Making Sweet Lemonade

Summary: In which James and Lily are alive, Neville is thought to be the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry has an older twin brother named Nolan, and Draco wants to shag Harry senseless. Let the drama commence. Oh. Of course, Severus will be in it too. Because I love me some Severus.

Warnings: AU: Obviously. OC: Nolan. But he's cool. I promise. OOC: Because I can. SLASH: Mmm. Yummy. VIOLENCE: Although no paddles are involved. I think. SEXUALITY: Also, possibly non-con. Because I'm a pervert that way. ALCOHOL USE: Designated drivers are the shit. LANGUAGE: Fuckity fuck fuck. Fuck. GENERAL WEIRDNESS: Because we all are. Generally weird, that is.

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the Harry Potter universe no matter how much I really, really want to. However, Nolan is all mine. So there. I also disclaim any poor grammar or spelling. It's not mine. I swear.

A/N: Alright, alright. I know what you're thinking. I'm the worst procrastinator that ever had the audacity to grace the world with my presence. But, you know, I'd really rather be a procrastinator than someone who gives up. While it is true that, at this rate, it'll take me years to finish this story, at least I know that I will finish it someday. Unless I die, but that is entirely beside the point. I do want everyone to know, however, that despite my utter lack of timeliness when it comes to this story that I truly appreciate all the feedback I get, good and bad. In fact, I wanted to take a second to address a bit of feedback that I got from one of my reviewers. Basically, someone confronted me with the fact that my version of Harry really puts him/her (I'm not really sure) off because he's too weak. I took the time to think about this and feel that I know where this reviewer is coming from. Harry has a lot of people trying to look out for him in this story due to both his small stature and sexual preference. I just want to point out that it is not my intention to portray Harry as weak. As this story progresses, I hope that everyone has a chance to see the Harry that I see: a spirited, young man with a very powerful magical aura. Alright, enough of my babbling. I absolutely adore you all, my lovely readers. I can't thank you enough for putting up my insanity.

Nolan watched, unmoved, as his redheaded friend's bishop smashed one of his pawns to pieces. "Merlin mate, if I didn't know any better I'd swear that you've gotten worse," Ron taunted good-naturedly from his seat across from the seemingly indifferent teenager. "What, you've been taking lessons from Harry or something?"

Ron, oblivious as usual, didn't notice his friend visibly tense at the mention of his younger brother's name. Instead, the redhead continued chuckling at his own joke and playfully punched Nolan on the shoulder. He didn't expect it when, in response, Nolan roughly shoved his arm away and stood up so fast that he caused the chess board in between the two to fall loudly to the ground. The angered teen was well aware of the scene he was causing and that the majority of the students in the Gryffindor common room were now blatantly staring at him. This knowledge, however, didn't stop him from further releasing his pent up frustration on the chess board by brutally kicking it across the hardwood floor.

This immediately snapped Ron out of his stunned silence. "What the hell, mate?" he exclaimed angrily, also rising out of his seat. "You know that's my only chess set!"

Nolan remained unfazed by his friend's yelling. Instead of acknowledging the redhead, he chose to continue glaring at the damaged chess board on the floor. The common room remained silent as onlookers waited for the stoic teen's explanation. "Well?" Ron demanded loudly, his face getting redder by the minute.

Nolan made no move to face his friend. In fact, it looked like he was about to storm out of the Gryffindor common room without saying a word when the entrance to the place slammed open. Not only did the unexpected noise break the disquieting silence that had taken over the room, but it caused Nolan to finally look up, face immediately turning to face the door. Not even a blind man would have missed the hope that suddenly lit up the detached teen's eyes. Then, just as quickly as it came, the emotion was gone. Nolan's apathetic mask slid back on with ease. "Why, don't you know how to make an entrance, Hermione," he bit out snidely.

Hermione, while used to obnoxious comments from her best friend's older brother, was not expecting to be verbally attacked as soon as she walked through the common room entrance. She stopped in her tracks, taken aback for a moment, before opening her mouth to throw back a retort. The tense atmosphere of the room, however, stopped her from following through. She looked suspiciously at the broken chess board on the floor and at Ron's angry stance. She also took in the first and second year students nervously exchanging glances and the seventh year prefect who looked like he was about to pounce between Nolan and Ron.

"What's going on?" Hermione asked immediately, trying to keep the exasperation out of her voice.

Before Ron could get a word in, Nolan was roughly pushing past him. "It doesn't matter, I'm out of here," the tense teen muttered as he also shrugged past Hermione.

