Disclaimer: Still do not own NCIS

Disclaimer: Still do not own NCIS.

Spoiler possibly for recoil. At least this is something I would like to see.

Relationship TIVA

The next morning Tony wakes up to the smell of coffee. He has a headache from the combination of beer and the memories of last night.

"Hey DiNozzo, I need to let you in on something."

"Boss, unless you want to tell me last night was a bad dream, I would rather forget it."

"Well, I can tell you this part of it was a bad dream. Ummm Ziva is alive and well at Bethesda; she was able to tell us who stabbed her. So grab that cup of coffee and let's go to work."

Tony did not know what to say, he was shocked.


"Because our suspect who was also at the hospital last night, needed to be picked up. She had arrived and asked to see Ziva, saying she had heard she had been hurt. Ziva awoke after her surgery and told them she needed to see Jenny or myself right away. She was a little persistent so they allowed us both. That is when I saw our suspect sitting in the main waiting room."

Tony just sat there. Then Gibbs reached over and slapped him in the back of his head.

"Hey what was that for?"

"For not breaking rule 12."

They arrive back at NCIS Abby was going through the evidence that Sillman's team and Gibbs and McGee had obtained last night. Knowing the truth made it easier to process the evidence.

Gibbs, McGee, Tony and Jenny all headed to the interrogation observation room.

Tony and McGee were shocked to see Sally the nosy cashier sitting in the interrogation room. Courtney sat there just staring at her, but not saying a word.

"I am going in." Jenny then left the room.

Jenny stood outside the room. She looked at the pictures of Ziva being treated by the paramedics lying in her own blood.

She then took a deep breath and walked into the room.

Ms. Kreiger you may leave.

"Sally Ottman my name is Jenny Shepherd I am the director of NCIS. I heard you were friends with Ziva. I am curious how you knew she was injured when there was no release to the press?"

"I was coming over to see Ziva and one of the neighbors told me what happen."

"Hmmm, all the neighbors deny talking to you, and were being interviewed by NCIS. Could you tell me which neighbor it was?"

"Umm the lady across the hall with a cat. I can not remember her name."

"So you knew Ziva from work I see, did you know her husband?"

"I had heard her talk about him, however he was in Iraq. I really do not know much else. She was new to the area."

"I see your husband was killed in Iraq 6 months ago."

"Yes he was killed in friendly fire, he was the perfect husband."

"Did you now Mary Jameson?"

"Yes, she worked at the exchange also."

"And Polly Madden?"

Sally was looking a little nervous.

"Umm yeah she worked there also."

"They both were killed in the last two months. Both were also having extramarital affairs. Did you know that?"

"Well, of course I worked with them and it was in the news. They all lived near each other in Georgetown."

"How do you feel about them having affairs? I mean they are married and there husbands are serving our country and they are cheating on them?"

"Well, it is there choice?"

"How did you feel when you found out your husband was killed with another women, that he had been cheating on you, when you remained faithful waiting for him."

"It was not his fault she seduced him, he would never."

"So was it Mary, Polly and Ziva's fault with what happen to them?"

"They cheated they deserved it, their husbands need someone like me."

Sally suddenly realized what she said.

"Sally what are you saying?"

"I want a lawyer."

Jenny got up and left.

Well, guys with Ziva's statement we have all we need. We also have her DNA and fingerprint from the first crime scene. Agent Krieger you can take her away she is all yours.

"Umm, how is Ziva?"

"She is in ICU but will recover completely. Lucky for Ziva Sally missed all her vital organs." Jenny let the young agent know.

"Send her my best."

"I will. I'm heading over now since we are done here." Tony then quickly left the room.

"So I take it Tony knows what Ziva said?"

Gibbs shakes his head "Nope"

Then we hear Agent Kreiger read Sally her rights and tell her she is being charged with attempted murder of a federal agent and the murders of Polly Madden and Mary Jameson.

"Are you going to tell him?" McGee asks his boss


Tony arrived to Bethesda and realized that he was not exactly sure where Ziva was at. He had heard she was in ICU and being guarded. However now that the assailant was caught he figured the guard would be gone. He went up to the ICU and before he could ask he heard her.

"Ducky I am fine; I want to get out of this bed."

Tony flashed his badge to the nurse.

"I am special agent DiNozzo I am hear to rescue him." Then he pointed to Ducky.

"Hey Ducky I can stay with Ziva, why don't you go get some sleep."

"Anthony my boy be warned she wants to get out of bed, however she is still very weak her blood loss required a total of 6 units of blood and plasma. Though I think you will be able to talk her into anything. She called out for you several times. Do not let her down." Ducky then patted him on the shoulder and said good bye to Ziva and left.

"Hey Ziva. You look much better than last night. Glad to see your old spunk is back. However I will never let you live it down that you said I love you in front of Gibbs if you do not listen to the Doc and stay in bed."

Ziva looked at Tony she could barely recall thinking she wanted to say I love you, however she said it Hebrew so he should not know.

"Tony, are you joking?" Ziva tried to make a small joke, giving Tony an out.

"Nope, why would I joke about my soul mate, my true love? The one who I am guilty of running from." Tony now was next to her bed and sitting on the side holding her hand.

"Ziva when I get you out of here, I am taking you for a fantastic meal and a movie."

"Well, that maybe a while they say I might be on liquids for the next week or two."

"I can wait, ohh and by the way Sally partially confessed then lawyered up. However she is now in custody of the FBI."

"You know Tony, I have been in many tight positions however this time I was surprised I never saw the first attack in the shoulder and I moved some and got only half the blade in the abdomen which was lucky for me. However my leg is going to take time to heal. I will need some help at my house."

"Good, I would love to come and be your house boy."

"Tony thanks for saving me."

Then Tony leaned forward and Tony and Ziva kiss.

Ahhhh the start of TIVA.

I know keep dreamingļŠ