Today was the first day back at school. This year I was going to be a senior, the only downside to this was the fact that my best friend Angela moved away over the summer, without her I had no other friends. I remember my first day of high school, I was so scared to not make any friends, and I remember Angela being the only person that would talk to me. I was considered the freak that never talked. And now she was gone to Canada to live with her dad for a while.

As I was getting out of the shower i noticed bruises forming on the left side of my hip, they were starting to get really big. I quickly looked away from the mirror and went to go get dressed with the towel safely wrapped around my tiny body. Not that it mattered, Charlie—my dad, is always gone by the time i get up for school.

When I reached my door I went straight to my closet to grab some clothes, a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt that was five sizes too big, it wasn't that I was fat, I just never liked to show off my body, you get too much attention when you wear clothes like the other girls. I quickly went downstairs and grabbed my keys and ran out to my truck to head to school.

As I approched the school I noticed a new car in the space next to me, a silver volvo, either someone got a new car or we had new students. More likely new students, I would have noticed if someone got a brand new car like that before today. I got out of the truck and as i slamed my truck door shut i dropped my keys in a puddle, as i bent down to get the keys a pain went through my left side, sighing I realized it was the bruises. As I went to reach for it again a hand snatched it up for me, I looked up to see the biggest guy I have ever seen standing there with a huge grin on his face holding out my keys for me.

"Here, I think you may have dropped these. My name's Emmett Cullen, I'm one of the new students this year. And you are?" He said as he handed me back my keys.

"Oh thanks, and the names Isabella, Bella Swan, welcome to Forks, trust me when I say this is as goods as it's going to get." I chuckled the last part as I slowly started to walk away from him.

"Hey wait up, can I ask you something?" Emmett said as he ran over to me. "Yeah, What did you need?" I asked confused. "Well I was wondering where the office is, I still need to pick up my schedule for the year and my siblings seem to have left me here alone. Can you help me please?" He asked as nicely as anyone could ask someone for help. "No problem, it's right through here, I'll take you there myself. I have to go see Ms. Cope anyways, you're in luck!" I said with as much enthusiasm as i could. He just chuckled in response and started to walk with me to the office.

Once we were at the office I said bye to Emmett and went in to talk with Ms. Cope. "Miss. Swan, Good to see you here, and on time for once. I would just like to say that I hope that you don't go through this year like the last, I would hate to see you in trouble again over something as silly as fighting. So I would really like it for you to have all your teachers sign this slip here saying you were on your best behaviour during their class." Ms. Cope said as she handed me my slip for the day.

"Thanks," I said dryly as I took the paper from her hands. "I would like that back at the end of the day please, have a great first day back Isabella, and try and be good today." I left without another word and went to my locker. "61, 62, ah ha 63, found you little bugger," I mummbled as I approched my new locker this year, I quickly stuffed my coat and bag in the locker and made my way to first period.

My first class just happened to be my worst class, math, and the teacher didn't like me too much either. When I entered the room everyone went silent and turn to me, I took one look around and saw Emmett sitting there looking confused as ever, but along with him were two other new students I haven't met before with the same look on their faces as well.

"Nice of you to join us Isabella, everybody don't you have some work to do, can I please speak with you Isabella?" Mr. Hoffman said as I slowly approached his desk. "Isabella, looks like we have another year with each other, is it going to end the same again?" Mr. Hoffman asked as I slowly shook my head indicating no, he continued. "Well then please allow me to sign that slip for you, and please take a seat next to Mr. Cullen then." He said as he signed my slip marking me present. I walked over to where Emmett was sitting and smiled at him.

"Long time not see, buddy old pal," Emmett said as i dropped my bag to the floor and slouched down in my seat. I looked over at him and smiled, "Yeah, it's been only like what 20 minutes. Can't seem to get enough of me can you eh?" I said playfully as the other two new students turned to us and raised their eyebrows. Emmett turned to them. "Oh, guy this is Bella, Bella this is Alice and Jasper. Oh, Bella and I go way back just if you're wondering," he said with a wink sent my way.

Alice recovered first, "Hi Bella do you like to shop?" she asked, for such a small person she sure had a lot of energy built up in her, Jasper just sat there and chuckled watching her do what she must do best. "To tell you the honest truth no I don't like shopping, I never have and I don't think I ever will, sorry," Alice looked like someone just killed her dog. "Oh, well I have to change that. You need new clothes, no offence, but that sweatshirt is like what, three sizes too big?" she asked as she looked over my outfit. "More like five," I muttered under my breath hoping she didn't catch that, but to my utterly bad luck

Emmett beside me heard and started to chuckle. "Woah, there squirt, five sizes too big, you must be tiny under there," he said with a laugh. Mr. Hoffman looked up from his desk hearing Emmett's booming laughter and silenced the whole class with threat of detention. We all settled down and began our work.

