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Chapter Ninety-Four

"Celina, I hate to alarm you, but we have an enormous problem."

Celina turned to face Lisa, who was flanked by Eve and Maria, all with expressions of panic and excitement on their features all at once. Mark cocked an eyebrow at them. The duo had just arrived from the airport, and both were excited to tape SmackDown. Vince had called Celina during the week and had informed them that the championship was going to go to Celina in the finals, causing an unrivalled sense of pride in Mark and extreme excitement in Celina.

"Why? What's the problem?" she asked. "Vince decide to go with Nattie for the title?"

"Worse - Nattie can't compete." That caused Celina's spine to go rigid. Her face darkened.

"What do you mean that Nattie can't compete?"

"Nattie got injured working on a new move with Tyson and David. She's going to be out for a couple months. Broke her ankle trying to pull off the landing or something…"

"Get out of here," Celina laughed, shaking her head. "Sick joke, girls. Not funny."

\ "We're not kidding," Eve assured her. "If you really don't believe us, go ask Vince."

Celina sighed; the day had seemed so promising. Now everything seemed to be in severe disarray on what was supposed to be the biggest night of her short career. "I guess I should go and talk to Vince and see what he wants to do about the situation." She turned to Mark. "Can you take my bags in?"

"Yeah, not a problem," he told her, giving her a kiss on the forehead. "Don't worry about it too much, Celina. Knowing Vince, he already has something lined up. He's a smart guy; he's always got a back up plan." Celina nodded.

"Let's hope so," Celina said. "At least, let's hope his plan isn't just scrapping the entire thing all together."

"Doubtful," Maria told her. "After all, he has approved all the final things for tonight. Everyone's already doing their pre-tapes." Celina nodded.

"I guess I should go and get this over with," she said. "I'll see you guys in a few." She gave Mark a quick hug and then disappeared into the arena.


"Vince, I just heard from the girls what happened to Nattie."

"Yeah. That's sure a kick in the teeth. She has to have surgery to get a plate put in her ankle or something or other," Vince informed her. "We're just waiting for her X-Rays to come in. Let me guess - you're worried about what that's going to mean for the finals of the tournament." Celina nodded, unable to say a word; afraid of what Vince's response to the situation was going to be. "Well, don't you worry - you're still going to win the title tonight. That's a guarantee. I even have an opponent in mind."

"Can I know who it is?" she inquired. Vince shook his head.

"I'm a firm believer in the element of surprise," Vince told her. "And the advantage of silence. You just head out to the ring at the top of the seven o'clock hour and you'll find out who your opponent is." Celina wanted to argue that it would give her time to prepare for the match with her opponent, but she also knew that there was no arguing with Vince. Tonight the match would be called on the fly. She wasn't familiar with doing it that way, the way that the greats like Ric Flair and Arn Anderson did, but she knew that in WWE, she was going to have to adapt or that would be it for her.

"All right," she said finally, just thankful that he hadn't decided to scrap the match. "Thanks again for giving me this opportunity."

\ "Just run with it, Celina," he told her. She nodded and let herself out of his office. No matter how many times she talked to him, he still intimidated her beyond belief. She knew he was a regular human being, but there was something about Vincent Kennedy McMahon that was just larger than life. She made her way down the long tiled hallway and went into the Divas locker room, where the girls were waiting, anxious to hear what the word was about the situation.\

"So?" Lisa inquired as soon as Celina had one foot inside of the door. She closed it.

"Vince said that the match is on at the top of the seven o'clock hour and that he already has an opponent lined up for me."

"Probably somebody from Raw," Maria replied, "because he hasn't said anything to the women here."

"I did hear Mickie James was on her way here," Eve said. "She does only live twenty minutes away. It would make perfect sense."

"It would give you some in-ring credibility, too," Lisa replied. "Fighting a top Diva like Mickie James would do nothing but wonders for you…and with you winning, that would establish you as a formidable Diva in the fan's eyes."