Hermione stared as the tall teenager stalked off, utterly baffled by the situation. With Nolan's exit, the majority of the students in the common room went back to whatever they were doing before the unexpected argument that had erupted between the two usually good friends. A few first years, however, still watched anxiously as Ron stomped over to his broken chess board, gingerly picking the pieces up. Hermione quickly approached him. "What was that all about?" she questioned him.

"How should I know?" Ron shot back, still clearly distressed. "He's been acting strange since his fight with Harry days ago. And look! Now, he's exploding for absolutely no reason!"

"Calm down," the sensible witch scolded the redhead for his yelling, "Harry and I can fix your chess game. Why don't you go get him from your dorm room? He can help me fix this and then we can all go confront Nolan together."

"Yeah, that makes sense," Ron replied sarcastically, "except for the fact that Harry isn't there. I thought he was with you."

The fluffy-haired witch felt her heart skip a beat. "What? How could you have thought that? Do you not remember how upset he was with me this morning?"

Ron appeared dumbfounded for a moment. "Oh. Yeah."

Hermione resisted the urge to smack her friend upside the head. Instead, she took a deep breath and tried to calm down the feeling of panic she felt rising within her. "Have you seen Harry at all today?"

Ron looked thoughtful. "Actually, now that you mention it, I haven't seen him since breakfast. He wasn't even at lunch or dinner. I don't know how he does it! Merlin knows I would starve if I missed a meal."

The fluffy-haired witch did smack the redhead upside the head this time. "How can you be so obtuse? Doesn't it concern you at all that you haven't seen your friend since this morning?"

Ron sulked at the reprimand, and immediately began rubbing the back of his head where he had been hit. "Hey, that hurts you know! Besides, I'm sure Harry is fine. Someone must have seen him today."

Without further ado, the redhead loudly addressed the common room. "Hey," he boomed, getting everyone's attention, "has anyone seen Harry today?"

Silence was Ron's only answer.

"Seriously?" he questioned again, allowing his surprise to show. "No one has seen Harry? You know, the short brunette with dorky glasses?"

The redhead grunted when Hermione elbowed him swiftly in the ribs. "That's not funny," she hissed, "Harry is missing and you're cracking jokes?"

Ron was starting to get concerned as he noticed the edge of hysteria enter the witch's voice. "Calm down, would you? I'm sure Harry is fine."

Before Ron got the chance to comfort his friend further, Neville spoke up from across the common room. "I haven't seen Harry, but I heard his dad was here. He's probably with him and Professor Potter."

Hermione felt a sense of relief wash through her body and Ron grinned cheekily. "Told you so," he pointed out obnoxiously to the witch.

The fluffy-haired girl glared in response. "How was I supposed to know? I've been in the library practically all day."

"Just more proof that it's unhealthy to spend time in a library," Ron chimed, enjoying the thought of having been right for once.

"Shut it," Hermione muttered, finally cracking a smile. She then grabbed onto a sleeve of Ron's robe and began pulling him toward the entrance to the Gryffindor common room. "Come on, let's go visit the Potters."

Ron gasped, faking surprise, as he was dragged out of the door and down the hallway by the overzealous witch. "You mean that the Hermione Granger, one of the strictest do-gooders in all of Hogwarts, is willing to break curfew. Who would have thought that you were capable of breaking the rules?"

Hermione rolled her big, brown eyes at her friend's antics, but didn't bother to respond to his baiting. She was much too focused on getting to Professor Potter's rooms and seeing her best friend. She didn't have the slightest idea why, but something just felt extremely wrong to her.

Upon reaching her destination on the second floor, Hermione stood in front of the currently empty portrait that she knew protected Harry's mom's rooms and whispered the password in a soft voice. "Credo ut intelligam."

"What does that even mean?" Ron asked as the portrait cracked open in response to the whispered words. "I've never really gotten a good grasp on Latin."

Hermione once again rolled her eyes at her dense friend. "All of the spells we learn are in Latin, Ron, so I guess that explains why you're so rotten in some of your classes."

"Hey! Now just beca-"

"Anyway," Hermione continued loudly, drowning out the redhead's protests, "Credo ut intelligam means I believe so that I may understand."