Just as the bell rang Alice came up to me. "What class do you have next?" she asked me seeming hopeful to have some more classes with me. "Oh, I have parenting-01 kind of a new thing for me. What do you have?" I asked her. "Oh my God, we have the same class and now you get to meet the rest of the family, all of us are in this class. Including Emmett and Jasper. This is going to be so much fun," Alice squealed for joy.

Emmettt, Alice, Jasper and I quickly made our way to the family living room across campus as fast as we could, I knew never to be late for a class with Ms. Gold. As we neared the classroom I saw two unbelievably gorgeous people waiting outside the room. As they saw us approach they smiled and walked over to us. "Wow, you must be Bella, Emmett met you this morning in the parking lot right?" asked the blonde. "Uh, yeah how did you know that?" I asked her somewhat confused. "Oh, Emmett just mentioned meeting someone very helpful and mentioned your name, my names Rosalie by the way but I like being called Rose," she added with a smile.

The boy next to her cleared his throut making her turn to him. "And this here is Edward, lets head to class before we are all late." Rose said as we walked in the room. As I stole a glance Edwards way I noticed him frowning at me, I don' think he likes me much. Throughout the introduction to the class I could see him sending me death glares, I shrunk back in my seat, he was making me feel like everyone else did in this school. I just thought he was different.

When the introduction was complete Ms. Gold came up with the idea of making this a partner thing and told us we couldn't pick our partners, but she would pick them for us. "Okay, the partners are as follows; Jessica Stanley, Mike Newton. Lauren Heffener, Tyler Cowerly. Alice Brandon, Jasper Wittlock. Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen. Isabella Swan," as she said my name a lot of the boys around that didn't have a partner groaned thinking they would have to do the project with me, "and Edward Cullen."

I gasped, and a lot of the girls did too hoping they would have Edward instead. I looked over at Edward, he did not look happy at all. I didn't get him, he seemed so happy when he was talking to his family, but when it came to me he didn't look to nice. I shifted feeling uncomfortable.

"Now you and your partner have to come up here and draw the sex of your babies. One at a time please, lets start with Mr. Cullen and Miss. Swan please," Ms. Gold said as we got up to the front. Edward reached into the bag and pulled out a samll piced of paper, "Girl," he said with no feeling as Ms. Gold wrote down our choice. Everyone else did the same thing until all the groups had a gender.

"Now, that you all know what you are having, you need to pick someone to be the pregnant parent, you get to decide which one of you it is, but whoever is the pregnant parent you must where the different size bellies throughout the months at school," Ms. Gold said as she took her seat.

Edward turned to me, "You are going to wear that damn belly. I'm sure as hell not wearing that thing around here." I just stood up and went over to Ms. Gold telling her I was wearing the belly, and while I was up there I got my slipped signed as well. We were instructed to measure our real stomachs now so we could tell the difference in the nine months. I went back over to Edward.

"Lift up your sweatshirt, it's too big we need the real measurements of your stomach," he said as I told him what we needed to do. "Can't I just do it myself? Why do you have to be here to measure me?" I asked kind of worried about him seeing the bruises. "Well for one, I am the dad in this, and two cause who else is going to measure you while you stand there and hold the shirt up?" Edward said coolly, like this didn't effect him in the slightest.

Emmett came over seeing me and Edward glaring at each other. "Hey, Bella why don't you go get Alice or Rose to help you out, I think they wanted to help each other out anyways," he said as he pointed over to Rose and Alice who were jumping up and down after hearing Emmett's suggestion. "Sure," I said weakly as I walked over to them. "Bella, lets go over to the bathrooms to measure ourselves, that way it's more private," Rose said as she linked arms with Alice and I leading the way to the bathroom.

After Alice and Rose were done being measured, they both then turned to me. "Now Bella it's your turn, we will help you. We're both girls nothing to be afraid of," Rose said as she approached me with the tape in her hands. Alice began to lift up my shirt but stopped short when she saw the bruises all along my side and stomach.

"BELLA, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?" Alice screamed when she saw all of them. Her screaming was so loud we heard Emmett and Edward and Jasper calling to us from outside the bathroom door. "Guys come in here for a second please," Rose said as she turned to the door. As the door slowly creaked open I grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it down right away, and bolted as fast as I could for the door, but felt strong arms wrap around my waist as I tried. "Bella where do you think you're going?" Emmett asked as he walked into the bathroom. "Out of here, away from you guys, just leave me alone, I was fine until you came and had to mess things up," I said as the tears started to pour down my face.

Alice walked over to me and hugged me close but loosly, as to not hurt my side I'm sure. "Bella you need to tell us what happened, why does your side look like that?" Alice asked with pain in her eyes, everyone but Rose look clueless. "Mind telling us what we are doing in the girls bathroom and Alice screaming at the top of her lungs at Bella?" Jasper asked. "Bella show them, and then tell us what happened please it's what's best," Rose said as Alice went to Jasper's side and he hugged her to him, Rose did the same to Emmett. I took a deep breath and lifted the side of my shirt, tears streaming down my face.

