Summary: Oneshot on Kagome's feelings.

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I sit on a log and gaze upon the stars. Around me, friends and allies alike are preparing to camp for the night. They joke, laugh, and playfully spar. When they catch me looking at them, they smile and go back to what they were doing.

The end is nearing. We will meet Naraku very soon. The final battle is approaching.

Still, questions linger in my mind. What am I? Who am I? Who do they see when they look at me?

I am myself and yet, everything but myself. I walk the earth as Kagome, simply kagome; but I am seen as much more.


I wear masks all the time. The mask of a daughter, a sister, a friend, a mother and more. With my family, I am the obedient and happy daughter to my mother, annoying older sister to Souta and unruly granddaughter to Ojii san.

With my friends, I am the comforting mother to Shippou, the confident and sister to Sango, the good friend and somewhat confident to Miroku. I am the Shikon no kakkera detector and somewhat friend/Kikyou reincarnation to Inuyasha.

Kouga sees me as "his woman" and Ginta and Hakaku consider me as their sister.

Rin too, looks up to me as a big sister who tries to fill the role of a mother. To Jaken, I am another human.

Ah-Un and Kirara probably see me as a source of treats!

To everybody else, I am Miko-Sama, helper of humans and enemy of Youkai.

But underneath all this, I am Higurashi Kagome, teenager, young girl. I am me.

I am tired of all these masks. I want to be myself. If we lose, I want to die as Kagome. If we win, I want to celebrate as Kagome. I want to be seen as myself, free from these chains, free from restraints.

Tears burn my eyes and I leave my seat to head towards the stream nearby. I hope nobody has noticed my tears. What I don't see, is a pair of grave eyes tracking my every move.

At the stream, I wash my face and sit against a tree. There is rustling of silk and HE sits next to me. We say nothing for a long time. Finally, when Inuyasha calls us, we stand and prepare to go back.

He takes my hands and just looks at me. I can see the same feeling in his eyes and I understand at that moment that he feels like me, he understands what I want.

More importantly, he sees me, kagome Higurashi.

He bends and gives me a soft kiss, making me understand his own longing.

And I smile. For when we go to battle, I will be in the front row, as Kagome Higurashi, with no masks on.

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