After her brief explanation, Hermione quickly grabbed the edge of the portrait and pulled it open before Ron had the chance to once again gripe about the comment the witch had made about his less-than-stellar class work. Hoping that Ron would follow quietly, Hermione quickly walked past the portrait and into Professor Potter's living space. She immediately noticed that both of Harry's parents were in the living room, relaxing on the couch together. She also spotted Nolan, or the back of his head rather, on a recliner chair that had its back faced toward the entrance of the room. Harry, however, was nowhere to be seen. Hermione fought down the worry that, once again, rose within her. The witch immediately scolded herself for being such a worrywart. This was the exact reason why Harry had gotten so upset with her at breakfast!

Hermione, distracted by her own inner turmoil, almost didn't notice Professor Potter stand up to greet the two fourth years that had abruptly entered her room. "Why, hello Hermione, Ron," she welcomed them kindly, "what can I do for you at this time of day, or should I say night?"

Before Hermione had the chance to answer, Ron opened his big mouth. "Not much, Mrs. P. We were just hoping to talk to Harry real quick. Is the little bugger in the bathroom?"

Hermione watched as her professor's friendly expression twisted in confusion. "Harry," she began slowly, "isn't here. Nolan told James and me that he was with you, Hermione."

Hermione, growing more upset by the minute, turned to face Nolan, whom, up to this point, had been eerily silent. "What?" she practically screeched at him. "I haven't seen Harry all day! Neither has Ron or anyone in the Gryffindor common room!"

Hermione, too busy letting her building frustration out on the apathetic teen, didn't notice Lily's face go pale. Nor did she notice James stand up from the coach where he had been quietly observing, face warped with worry.

When Nolan didn't respond to Hermione's yelling, Lily questioned her son. "You said you saw Harry this afternoon, right baby? You said he was fine."

Nolan looked into his mother's anxious face. "Yeah," he mutter, "I saw him around one o'clock. Harry was," the tall teenager paused and looked away from his mother, "fine." Nolan was studying the carpet intensely now. "He was fine," Nolan repeated, not sure who he was trying to convince.

"And I'm sure he's fine now," Lily stated, making an attempt to calm everyone in the room, despite her own rising concern. She turned to address her husband, whom looked unsure whether he should be worried at this point or not. "James," she started, "you have a way to see if Harry is on school grounds, don't you?"

Hermione, who was nearly drowning in her own worry at this point, stared hopefully at the auror. "Actually, yes, I do," James stated mysteriously before quickly exiting the room. He was back a moment later with a piece of parchment.

Ron, Hermione, and even Nolan looked confused, but Lily stared at her husband expectantly. James snatched his wand out of his robe sleeve and pointed it at the parchment. He looked up and addressed the teenagers' curiosity before doing anything more. "This is the Marauder's Map. Once I say the incantation, a map of Hogwarts with everyone in it will be revealed. We'll be able to see Harry and know where he is." Explanation brief, but effective in containing the teenagers' interest, James said the magical words. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Hermione watched, slightly awed, as the image of Hogwarts began appearing on the previously blank sheet of parchment. "Wicked," Ron whispered, showcasing his amazement despite the seriousness of the situation. Nolan, however, appeared to remain stoic. Only his mother, Lily, could see the deep interest the teenager had in the map. She knew very well that the interest didn't so much have to do with the map itself, as the fact that it could help them find his baby brother.

James pulled the map up to his face, out of view from the other occupants of the room, and began searching. Everyone watched quietly as his brown eyes darted back and forth across the piece of parchment. Lily felt herself growing nauseous when James remained silent for the next minute, eyes growing more frantic as they searched the map. Eventually, the man spoke. "Harry," he began, eyes piercing into his wife's green ones, "isn't on this map. He isn't in Hogwarts."

With those four words, Lily felt the world around her start to become blurry. She didn't know whether she was going to faint or vomit. In fact, she knew only one thing, with striking clarity, at the moment: her baby was gone and if he was hurt in anyway, she would die. She just knew that she would die.

Nolan, unlike his mother, wasn't so accepting of his father's words. In fact, when James spoke the terrible news, he had jumped immediately out of his chair. "You're lying!" he shouted, voice filled with rage. "You're playing a joke and I don't think it's very funny!"

James, who felt as if his soul had been ripped out of his body when he couldn't find his son's name on the Marauder's Map, stared incredulously at his eldest child. "I would never joke about something like this," he whispered harshly.