"That's good to know," she replied. "Did Mark drop my bag off here?"

"Yeah," Eve said. "It's in the corner there."

"How are things between the two of you?" Lisa inquired. Celina shrugged.\

"Still a bit frosty, but it's getting better. He's just so god damn stubborn that it's hard for him not to take a piece of advice as being told what to do."

"Men," Lisa replied with a roll of her brown eyes. Celina nodded, pulling out a black lace-up halter.

"I'm just glad it seems to be getting better. I've been really worried that all of this was going to collapse our relationship."

"Doubtful," Eve said. "I'm sure you guys have survived worse."

"McCool," coughed Maria. The Divas laughed.

"How do you guys think she's enjoying her vacation?" Lisa asked with a laugh.

"I hope it's killing her," Celina retorted hotly. Everybody was well aware now that there was no chance at a friendship with Michelle McCool. People always said that anything could happen in WWE, but the chances of a friendship between those two were definitely slim to none.

Celina fell into a reflection. Her life had really picked up when Mark had picked her up that night many months ago. She had made great friends in girls like Lisa, Eve and Maria, yet made staunch enemies in the other girls like Michelle and Maryse. She had a short, yet beautiful relationship with Shelton Benjamin, and had pushed the boundaries of her relationship with Mark to the point of no return. While things seemed rocky between them at the moment, she knew that they were going to weather the storm. They always did. Their friendship was the truest friendship either of them had ever known, and Celina knew that they would both fight to keep their friendship and their love for one another intact.



"What are you thinking?" Eve asked. "You haven't said a word in ten minutes. You've just been staring into your bag."

Celina bit her lower lip, her face darkening for a second before she shrugged it off with a chuckle. "I can't decide what pants to wear. The black with the silver buckle, or the black with the red buckle, or just the black vinyl shorts with the red belt…"

"Go with the shorts," Lisa told her. "You only live once." The girls laughed and Celina got changed.

"Are you nervous?" Maria asked. Celina nodded.

"Yeah," she answered, "but I know I'll be fine." The girls nodded.

"You look focused," Eve told her. "I'm still really curious as to who your opponent is."

"You and me both," Celina said. "I was hoping I wasn't going to have to do this on the fly, but what the hell - gives me a chance to learn something new." The girls nodded and Celina stood to her feet. "Anyway, I should go get a warm up in before the match. I'll see you guys for margaritas after the show? Champ's buying." The girls applauded, cheered and laughed, all hugging and congratulating Celina before she left the room.

"Everybody down, everybody down, I need every single person right now on the ground!"

Mark had wished her good luck at the Gorilla position; kissing her softly and telling her not to worry; that the match was going to go smoothly and everything was going to be okay. He also assured her he would meet her back at the hotel and allow her to have girl time with Lisa, Maria and Eve. She was focused, not into showboating, just walking down the ramp to the ring, moving her arms around in a swinging motion in hopes to limber herself. She slid into the ring and posed on the second rope by the commentator's table before jumping off, shifting from foot to foot. Anxiety was bubbling in her stomach, spreading like a wildfire that threatened to overwhelm her. She swallowed the developing feeling and forced a smile on her features. She waited for the next theme to begin, but it seemed like it was taking forever. Maybe her opponent hadn't arrived yet? She didn't know.

"You're not enough for me…just another man in love with me…"

Celina couldn't keep the look of shock off of her face. "Fuck me," she exclaimed. She was pretty sure that everyone could hear it, but she didn't care. Michelle showed up on the ramp, a wide smile on her face, her eyes narrowed in a way that Celina could only describe as downright evil. She stopped at the top of the ramp and kept smiling. Celina was befuddled, before it all became clear.

Layla and Vickie Guerrero walked out onto the stage, taking their places on either side of Michelle. "Fuck me sideways!" Celina snapped, throwing her arms up in exasperation. She couldn't help but describe Vince McMahon as a walking gong show; somebody who just enjoyed creating madness, chaos and disorder everywhere that he went.

