Disclaimer I do not own NCIS

Disclaimer I do not own NCIS. I wish I did.

This story is based some on spoilers I have read on line for the episode Recoil. This is just thoughts on how the story could go.

Couples Giva for undercover, TIVA implied

Warning Major Violence

We open up with Ziva in the park with Gibbs they are holding hands and talking.

"Ziva so any contact?"

Ziva grins at Gibbs.

"Come on now dear, you know that my husband will be out of the area for another week. If you come over tonight I can make it worth both our times."

Ziva takes and runs her finger up the front of his shirt and then places a finger on his lips. Then she reaches up and gives him a kiss. It is a quick kiss not like the ones she had shared with Tony when undercover.

Gibbs plays with Ziva and whispers into her ear as he nuzzles with her.

"Ok, tonight your place?"

Ziva nods and then walks off in the opposite directions heading toward the Naval Exchange.

"Hey who is that handsome man you're with? I thought your husband was in Iraq?"

Sally asked.

Sally was a cashier that worked at the Base Exchange. Ziva had become friends with her as she had known 2 of the wives who had been murdered recently on the base. Ziva learned quickly that she did not like working retail. She wondered why anyone did.

"Sally, ummm well, you know it gets lonely sometimes, he is just a friend. Nothing else, just a friend with benefits." Ziva smiled and giggled a little as she said this.

"Well, do not let Iris know she thinks we should all be saints while the men are gone and live in celibacy, hell I know my husband is no saint so why should I? Though I must admit I admire the women who can wait all that time."

Ziva laughed and then went off to the jewelry department to work. There she saw a young petty officer 2nd class, Marcus Hanson that was picking up extra hours for money to get an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He and Ziva had become friends over the past couple weeks. Ziva had told Gibbs that her main suspect was Iris's husband he was a Chief Petty Officer and just rubbed her wrong and then preached to her about the evils of hanging around the clubs while her husband was away serving his country.

"So Marcus, have you choose a ring yet?

"Nahh, I think I may let her choose it, and then she gets what she wants. What do you think?"

"Well, I prefer the surprise myself, maybe ask her about jewelry or ask a friend to get the information for you. However I need to lock up here and head home. I have a friend I am meeting for dinner tonight."

"Does your husband mind that you have men over while he is gone?"

"What happens when he is gone is none of his business and none of my business what he does while he is gone. Sometimes that is the best advice I can offer to anyone married."

Ziva could see in the young man's eyes that he looked upset, however most men would get upset unless they were the one sleeping with her then they would not care she was married or not.

Ziva counted locked up her till and took the money to the cashier and left for her home. Home was not where she usually lived. This home was an apartment in the Georgetown district and near where the other two women had been killed.

Ziva arrived home and started to cook dinner. She looked at the picture of Tony that sat on her table. He was dressed in desert BDU's from his mission to Iraq, Nikki had given her the picture. It helped in selling her story of a lonely military wife who was cheating on her spouse.

Ziva heard a wrap on the door. She laughed a little, Gibbs was about 10 minutes early she had not got the dinner completed.

Ziva went to the front door wearing a tank top and a pair of khaki cargo pants.

"Why are you?"

Before Ziva could finish her sentence a hard steal blade went into her right shoulder. The blade came out and then was thrust into her abdomen and removed and thrusted into her left leg and was left inside the leg as it had been with the other victims.

"Tony" Ziva could only think of him. She needed him here and needed him to help her.

She had never imagined she would not be able to defend herself. However this attack was so quick and the person who did it was not who she would have expected. Ziva then drifted into darkness not being able to move as she tasted the blood in the back of her throat. Her body had crumpled on the floor of the hall by the door she was helpless. Ziva lay there blood slowly seeping from her body the pain so intense she passed out after the blade went into her abdomen.

Her assailant quickly moved into the shadows and disappeared once less adulterous wife to deal with.

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