Something snapped inside Nolan at that point and he let out a half strangled yell before abruptly tackling his dad. "Give me that map!" he demanded as the two wrestled on the ground. James, an auror who was both stronger and more experienced at fighting than his son, had the upper hand. However, out of desire not to hurt his child, he let the map go before Nolan managed to hurt himself. Both Ron and Hermione were staring in shock at this point, while Lily, only concerned with the fact that one of her babies was missing, was essentially dead to the outside world. She couldn't work up the will to tell the two Potter boys still with her to stop fighting.

Nolan, having managed to yank the map from his father's grasp, stared expectantly at it. He held it not an inch from his face, and James could see the veins pop from his neck as he intensely scrutinized it. Nearly a full two minutes later, Nolan dropped the map to the ground and his anger had disappeared. Now, only pure devastation and something resembling guilt remained. Nolan placed his hands over his eyes, hiding the tears he felt coming on. "Harry's gone. He's really gone," he spoke softly, not willing yet to face everyone in the room.

Hermione, at this point, was nearing the point of hysteria. She had watched, too shocked to do anything, as Nolan had attacked his own father. Not only that, but she could see both of Harry's parents start to physically break down. Lily, whom seemed to be in a state of numbness, looked like she was going to be sick and James looked like, for once in his life, he didn't know what to do. Hermione realized that she was completely clueless as well. She wanted to force herself to speak, to provide comfort to everyone in the room, but instead, she found herself merely standing there, sobbing, being consumed by her own frightening thoughts.

It was Ron, of all people, who remained cool under pressure. "It's going to be okay," he abruptly began reassuring the room full of frightened people. "We'll go to Dumbledore straight away and we'll find him. You guys all know Harry; he's tough. I'm sure that wherever he's at, he's fine."

James, who was still sitting on the floor where Nolan had jumped him, finally stood up. "Ron's right," he agreed, voice noticeably shaky. "You all need to go to the Headmaster's office. I'm going to go back to the Ministry and get some aurors to set up a search party."

He addressed his words to Ron as everyone else seemed too out-of-it to really comprehend what he was saying. "Make sure that Nolan tells Dumbledore exactly where he last saw Harry. Tell him that I'll be flooing to his office with at least a dozen aurors to help aid in the search."

The redheaded boy nodded, a little overwhelmed at being put in charge. James then turned to his wife and gave her a massive hug. Despite her lack of response, he lifted her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes. "Harry will be fine," he assured her to the best of his ability, although even he didn't believe his empty words.

James then quickly approached Nolan, whose face was still hidden by his hands. The auror placed his own hardened hands on his son's shoulders. "It's not your fault," he whispered in his ear. "You need to be strong and help your mother." James only let go of his son when Nolan finally uncovered his face and nodded, acknowledging his father's command.

James nodded his head toward Ron to remind him of his orders before swiftly entering the fireplace with a handful of floo powder. He prayed that no one could see his hands trembling as he threw the powder down and disappeared in a small flash.

Ron proceeded to follow the man's orders to a 'T'. He forced Hermione, whom, at this point, was crying hysterically, out of the room while Nolan helped his mother. They got to Headmaster Dumbledore's office entrance in record time and were even spared from having to guess the password when Nolan pried the words – tongue toffee – from Lily's mouth.

The elderly man, for once in his life, was surprised to have visitors. He was in the middle of some intense paperwork when the four burst into his office. It goes without saying that he immediately knew something was wrong. Ron, the only one of the four really able to think clearly at the moment, was very direct with the Headmaster. "Harry's gone. He's not on Mr. Potter's map thingy and Nolan was the last to see him at one o'clock today. Mr. Potter went to the Ministry to get help and told me to tell you that he's going to floo to your office with some aurors."

Dumbledore, despite having endured many jokes about his senility, was a great person to have around for a crisis. "You are sure he is not at Hogwarts?" he questioned the group seriously, looking not at all phased by the intense situation he suddenly found himself in.

Ron immediately nodded. Hermione, through her sobs, managed a squeaky "yes." Dumbledore acted immediately. He walked over to his phoenix's cage and opened the door, allowing the large crimson colored bird to fly out of it. "Alert all the professors, Fawkes," he spoke to the bird. "Lead them to the entrance of Hogwarts castle and have them wait there. I will be there as soon as possible."

The bird squawked in understanding before swooping out of the office. The man then, once again, addressed the group of anxious people in his office. He spoke very calmly. "We'll wait here for James and then meet the professors at the entrance of Hogwarts where we'll arrange for search parties."

