Why is it always me?

It was HOT. That was the best way to describe the day, just a 'burn-you-to-death' summer day in Africa and the BladeBreakers were all just hanging on a beautiful beach.

Why are the BladeBreakers on a African beach you ask? Well Mr. Dickenson thought it would be good for some of some of the best bladers to go no a holiday, the other teams that were here were: the White Tigers ,the All-Starz ,the Majestics ,the Demolition Boyz and the Battalion.

The White Tigers were being dragged to the market by Mariah to do some shopping.

The All-Starz were most likely at the arcade.

The Majestics were…well Johnny and Enrique were on the beach checking-out hot girls and Robert and Oliver went to look for a restaurant awhile ago.

And Demolition Boyz…were at the hotel bar; they had to frighten a couple of staff members but they were finely all let in, even Ian.

Any way back to the BladeBreakers; kai was getting kind of bored all he was doing was laying on a sunbathing bed under a umbrella trying no to get a tan or burned; he looked weird if he was anything other then pale.

Kai was wearing black sun-glasses a baggy white tank top with a short sleeved shirt over it (buttons un done) and jean shorts that only went to his middle thigh.

He got up deciding he would go for a walk, he slipped on his black sandals and started to walk off the beach so he could make his way to the market.


Once at the market was still bored as hell, he walked in and out of odd shops now and then but didn't buy anything.

He sough a weird looking stall and walk over to see what it was, no-one but him seemed to pay any mind to the stall they all just ignored it.

Once kai was close enough he could see a lode of weird stuff on the stall like; voodoo dolls ,candles ,pentagrams ,bottles full of colourful liquids and tea?

A funny old lady who sat behind the stall sough him looking and grinned; he was the first person in years too even look at what she was selling. Kai felt sorry for the old woman so he went and picked up a small packet of 'herbal tea', "how much?" he asked the old woman who's grin became five times bigger. (okay look I don't know how there money system works so I'll do a time skip too after he'd purchased the tea and gone back to the hotel)


It was around 6:00pm and all the teams were all in the hotel dinning room, they were all sitting at long tables waiting for their food, Kai was talking to Tala who sat next to him, he had decided to sit with the Demolition Boyz far away from ever-one else. not wanting to watch Tyson eat(inhale) his food to day.

Kai was having a cup of the herbal tea he gotten from the market it was okay not good but okay, Tala was laughing at Bryan and Ian who were bickering in Russian and Spencer who was trying to stop them to no avail. Tala looked to kai with a smirk once Spencer had broken the fight up, seeing kai drinking tea Tala raised a eyebrow "kai why are you drinking tea? I thought you only liked coffee" he asked a little confused. (their talking in Russian)

Kai looked up from his tea to Tala and shrugged "your right, I don't like tea but I brought it and its only polite to drink it" he said before going back drinking, Tala sweat-dropped "why did you buy it if you don't like tea?!" he asked and Kai just shrugged again "the woman who was selling it looked like she needed the money" he explained finishing his tea ,opening his eyes he looked to Tala and gave a cute smile "Talaaaa! Can you help me finish off the fresh of the tea! Please!!" he begged Tala giving him the 'puppy eyes' look.

Tala couldn't take that look from Kai "why must you use that look only on me!" he wined "please Tala-san!! you know I don't like tea!" Kai pleaded looking pathetic as he grabbed Tala's arm ,shacking it. Tala sighed and pored the rest of tea for himself, he could never say no to kai, its not his fault Kai had such a damn hot body and knew how to use it! Mind you Kai would never act like this to any one else, just Tala and would only do it in front of the rest of the Demolition Boyz.

Tala drank the tea in one gulp then looked to Kai "happy now?" he asked moodily, Kai nods smirked "yes, now I don't have to drink any more" he stats no longer using his perky voice, "so what you doing tomorrow?" Kai asks in his normal voice, Tala gave a large sigh ,at least he knew when Kai only want anything when he used his 'perky' voice and he wasn't so that meant they could take normally.

"I don't know. What do you have in mind" Tala asked with a devilish smirk make Kai blush "that smirk makes you look like a pervert" he stats giving Tala a cold look, Tala just pouts like a child, seeing this Kai sighs "I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out" he said with a small light pink blush on his cheeks, Tala nods "yeah why not" he says as their food arrives.

kai: hay! what do you think your doing?! making a new story when you already have one that's not finished!!

CC92: ummm... im just doing this story so my reader's dont get bored waiting for me to update 'Son of the Dark'

kai: well i guess that's ok as long as you dont forget your other story!

CC92: -waves hand- dont worry i just need to read some more of the next harry potter book

kai: -sigh- fine