I had this really strange feeling that I had this idiotic smile on my face. Edward held the door open for me as we both entered the Biology classroom. I had to let go of his hand to take my seat, and as soon as his hand left mine, it was like I was missing something. I sighed as he went up to the teacher. I quickly looked around the room to figure out where he would be sitting, and it was when my eyes settled on the chair next to me that I realized that he would be sitting there. My heart was drumming a thousand miles a minute and I could have sworn that if it beat any faster it would pop out of my chest. This God like creature was going to sit with me? Grace me with his presence. I am doomed to fail this class. I will never be able to pay attention to a word that the teacher says ever again.

Edward came over and had a sly smirk on his face like he knew something I didn't or maybe he heard my heart drumming for him. No couldn't have been that. No one has that good of hearing. Then again his family is kind of strange.

"Listen up kids, I left your assignment for today at home so we are going to watch this movie instead." I groaned internally. "So, to ensure that you guys are paying attention and not goofing off, I will be handing these worksheets with twenty questions about the video out and they will be due at the end of class for a grade." Great, wonderful, peachy, just my lucky day. What a sun shiny day… not.

The thoughts of me being able to just ogle Edward during the movie went out the window. Now I would have to try to do this stupid worksheet while Edward just sits there being himself and in the end cause me to loose my complete concentration.

The lights went out and the TV went on, and that was when I felt it. It felt like it was an electric pull and it was causing me to want to gravitate toward him.

He was sitting as close to the edge of the table as possible. He was making me think that I was doing something wrong. Sigh. Of course I did. I'm Bella and I always find something to do wrong.

He kept staring at me, but not in that good way either. His eyes turned black, or at least they appeared to turn black. It was hard to tell since we were sitting in the darkness of the classroom. It reminded me of when I was at his house. Maybe it's the trick of the lighting from the TV, something is seriously wrong with my brain or so I thought.

The light went on and I looked over to Edward and I noticed that he had his books already in his hands. The next thing I know is that he was out the door calling over his shoulder, "I got to go. I'm sorry," then he was gone.

What the hell was that? Sigh. One more class and I can go home from this living hell.

I arrived at my last class in record time. I couldn't tell anyone what I was supposed to have learnt in that class because my mind wasn't on that class. It was on Edward and what made him dash away from me like I had the plague.

I know that we are just friends… I think. He seemed so nice to me in gym class or maybe he was just doing it out of pity. People probably warned him ahead of time, I'm such an idiot.

Why would a man like want or even like a girl like me?

He's rich, beautiful, smart… everything that I am not.

I made way to my baby… my beautiful truck. People may call it a hunk of junk, but to me, it was just a piece of pure beauty.

When I got home, I had to try to figure out what I was going to make for dinner. No fish. I couldn't handle that much more fish. Honestly, I thought if I ever ate another piece of fish again I was going to turn into a piece of fish.

I had another "Bella" moment when I was trying to get out of the truck. I forgot to take off the seat belt when I tried to get out and I almost choked myself to death. It would have probably been better than actually having to face Edward again. Why the hell did he come here?!

I was just fine with school being boring and not liking anyone at all. I might have to deal with Mike Newton following me around like a lost puppy that needs to be led around by a leash and now I have to deal with Edward Cullen, who is now the object of my thoughts and dreams. I am officially screwed.

Maybe if I make a big dinner, I will be able to get on Charlie's good side and I could go to Seattle to get a new book. Hopefully I will find a book that doesn't have any romance in it since I have to deal with enough of that at school. I really wished that Charlie knew that Mike wasn't such a "good guy" and would stop trying to talk me into dating him. I kept internally laughing when he would even mention it. Yeah, right. Me and Mike Newton… in Mike's dreams only.

I finally decided to make Chicken Parmesan, something different and something easy. When I was just about to take it out of the oven I heard a creak from upstairs.

"Hello?" I asked.

Is Charlie home early? I walked into the living room… Nope, no Charlie. When he came home he was normally in the living room. Huh?

"Charlie is that you?" No answer.

Should I be daring and go upstairs?

I walked up the stairs very carefully to make sure that I didn't step on the squeaky stairs. I didn't want anyone to know I was coming up, if there was someone up there.