No one protested the plan so Dumbledore then moved to talk to Nolan. "Where did you see Harry at one o'clock? Did he say anything to you that may have indicated he was leaving Hogwarts?" Once again, the headmaster spoke in a composed tone, trying to calm everyone in his office.

Nolan couldn't force himself to meet the man's eyes. "I saw him outside," he explained, no real emotion in his voice. "We were arguing and he…well…he fell somehow and hit his head." The teen could feel his mother's questioning eyes drilling into his head. "He was fine," he finished quickly. "He got up and walked away, so he must have been fine."

"Where were you outside?" the headmaster continued questioning.

"Just a few meters outside of the castle's entrance," Nolan spoke again, voice dull.

"It is very important," the headmaster informed Nolan, "that you be able to tell everyone exactly where you last saw him when we get outside."

Nolan nodded, but still didn't look up to meet Dumbledore's blue eyes. "Now," began the man again, "it may not be significant, but you need to tell us what you and your brother were arguing about."

Nolan finally allowed himself to peer up at the headmaster, his hardened eyes betraying nothing but pure anger. "Malfoy. We were arguing about Draco Malfoy. He was there too."

"Draco Malfoy was with you and Harry at one o'clock?"

Nolan nodded. "Yes."

"Thank you, Nolan," Dumbledore spoke kindly, before quickly writing something down.

Not a second later, James was flooing through the fireplace with a large number of other men with him. The office was crammed nearly full as James and Dumbledore quickly explained what was going to happen before the group of people marched out of the office, towards to entrance of Hogwarts Castle. The headmaster was pleased to find that all of the professors were waiting for him where they were supposed to be, generally perplexed about what the hell was going on.

It didn't take long for the troublesome situation to be explained once more and for search parties to be divided. It was decided that no students, besides the three who were already involved, be informed of the situation until absolutely necessary. Soon the groups took off, some heading toward the Forbidden Forest and some toward Hogsmeade. As the parties were leaving, Severus Snape approached the headmaster.

"Is there a particular reason why you didn't assign me to any of the search parties?" he drawled, annoyed. "You know I don't like Potter, but I'm stilling willing to help Lily find her boy. I'm not that much of a cold-hearted bastard."

Dumbledore allowed a small smile to grace his aged face despite the seriousness of the situation, "No, Severus, I don't believe you are at all. That is exactly why I have a special task for you."

"Oh really?" the black-haired man questioned, nonplussed. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Nolan Potter, as you know, is the last person to have seen his brother, at about one o'clock this afternoon."

"Yes, you've said that already during the announcement," Snape pressed, growing more annoyed.

"Well, as it turns out, that might not be exactly true," Dumbledore stated mysteriously.

Severus was in no mood to talk in riddles. "Stop playing games, headmaster. What do you want me to do?"

"I would never play games in a situation like this, where a child is missing," Dumbledore spoke seriously for a moment before finally addressing the potion master's question. "I need you to question Draco Malfoy. Nolan tells me that he was with Harry and himself at one o'clock this afternoon. He may have useful information about Harry's disappearance and he trusts you much more than he trusts me."

Severus quirked an eyebrow at the headmaster's orders. "You don't really think that Draco has anything to with the Potter boy's disappearance, do you?" he questioned, incredulously. He resisted the urge to tell the old man that anyone with half a brain could clearly see that the blonde teenager had a huge crush on the green-eyed boy.

"Anything is possible," Dumbledore conceded. "Either way, he may have essential information to help us in finding young Harry."

Severus snorted. "I seriously doubt that Mr. Malfoy knows anything, but I shall question him as you wish," he spat before turning away, black robes billowing behind him.

"See that you bring me that information as soon as possible, Severus," the headmaster called after him, before turning to face the dark, starless, sky. He had a very bad feeling.

Severus Snape stalked down hallway after hallway in his retreat to the dungeons. He was in no mood to conduct an interrogation. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but seeing Lily so lost and frightened had shaken him. Hell, even the clearly distressed appearance of Potter had concerned him a little. As indifferent as he felt about the Potter twins, he found himself wanting to help aid in the search for the missing teenager. He thought that being out searching would be much more useful than sitting and questioning Draco Malfoy, of all people. It was clear to Severus, as much as he disapproved of it, that his godson was in the process of falling hard for the younger Potter brother. Still, he would do as the headmaster had commanded.

He was soon making his way into the Slytherin common room. He was relieved to see Draco still awake, looking like he was working on some bit of homework. He approached the tall teenager from behind and laid a hand on his shoulder. Draco tensed a little and looked up. "What is it?" he questioned, surprised to find his godfather and Head of House standing above him.

