start a fight.

The red head gave her a sneer. "Don't act like you don't know."

Sakura gave her an innocent stare and shrugged.

"You are talking to Karin-sama, bitch." The purple one said.

Sakura's eye twitched, getting annoyed by their constant 'bitch'. "Okaay, and what do you guys want?"

"Stay away from my Sasuke-kun. If I find you anywhere near him I will, like, kill you." The red head, Karin, threatened.

Sakura held back her laugh, resulting it to sound like a snort. "But that would be hard since I sleep in the same room as him." She lied, enjoying the situation.

The purple haired girl, Amy, gasped. "Y-You s-slut!" She screamed.

Sakura looked around the room and noticed that her classmates were all watching the scene intently, including the Uchiha. Shit, Sasuke's going to kill me. She thought. Well, at least I get to piss these bitches off.

"Why are you calling me a slut when you guys are the ones wearing clothes that are four sizes too small?" The pinkette asked, a few classmates began to laugh, turning skank and skankier bright red.

"At least I'm not, like, fat." Karin replied, checking her nails.

"Yes you are." A random guy in the classroom shouted.

"And Sakura-chan is fifty million times hotter than you." Another screamed.

Karin and Amy left the classroom, both fuming with rage.

Cheering could be heard in the classroom.

End Flashback…

"Then guys began to crowd around me, but Sasuke-kun made them all go away and took me outside. He started screaming at me for lying and blah blah blah." She finished.

Tenten, Hinata, and Ino stared at their new bestfriend.

"Then why were you so sad in the beginning?" Ino asked, confused.

Sakura rose a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"Dude, you weren't talking earlier." Tenten explained.

"Oh, some rumors are going around about me…. And Sasuke." She said, "I think I'm going to go." The emerald eyed teen stated, getting up.



Sasuke was currently outside, sitting under a cherry blossom tree. At least she has a backbone and didn't just let those sluts bully her. He thought.

"How annoying." He said outloud, thinking no one was around,

But he was wrong, someone was around.

"Who's annoying?"

Onyx orbs flickened to the person with the angelic voice. Angelic? Really? He thought.

"You're annoying." He replied, Sakura sighed and sat down next to him.

"Look I'm sorry about lying during 2nd period. Please forgive me." She apologized, nudging the teen next to her.

He ignored her. I'm not mad about that. Like hell I'm that sensitive…..

"Can you stop ignoring me and begin making fun of me again!" She begged, shaking the Uchiha.

"Just don't talk to boys." Right after the words came out of his mouth, onyx orbs widened. Fuck, I didn't mean that.

Sakura stared at the boy besides her, a smile crept up her face.

"You were JEALOUS!!" She screamed, giggling.

"I was Not!" He retorted, crossing his arms. Sakura just smiled and gave him a hug.

A click was heard from behind a bush.


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