I went to Charlie's room first. It was nice and empty, and it felt weird to be in his room. I don't even think that I have ever been in there before.

I ran out of the room, it felt weird being in my father's bedroom. Really strange actually.

I turned to see that the door to my room was closed. I didn't close it when I left this morning. I only close it when I sleep at night. Why was it closed now?

I walked slowly over to the door and placed my hand on the knob. I slowly started to turn it and pushed the door open slightly.

"Is… anyone in here?" I asked. I tried to make my voice sound normal, but I am sure it sounded shaky.

Nothing seemed out of place, except one thing. The window. The window was open. My window is never open. It was then that I heard the soft foot steps behind me. I spun around and my breath caught in my throat and I lost my ability to speak.



Gym class was different, Bella is different. Everything about her screams to me.

Although sports is most defiantly not her thing, but it was nice to play with her none the less and for me to be near her. I never wanted her to get the ball, she is too fragile.

Walking to Biology class was amazing. The feeling of her hand in mind was beyond description. The warmth of her skin was just wonderful.

Ew, why is he walking with her?

God, I hate Cullen with a passion.

I bet he is just with her because she is easy.

I hated the thoughts of our student body. The thought of humans never changed.

Edward, what the hell is wrong with you? People are staring. Seriously you need to get over this stupid little fetish of yours so I can get back to my life! I will not let this stupid human ruin me! I have worked too hard for what I have now. I will destroy her.

I couldn't stand Rosalie right now. One thing I knew for a fact. It was that she would never lay a hand on Bella. Just because I love Rosalie as a sister, it doesn't mean that I have to like her as a person.

We arrived at Biology and Bella let go of my hand. Why?

Oh, she had to go to her seat, she was looking around the room for something. God, I really wish I knew what was going on in that beautiful mind of hers.

"My name is Edward Cullen. I am new," I said to the teacher while I handing him my slip for him to sign.

He slapped it back in my hand and spoke.

"Go sit over there, it's the only seat, don't talk when I am talking," he pointed over to the seat next to Bella, my Bella. Whoa… where did that come from?

I pulled out the seat then I heard the teacher's thoughts.

I will not let this little punk out smart me. I don't care if he has A's and been in Biology since an early grade. I will show him that I am the teacher and I am smarter than he is.

Typical. He is jealous of us just like everyone else. All human minds are completely pathetic. I wonder what he would think if he knew I have two medical degrees. The only human mind that I would guess to be interesting would be that of the woman sitting beside me.

He told the class how he forgot his things at home. Oh, yeah. That's really smart. Then he mentions that we would be watching a video. Yay, I thought sarcastically.

When the lights shut off I felt a weirdest sensation I never felt it before. It caused me to move to the end of the table. When the teacher walked past Bella, it sent her captivating scent past me. Why does she have to smell like a garden of the finest flowers? No human should have the right to smell like that. I tried to keep myself in place. I wanted nothing more than to lunge at her and sink my teeth into her soft skin and let the liquid that made her live fill my mouth. It would taste so good… no stop it Edward. If you do that you will never be able to kiss her. I couldn't help but notice how full and soft looking that they were. They complimented her beautiful face perfectly.

She was acting a little weird her self. I was really wondering what was going on in her mind. I internally growled. I couldn't hear her, and it was driving me insane. I felt like banging my head against the desk top.

I looked over at her and she appeared to be somewhat frightened. I couldn't pin point what it was thought. Where is Jasper when you need him?

The bell rang, I had to get out of here because her smell was becoming too much for me to handle and it was a truly beautiful aroma. I collected my books and ran out the door telling her I will see her later and that I was sorry that I had to be rude. I had to do that since my brain wasn't thinking clearly. If I would have stayed any longer I would have grabbed her and took off with her, but with only thing on my mind. The taste of her blood.

I ran to my car and my siblings were already waiting for me.

"So did you do get what you wanted from the human chick yet?"

Ah glorious Emmett! He just had a way of putting things into words and usually how he would put things would just tick me off even more. I just turned to glare at him in response.

"I think she is a sweetheart. I really should go shopping for her." Typical Alice, but one thing I was sure of, she was going to be the most supportive of my choices.