"I need to speak to you privately. It's of great importance."

That was all Draco needed to be told. He swiftly snapped his Charms book shut and loaded it, along with his parchment and quills, into his book sack. He stood and slung the sack around his shoulder. The two then proceeded to leave the common room and make their way to Severus's private quarters. Halfway there, Draco decided he couldn't stand the silence.

"What's so important that it needs to be discussed at ten o'clock at night?" he finally asked, voice not betraying his inner anxiety. "What did Father do now?" he questioned, voicing the first thought that came to mind.

"This doesn't concern either of your parents," Severus responded, trying to remain patient with his charge. "I'll explain everything when we get to my rooms."

The young Malfoy heir narrowed his eyes at his godfather's answer, or rather, lack of answer. "What is going on then?"

The teen didn't get a reply at all this time and racked his mind, trying to find a reason why Severus was pulling him into his rooms for a private discussion so late in the evening. "Did Pansy tell you something?" Draco questioned once more, not thinking of any other reason why he may be in trouble.

Severus stopped in his tracks and turned to look at his godson. "No. Should she have?"

"No," the blonde teenager shot back, annoyed with himself for having even asked such a stupid question. "Not at all. I just know she has the habit of spreading rumors that aren't entirely founded."

His godfather raised an eyebrow at his lackluster explanation and continued down the hallway until they finally reached his rooms. He muttered his password – basilisk fang – before entering his living space with his godson. "Sit in one of the chairs," he requested immediately of his godson.

The confused teenager sarcastically muttered, "It will be my pleasure," before plopping down in a wooden chair near the fireplace.

Severus stood in front of him, not bothering to sit down. "When did you last see Harry Potter?" he questioned immediately, a very serious edge to his voice.

Draco was honestly startled. "What does that matter?" he asked suspiciously.

"Just answer the question," Severus insisted. "It's important."

"Why?" Draco questioned once again, this time more defensively. "How is it any of your business when I see little Potter? I can choose to see him whenever I want!"

"I didn't say you couldn't," Severus stated, trying to keep his frustration at bay.

"Then why the interrogation?" Draco shot back, not about to back down.

"I'll tell you if you tell me when you last saw Potter," Severus suggested, not about to engage in an argument with his teenage godson.

Draco crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked like he was honestly debating whether or not to tell Severus anything. "This afternoon, a little after one o'clock, I suppose," the blonde finally answered.

Severus nodded. "Did you talk to him at all? Did he say anything to you?"

Draco threw his hands up in the air, getting more and more pissed off. He stood up from his chair. "Are you serious? What the hell does that matter? Like I said, it's my life and I can do what I want. If I want to talk to my bo-, to baby Potter, then I damn well will! And I'll say whatever I damn well want to him, too!"

"Draco!" Severus finally shouted, his patience getting away from him, "I only want to know what you talked about with Potter because he is missing!"

Just like that, the anger within Draco vanished. His face, which had grown red during his yelling, was quickly turning pale. "What?" he questioned. "How is that even possible? No one goes missing from Hogwarts," Draco insisted, the gravity of the situation not yet hitting him.

"Well, Harry Potter did," Severus said nastily, still upset with the immaturity of his godson. "Because of that, you are going to need to tell me everything that was said between the two of you unless you want Dumbledore to come down here and question you himself."

"What?" Draco asked indignantly, anger returning. "The headmaster wants to waste time questioning me when we could be out there looking for him?"

"Search parties have already been sent out," Severus said calmly. "Your job is not to find Potter; it's to tell me what was said between the two of you."

"Bullshit," Draco shot back. "That's bullshit and you know it. I don't care what you or Dumbledore say, it's my job is to go out there and find him." Draco made an attempt to shove past Severus and get out of his quarters. Severus, however, grabbed him around the waist before he could go anywhere.

"Stop being dramatic, Draco!" the frustrated man shouted, struggling with his charge.

"Let go!" Draco insisted and Severus could hear the sense of panic that was starting to enter Draco's voice. "You don't understand. He's hurt! Harry hurt his head this afternoon. He could be lying somewhere in pain, that little idiot! We've got to find him!"

Severus continued to struggle with his godson. Although the potions master was stronger, Draco had adrenaline on his side and eventually broke free of the man. He wasted no time running out of Severus's quarters, leaving the man helpless to do anything but sprint after him.