I shall try not to make a habit of starting with AN's. However since this story is getting a re-vamp; Why not start with a bang! This is the SAME story as 'You only love me on your terms', but I just didn't think the title fit what the main point of the story is. This time the story will be in a straight time sequence, rather than mixing it up.

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And now, 'Love me you fool' Chapter one. 'In the beginning, there was fun.'

"This is gonna be so Sa-weet!" Beast boy thought aloud as he readied his next prank. 'Sublimely simple' he called it.

Appearing from no where with ninja grace, Beast Boy stood in the Titan's kitchen, in a white lab coat, with large bottle glass spectacles enlarging the look of his eyes. With his pocket protector's pen caps glistening in the morning sunrise; he gave a thumbs up to his invisible audience as he got to work.

With deft motions his plan went into actions. Carefully he removed Cyborg's meat products from the refrigerator. After disposing of the vile 'meats of evil' using the meat's packaging replaced the meat with tofu.

"One down, three to go." He added a menacing chuckle.

It's for your own good Star. As he picked through Starfire's refrigerator space; he noted the ample supply of mustard. Pulling out the first bottle, he replaced it with a new 'Crazy Volcano' brand spicy brown mustard.

"Alright Mr. no fun Traffic Light. Try swinging a stick around this!" Beast boy thought while he swung a rolled up newspaper. Putting on a gas mask (made from paper and a pair of mangle swimming goggles) he set to work adding the 'Vacation Time; Extra Jumbo size laxative to the Leader's coffee pot.

…… "I have no good explanation for this one; I really don't." Beast boy stated as he plainly removed a pen from his boring pocket protector. With no fan fair, he emptied the pen's ink chamber into a certain local Goth Queen's cup of hot tea.

As the sun fully crested over the horizon, the far door to the entertainment swooshed to life, signaling the soon to be arrival of his victims…er teammates.

As quickly as Beast Boy could, he removed his mask, coat, pen case; promptly stuffing all of the evidence into the back of his pants. And then set to turning the television on.

While his teammates turned to notice the sudden change; as he opened the door with a tray of food in each of his arms; and a steaming tea cup on his head.

"Morning Dude, Rae, Star, and Cap'n!" Beast boy exclaimed as he received a nod and question about the unusual breakfast work.

"What gives BB, shouldn't you be in bed for like….another half a day?" Cyborg inquired with an upturned brow.

"Yes friend, normally Robin would not yet have asked me to throw you from your window into the sea as a manner of wakin-" Starfire stopped mid sentence; not because of Robin guiltily signally her for saying to much, but for the mustard and green goo on one of the food trays.

"Oh glorious day! You have reminded me Beast Boy of what today is!!" The Princess exclaimed as she rushed for the changeling, stealing the food trays, and flying around the living room with them.

Robin smiled at her enthusiasm. It was the unofficial anniversary of the unofficial joining of the unofficial 'Teen Titans'.

While as only Beast Boy remembered this occasion more often then not. It was a special day for him; in more ways then one.

"Yo BB, we'll be celebrating the formation with All the titans in like a week, why jump the gun?" Cyborg asked, slightly embarrassed for forgetting Beast Boy's special day.

As the tea levitated from his head, he complained about everyone not sitting down as a family. "! Come on, can't we sit down, and have ONE breakfast together, Please?!" He whined as he transformed into the cutest puppy he could imagine.

He got his intended result.

"Awe!" the glossy eyed red head exclaimed as she dropped the plates; leaving Robin and Cyborg to frantically catch them.

While being scooped up into Starfire's arms, Beast Boy noticed Raven about to sip from the piping tea. Transforming back into his human-ish state he turned to Raven and shouted.

"Not yet Rae! Wait for everyone one else!"

Irked at the pet name; she let it slide seeing it was this occasion.

With an exhausting looking Robin, and equally breathless Cyborg finishing the table setting; they all sat down in the living/entertainment room.

As they all looked over there plates, Robin looked at the ecstatic green teen, and nodded.

With one swift motion he stood; standing as a pillar of granite he began speaking. "Friends! Comrades! Country men! Lend me your ears." Before he was covered in a pile of fake ears.

Cyborg smiled reservedly as Beast Boy shook it off bowing in a content thanks.

"We've been together for a while, we've fought, bad guys, bad girls, big guys, little guys, and EVERYTHING anyone could throw at us! Even fought against each other a couple times…"

They each paused a moment; honoring the memories of their family.

"But because of that dudes, we've grown, as people, as a team, and as a family. I make a toast!"

The speaker paused for everyone to take a glass from the table. Whether it was filled with coffee, mustard, tea, or barbeque sauce or water.

"That in the coming years of the 'Titans', we never loose sight of ourselves, and of each other." Beast Boy smiled as he held up his right hand; his finger's imitating Spock.

"Here's to us living long, and.' Winking at Robin and Starfire who shared a glance at each other; a nod to Cyborg, and a small smile to Raven 'Prosper!"

"-Ing," Raven added.

"Huh-wha?" Beast Boy asked confused.

"Living long, and Prospering." She corrected.

"Oh right, To Living long, and Prosper-ING!" He announced as he gulped down his water.

Gotcha. Beast Boy thought to himself as everyone enjoyed their beverages.

AN's: Part Two// Due to the hurried work; and non-beta tested writing, it contain some grammatical errors, my more season viewers may remember how long it has been since I updated this story…which is also the last time I wrote…anything.