Different Path.

NOTE: I don't own the characters of Samurai Pizza Cats and not making money on this story.

MY NOTE: While writing Clandestine, I came up with this idea. I call it a "What if" story...what if...Speedy didn't came back from the comet insident...

There was a huge explosion, a bright light lighting up the whole of Little Tokyo, making it look like morning, the sun shining but then the light dimmed down and then becoming darkness, the real night colour, it was the evening and the crickets could be heard singing...the comet was destroyed. The crowd of little Tokyo looking up into the star glittered sky. No sign of light nor movement, it was then that Polly fell to her knees, her eyes flooded with tears, losing hope of Speedy who went to destroy the comet with the catatonic and Good Bird.


His face was in the stars, his wacky grin shining through but then dissapeared. Polly sank her head into her hands, sobbing. Guido holding back his own tears put a hand on Polly's shoulder.

"Please don't cry, Polly, I'll take care of you now, now that Speedy's gone to the big resturant in the sky"

"...I'll be okay..." said Polly, but her feelings would get the best of her soon.

"LOOK UP IN THE SKY!" Shouted Francine. Everybody looked up and saw two flashes heading down towards little Tokyo at a tremendous speed.

"QUICK, GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Shouted Guido and ran off with Polly following him. The whole crowd moved out the way and the two flashes landed into the dusty ground, causing a loud crash and making a could of dust, within seconds two shadows could be seen, it was, at first hard to make out who these figures were but then became more predictable when the dust died down and then the figures could be seen clearly, the one and only Speedy Cherviche and Good Bird.

"Gee, I'm really hungry now" said Speedy with a huge confident smile on his face.

"It's Birdie" said Carla.

"And Polly too" gasped Polly.

"I knew they'd be alright" chuckled Guido.

"I'm home" said Speedy, wiping dirt off his mouth. "So what are we doing standing around looking like it's the end of the world when we've got a lot of celebrating that we could be doing" smiled Speedy.

The crowd were cheering and dancing at the occasion. Speedy and Good Bird acknowledge each other for what they did but then were surrounded by their loved ones, who hugged them tightly.

"Oh Birdie..."


"Don't leave me again..."

"I never EVER will, Carla, I promise!" said Good Bird.

"Speedy, I was so afraid for you..." cried Polly.

"I had to come back, we've still got eight lives ahead of us Polly...together." said Speedy.

"Oh..." smiled Polly, her eyes still teary.

"See, I'm never gonna leave you again, do you hear me, Miss Esther?" said Speedy, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Sure..." said Polly, happly.

Just then Guido, came up behind Polly, a sad look on his face and a hint of pity for her. He took a deep breath and asked: "Polly, who are you talking too?"

"Huh?" She blinked, looked at Guido and then back at where Speedy was standing...there was no one there, no Speedy, no flesh, no one touching her...just air and not a soul, it was all in her mind, a vision she wanted to see.

"But...but..." stuttered Polly. "He was here, he was right here in front of me, he came back..."

Guido's eyes flooded. "Polly...he's..." Guido paused, not wanting to finish the sentance.

"No...he can't be..."

"He didn't come back...only Good Bird...but he too is...". Again Guido couldn't finish his sentance. Guido pointed towards Carla, who was holding her one true love in her arms. Good Birds face was blooded, missing an eye but the other wide open, as too was his mouth, dripping with blood, his body lifeless staring into the sky. "BIIIRRRRDDDDIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE" whaled Carla, her voice echoing towards the stars. Polly couldn't take this in. "Then...where's Speedy, I want to see him!"

Guido now crying. "Polly, please..."


"He d-didn't make it, Polly, he didn't make it..."

"Please don't let this be true...please..."

"He's dead...he didn't come back..." said Guido, seeing Polly's tears flowing down her cheeks made him relize that this was all too true, Speedy was dead, his best friend was dead.

"No, please...not now...please not now...IT'S NOT FAIR!! IT'S NOT FAIR!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!" Shouted Polly, who then fell to her knees, head tilted and crying into her hands.