"BELLA--" Everyone had the same look on their faces, even Edward, pained and horror-struck. "What happened?" Edward whispered looking down. I quickly covered my side and ran out the door of the bathroom before they could even blink. I didn't even stop for my truck I ran the whole way home, I looked back to see Emmett and Edward running after me, but I was way faster than them, to me I was a girl on a mission a mission to get away from them.

For the rest of the week I stayed in the tree house in the backyard, Charlie never knew where I was when I came out here, I left him a note telling him I was down in La Push for the week, I don't think he really cared, he knew I wasn't doing good in school and that just meant he didn't have to deal with me when his friends came over at night time. I know Alice and Rose have tried to call the house phone because I can see Charlie talking on the phone, sometimes I can even hear him. Edward tried to stop by to see if I was here, luckily Charlie wasn't here. If Charlie saw a boy coming over asking about me it would turn out a lot worse for me in the end.

As I watched Edward, he didn't walk away like he has done for the past three days, instead he headed towards me and into the backyard. I knew he was going to find me, so I sat there in the corner of the tree house crying. I pulled my knees to me chest and cried. I heard the squeak of the door opening, I knew he found me now. "Bella--" he trailed off as he saw me there crying. "Thank God, I found you, are you okay?" he seemed to really care, last time I checked we were staring death glares at each other. "What does it matter to you if I'm okay or not, it's not like you know me or like me. Just leave me alone and don't tell him you found me please," I said as I looked out the window and across the yard.

"Bella, of course i ca-- please don't tell who Bella? Tell me who you mean," Edward sounded angry now that the option of someone doing this to me was the reason for the bruises on my side. "Edward, just forget you ever saw me here and go back to your perfect life, please," I was begging him now, but he made no move to leave instead he took a seat next to me. I just stared at him in confusion.

"What are you doing?" I asked in total shock that he was staying here with me. "I'm staying here until you tell me what's going on, and how you got those nasty bruises," he said as he pulled a blanket over top of us. "Edward, I don't think I can tell anyone right now how I got these bruises, but trust me when I tell you that I want to come clean, I want to tell you and everyone what's going on but I don't think I can," I was shaking now from the tears that were flowing freely from me now. Edwards' arms wrapped around me protectively, "Shh, it's okay, you don't have to tell me right now. Can I ask why you weren't in school all week, and why you are up here in a tree house? I thought your dad told Alice you were down in La Push?" Edward asked me quietly.

"Well I wasn't in school because I couldn't face you guys after what happened Monday, and I'm here because I couldn't go home, and my dad only thinks I'm in La Push. He has no idea I'm right here in the backyard, and I'm glad he doesn't," I answered honestly, I couldn't lie to Edward, there was something about him that just made me feel somewhat safe, like nothing bad could ever happen to me as long as I was safely in his arms.

"Bella, did your dad do this to you?" he asked as he pointed to my side. All I could do was simply nod, and he took the hint and hugged me to his side. "Oh, Bella, you are not staying here, I'm taking you back to my house. My dad's a doctor, he can look at your side, along with a safe place to stay, I know he won't mind in the least having one more addition to the family, only if you'd like to come with me that is. I would understand if you didn't, I mean I was rude to you the first day. And on top of that you barely know me," Edward suddenly stopped and looked into my eyes.

"Bella, please come with me I can't leave you here knowing what's going on now," He looked to be pleading with me. I took a deep breath and looked right back into his eyes, "Edward, I'll only come if I don't have to be the one to tell the others, and as long as I'm safe from Charlie I'll do whatever it takes to get away from here," I stood up waiting for Edward to get up as well. He took my hand and lead me to his car.

Once we were in his car, after packing all my stuff from the house of course, I looked at him. "Edward I'm scared, I don't know if I'm strong enough to keep him away from me when he finds out I left him and that someone knows what he's been doing. What if he comes after you or your family?" I was starting to panic. Edward looked at me with compassion in his eyes. "Bella don't worry about when Charlie finds out you left, as long as you are safe and away from that monster, I am happy. Even if he did come after my family or even me I can take care of myself, along with the others, please don't worry about us. If he wasn't your dad and just some random guy he would be dead by now, Emmett, Jasper, and I would have taken care of him. Don't worry now Bella I'm here and as long as I'm alive no one is ever going to hurt you like that, or any way, ever again," Edward said the last part with so much force it even scared me into not wanting to mess with him.

"Edward, this may seem weird to say, but through all I've been through this is the first time I've ever felt safe and wanted, I just want to thank you for making me feel wanted and safe. Even just here in the car with you, I feel safe knowing everything is going to be okay. It's weird," I said looking down at my hands, there was no way I was looking up at him, that would just embarrass me even more.

"Bella, like I said as long as I'm alive, I will make sure no one ever hurts you, I'll always be here to keep you safe, never forget that," when he said this I could feel myself getting tired by the minute and soon after that I fell asleep but before I drifted off I felt a coat being pulled over top of me and Edward whispering a 'good-night' to me.

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