"I wish she was just gone, and you would just kill her already," Rosalie said looking at her nails. Her voice was full of venom.

"Shut the hell up, Rose!" I huffed as I got into the car.

I couldn't ever really understand my family. The rest of them were happy and I never complain about being around all their happiness. I leave them alone when they need alone time and when it comes to doing something for me, they seem to think that I am being selfish. I honestly think that this person could make me happy and they feel like I am taking something away from their lives. I really didn't understand them.

Something is up with Rose, Edward. She keeps changing her mind about something. Nothing is really clear either.

Alice thought to me. Why would she keep changing her mind? What is she up to? Could I just ask her out right? No she wouldn't give me truthfully.

I dropped them off at home and I went up to my room, and turned on my music. It was one of the only calming things that I had, and at this moment I needed to calm my soul.

I grabbed music paper and started writing a song that will be for Bella… Bella's lullaby. I closed my eyes and envisioned her beautiful face. She was my muse. Envisioning her there with me was the best thing ever. She brings out emotions that I have never experienced before, I don't know how to explain them.

It was then that I heard Jasper's thoughts outside of my door.

Can I come in Edward?

"Come in Jasper," I said putting away my music paper.

He just stood there for a moment, and it was then that I realized that this was going to turn into an awkward conversation. He has always been the sensible one, maybe he can help me.

"I feel your emotions and for the life of me, I have no idea why you feel that way," he said as he sat down beside me on my couch.

"What is it that you feel?" I was wondering what kind of emotional aura I was putting off.

"I feel a very strong love. I could almost say that it's stronger than anyone that lives in this house. You don't even know her that well. Do you think she will love you back when she finds out what you are?" Jasper asked while he moved himself to the floor so that he could face me while I spoke.

I never thought about what she would do when she finds out that I am a vampire. It would be a hard obstacle to overcome, that I was sure of.

"I don't know Jasper. I can't stay away from her, I don't know how to explain it," I said looking down at my feet. I couldn't look at my brother in the eyes with this conversation.

"Try to explain it the best you can," his voice sounded soft and full of understanding.

I waited a moment before I answered, "I know we have not been here long, nor have I talked to her that much, but when she talks she looks at me, and it's like I can see into her soul and she can see into mine. When she speaks it seems like no one else matters, and I want nothing more than to say screw the world and take her away from this place. I know you can't sift through the various aromas of people's blood, but she has the most glorious fragrance. She smells better than the most extravagant flower garden. She smells like a combination of freesia and lavender with an extra hint of strawberries. She is just beautiful. She doesn't have to wear expensive clothing or show off her body like the rest of the girls."

It was then that I thought that I realized that I wouldn't mind seeing her body. In that second, I was glad that others couldn't read my mind.

I looked over to him and then I felt this moment of fear. Jasper was looking at me like I was crazy or just plain insane.

"Go on," he was urging me. He sent out a wave of calm. I didn't bother to fight it. I had to make sense of what was happening.

"She is unlike any other woman I have ever met in my existence."

I had to ask him this question "How do you feel when Alice smiles at you?"

Jasper's eyes lit up. "Its like no matter how the day is, my world is always shinning."

"This is how I feel! I feel like all my life I have been shrouded in darkness and now that I have found Bella, that my universe finally has a sun. She is the center of everything in my world." I smiled thinking about her.

"This girl has really changed you. I never thought I could see you smile like that."

I am happy for you, but does she have to be human? He laughed in his thoughts.

Well I will let you go back to thinking about her. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me even though I can feel them. I'm glad you talked about them, I see why you like her. She is special to you. Fate brought her that day to our door step…

He was mid thought when Alice came running in to my room at full speed knocking the door off its hinges.

"Alice what the..." I didn't even get to finish that sentence.

You need to go to Bella's house now! Rosalie is in her room. She wants to get rid of Bella, Edward. She keeps thinking that she is ruining her life.

She wouldn't… well Rose only thinks about her self. Shit. Alice was concentrating on that vision she just had and it was when I saw Rose in her bedroom ready to pounce on her.

"NO!" I screamed. I burst out of the room, down the stairs, and out the door with Alice and Jasper in tow.

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