Ziva was giggling when Tony stepped out of the elevator. Tony was tempted to pull out his sig. A giggling Ziva? This early in the morning? Something had to have gone horribly wrong.

Tony snuck up behind her and looked at her computer screen. Ziva was looking at Hebrew baby names! The first thought that ran through Tony's head was, Alright, who do I have to kill? What actually came out of his mouth, though, was, "Awww, did the Probie finally get lucky? Or does Gibbs' silvery hair make you feel all tingly inside too?"

He dodged the ball of paper that Ziva aimed at his head. "Oh," he said, throwing up both of his hands in mock surrender. "I forgot. You pregnant women are always so moody."

"Tony," Ziva started, staring at him in a way that was supposed to be cold and harsh, but ended up betraying the fact that she was trying and failing to hold back laughter, "if you would like to have children, I suggest that the comments stop." Tony looked like he was going to make another wisecrack. Ziva stopped him with a finger over his lips. "I am not pregnant, Tony," she said, forcefully.

"Whatever the crazy ninja spy girl says," Tony said, the words coming out slightly muffled and distorted around Ziva's finger. He knitted his brows. "But then, why are you looking at baby names?" he asked her when Ziva removed her finger, wiping it daintily on a Kleenex.

Ziva made a face. "I get to be a godmother. An old partner just got pregnant. She wants me to help pick out her child's name," Ziva said with a grimace. "It's probably so that they will be able to be able to blame me when their child gets made fun of in school."

Tony laughed. His fingers traced the names screen. Adara-noble, Adi-my jewel, Adva-ripple, Afraima-Tony's finger paused on the name. "Whatever you do," he said, trying unsuccessfully to hold in his laughter, "please, do not suggest that as a name for the poor child."

Ziva smiled as well. "Oh, really? I would think you would like that one." She giggled to herself and continued scrolling down the long list. Nissa-sign, Nitza- flower bud, Noa-tremble.

Seeing this long list of names and their meanings, Tony grew curious. "So, what does your name mean, Zee-vah?" Tony asked. He quietly watched the screen as Ziva scrolled to the very end of the list. Ziva-radiant. Tony smiled as he leaned back and watched her continue to study the list of names. Yes, he thought, she is.

A/N: No offense to anyone whose name is Afraima! The meaning of the name just struck me as funny. To those of you who are wondering why Ziva thought Tony would like the name, look it up!