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It's easy to push the little demons back.

At first, they try to resist, shouting he'll reward me for your head, traitor! or some other ill fitting cry. But Sam beats them back, destroys them utterly in a sure swath.

The gates close with a resounding bang behind him.


who did this?

The demon wheezes in his grip, and when she does not answer, he destroys another of her brood.

who. did. this?

"Memmon! Memmon, my lord!" She screeches, and Sam growls.

He breaks her neck and kills the rest of them. Not long now.


"This is no longe—"

The oaf falls and Sam doesn't have to even move a muscle. He's covered in demonic gore outside of his castle, his throne.

The doors open slowly and he moves forward. A sick, cold feeling washes over him as he's temporarily blinded by the bright fires.

It recedes and then:

"Samuel," purrs a low, female voice and by that time, it's too late for him to back out.

Sitting on the throne is Lilith, the Dealers corpses beside her, and all the other lords of Hell save twelve.

The doors shut as Lilith's smile widens.

"Welcome, Samuel. I've missed you."



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