Different Path.

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It was a week later.

Big Al was looking out his window, taking in the beauty of Little Tokyo. He was praticaly trapped in the palace but being the head of sercruity he had no choice but in some ways he didn't need to leave, there wasn't much going on in the city now that Big Cheese was gone, he at times felt like he was out of a job. He chuckled to himself. He remembered how goofy and clumsy Speedy was, but it was the same person he made leader to the Pizza Cats and was proud of his choice...Speedy always got up when defeated and would never back down and that was when Al Dente made his choice. He sighed still not believing that Speedy wasn't around and Good Bird for that matter...the bad Bird turning good, Speedy must have said something to convert him to the side of good, even if it was for some short minutes, Bad Bird had done good but it was Speedy who saved the world, it was Speedy who destroyed the comet and his thanks for his good deed was death...but then again no one could've survived that explosion...no one. It was one cats death to save a billion and not everyone would've have noticed or cared...that was the real crime. Big Al knew that Speedy's name was going to be classifield as a hero, years later, his name could be a ledgend but then, when it comes to a thousand years, his name would be a myth, eventrally forgotten...shame, the only person to save the world and his name would be forgotten. It was an odd thought for Big Al to have, he knew that Speedy would never be forgotten but Al was always like that, he always looked for the future, which is any if anything went wrong, he knew he could count on the Pizza Cats. But now that is looking unlikely, unless he can recruit one more.

He already had Bucky working for them, his armour was brown with a few yellow finishes but was still going through training, he needed to choose one more...but as long as their was no trouble in the city, the more time he was given. He was looking at two candidates, one was a red and yellow clothed cat, with lovely orange hair and red pirecing eyes, one who had a few nice moments with Guido but dropped him: Ruby. The other, the former lover from her childhood and wants to relive his name: Carla. It was hard to choose but he knew he had plenty of time.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in" said Al, the door opened and it was Guido who entered, wearing what looked like heavy armour all over him and carrying a long spear and oddly he was wearing a pair of sunglasses.

"Guido, take those off, you look stupid!" said Al

Guido did. "Sorry, sir, but this uniform is kinda dull, I wanted to make it look cooler".

"Remember not to go out of line, Guido, you'll know what will happen" said Al and Guido nodded. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, sir...you know it's Sunday, right...?"

"Yes, yes I do"

"Well, I was just asking...could I be excused for just an hour? I think it'll be nice if I was with the team...just for one last time..."

Al Dente hesistated for a bit and then nodded. "Of course you can but only for an hour, okay..."

"Thank you...thank you, sir, thank you..." smiled Guido and ran out the room.

"Oh Guido..." said Al, Guido turned around. "I've got two things for you to take..."

Meanwhile twenty minutes later.

Polly and Francine were on a cliffside, looking out to the sea. Polly was holding a vase, it was white with blue stripes on the top and bottle and a cats bell in the middle, printed in gold. The ashes of Speedy. The vase was heavy but Polly didn't feel the weight, her love for Speedy was more than strengh...her only love what could've been more, would finally be free. Polly held tight on the vase, not wanting to let go, her shoulder was slightly hurting but she would not let the pain get in the way. Francine was looking at her watch.

"Where is he?" asked Francine. Polly didn't say anything. "Stupid cat, he's late..."

"He'll be here..." said Polly, gently stroking the vase.

"First the insident with you and now this?!"

"Francine! He'll be here...I know he wouldn't miss this for the world..."

"Then explain why he's late?" said Francine

"Because in the palace, their are a lot of sercuity checks!" said a male voice.

Polly and Francine turned around and saw Guido, he was wearing his old Pizza Cat uniform.

"You made it..." smiled Polly.

"You kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world!" grinned Guido.

"How on Earth did you get your uniform back? I thought that was stripped from you!" said Francine.

"Big Al's idea really...he gave it back to me just I soon as I left...it's only for this day though..." said Guido, sadly but then managed to rasie a grin. "I also got this..."

Guido pulls out a white helmet, it was dented and one half badly burnt but you could still tell it was once white. Polly gasped as did Francine.

"Speedy's helemt...?" said Polly.

"I thought it'll be nice...if he wore one last time..." said Guido.

Polly nodded, it was a wonderful idea. She opened the vase and poured the ashes into the helmet, some blowing away because of the wind but most of it was in the helmet. Guido was now holding Speedy's ashes, he then towards the sea, the sun reflecting the waves and ripples in the sea, it was beautiful, it was like the sea was dancing just for them.

"I know why you chose to come here...it's beautiful, Polly..." said Guido, some tears welling up in his eyes.

"This was where I wanted to get married...I always dreamed of it to be here...the person I'd marry and the beautiful sunset would be in memory forever...but...now..." said Polly, her tears and sobs getting the best of her. Guido put his arm around her. Francine sighed, she pictured the wedding, it could've been a happy day.

"You ready...?" asked Guido.

Polly nodded and wiped some tears. "Yeah..."

Guido offered Polly some ashes, she smiled at Guido and took a handfull, some blowing out of her hand. Guido turned and offered to Francine.

"Don't you think I'm gonna forget what you did..." said Francine.

"I don't expect you too..." said Guido, calmly. "But I expect you to be part a team for five minutes..."

Francine nodded and took a handful of ashes. Then Guido did the same.

"God bless you, Speedy...I'll miss you, I'm proud to have worked with you..." said Francine, and chucked his ashes in the wind.

"You've been my best friend all my life, I'll never forget you...take care, mate...". Guido then chucked his ashes in the air.

"Speedy, I'm sorry for all the things I've done to you...I hope you'll forgive me. I'll always love you forever and ever...goodbye, my sweetheart...". And with her shaking hand, she chucked the ashes in the blowing pattened wind.

"Be at peace, my friend..." said Guido, an odd smile upon his face. He tipped the helmet and the thick grey smoke of ashes followed the wind and heading towards the sea, Guido then chucked the helmet. The three cats watched the white helmet fly in the air, it looked slow moving, taking it's time before gravity pulled it down towards the sea. The sun bouncing it's reflection of the helmet, a glitter of light shone and disappeared into the blue sea. Polly put her head on Guido's shoulder and started crying and Francine held onto Guido's hand, tightly, she too sobbed. Guido just stared at the sunset but then something caught his eye, he turned his head and saw a white figure sitting on a grey rock...it was Speedy and he was smiling. Guido wanted to say something but couldn't but all Speedy did was wink and thumbs up, then he disappeared. Guido started to smile.

Guido had one more thought before they left...and it was that all three of them, were going to going to go on a different path in life...but where that life would lead, he didn't know...he'd just hope that where ever Speedy was...he was happy and watching over them.