"Excuse me!" Vickie Guerrero said into the microphone she was holding. Celina's shoulders slumped in defeat, and she turned to face them. The crowd rained an enormous amount of heat down on Eddie Guerrero's widow. "Excuse me!" she bellowed again, eliciting more heckles and jeers from the crowd. "Celina, honey, I just came from Vince McMahon's office and he decided that it would be for the best if you and Michelle McCool competed in the finals in a no-disqualification match." Celina smiled and motioned with her hands for Michelle McCool to bring it on. Michelle was making her way towards the ring with a purpose, while Celina paced back and forth like a caged animal, seething, irate with Vince and irate with Nattie for getting hurt.

Once inside the ring, the two Divas instantly began to exchange blows. Michelle quickly got the upper hand and took down Celina with a double leg takedown, levelling potato shots after potato shots to Celina's face. Almost instantly, she could feel the trickle of blood coming out of her nose. The referee pulled Michelle back and went to Celina, kneeling down beside her.

"Celina," Charles Robinson yelled above the shouting crowd, "Are you okay to go?"

Celina made her way to her feet slowly and wiped the blood away with the back of her hand. "Fuck yeah," she snapped. "This bitch is mine."

Charles announced her decision, and Michelle and Celina locked up. Celina backed Michelle into the corner and began hitting her with hard knees, hard enough to make Michelle start dry heaving. Celina broke the hold, but made sure to deliver a hard kick to the abdomen. She grabbed Michelle by the hair and flung her across the ring. She landed face first, biting her lip on impact. Now both Divas had tasted their own blood.

Celina was on her in an instant, not giving her a chance to get any sort of advantage, placing her foot on her spine and her hands on Michelle's arms, pulling her back, before slamming her face down with the back of her foot. She grabbed Michelle by the back of the hair and slammed her face into the canvas a couple of times and rubbed her face into the canvas.

Vickie and Layla were stunned at ringside, watching their friend take the beating of her life. With Michelle momentarily incapacitated, Celina turned around in an effort to challenge the two of them to try anything; Vickie wasn't really a wrestler; so Celina knew that she was safe from her. But Layla…the look on Layla's face also said that she wasn't going to try anything. The look in Celina's eyes said it all.

Celina went back to Michelle, rolling her over and straddling her, grabbing her hair and slamming her head into the canvas. "Stop!" Michelle started screaming, but rage had consumed Celina. All the anger, all the frustration, the humiliation. The bumps, the bruises, the contusions and burns. The rifts she had created. Every single problem that Michelle had caused was enough to drive Celina crazy and she continued to pummel Michelle. She stood up, satisfied with the blood that trickled from both her mouth and her nostrils. With a grin on her face, she lifted Michelle and hit her hard with an Impaler DDT. She rolled onto Michelle and covered her for the three count.

The bell rang and Nonpoint echoed through the arena, but Celina wasn't registering anything as she sat on her knees in the middle of the ring, hands on her thighs, breathing heavily and seeing red from all the hatred and the rage she was feeling. Her nose was more than likely broken, but the adrenaline had numbed the pain. She wiped the back of her hand against her nose area again and saw more blood. She shrugged; it was nothing; it'd get fixed and she would be fine to go. Mark could pitch it to creative that she wrestle with a mask on her face. Layla and Vickie had reached into the ring and were pulling Michelle out. The close to six foot Diva crumpled in a heap on the canvas outside, leading Vickie and Layla to motion for the paramedics to come down to the ring. Charles approached Celina and raised her hand in victory.

Lisa, Eve and Maria made their way out to the ring to celebrate the victory at ringside, the girls unable to hide the shock of seeing Michelle unconscious at ringside. They gave Celina a hug and they all raised arms in victory. Celina looked at the stage. Mark would be back there waiting for her. This match had hopefully closed the book on the saga of Michelle McCool, Celina Cooper and Mark Calaway. It was Celina's hope now that when she went through the black curtains and back into reality, that it was now a whole new chapter.