He hated it when she did this. She would sit him a thousand times then leave. He would get badgered by Songo, the dirty monk, and that stupid kit. What the hell did he do any ways. He simply said that if she left then it would take more time to collect the damn shards that Naraku shattered again.

"What the hell is so damn important about graduating 'school' any ways?" Inuyasha muttered to himself in annoyance as he was enveloped in the pink light of the bone eaters well.

Once again he was going to Kagome's time to apologize … for what? For telling the truth. He knew deep in his heart that he had hurt her, and that hurt him. (and more than just his back after he crawled out of the crater his body created in the ground)

He opened the doors of the well house and it smelled different. He couldn't smell her mother, Sota, or the old man. The only one where was … Kagome. And she smelled different. More intense, sweeter.

Mate. His inner yourki growled. He shook the thought form his head. He loved Kagome with his heart and soul, but, she would never return his love. No one would love a lowly half demon, even an inu yourki.

He climbed up to the window he knew would be open.

"Inu - Inuyasha…." She moaned. She was still asleep, but her face was flushed, little beads of perspiration dotted her hair line. She moaned again. He slipped into the room and stood in the corner by her bed. Her eyes flittered. She was awake now, he could smell that. She must not have noticed that he was in the room because she slipped her shorts and panties off revealing the sweetest of Inuyasha's fantasies. She parted her thighs and placed one small hand into her folds and started massaging her self. She played with the little pinkened nub, and sunk two fingers from her other hand into her self, still panting his name.

It took all of Inuyasha's control not to take over that task for her. She huffed in defeat, and sat up. He stood stock still, afraid of being sat.

"This isn't gonna work. It's not the same. Not that it will ever happen, he doesn't love me. He loves that piece of shift pile of clay." He could smell the tears treating to spill from her eyes. She wiped her eyes and sighed. "Well, that doesn't mean that I can't still have fun." She got up in only at small green tank top, walked right past Inuyasha and into the bathroom. He stealthily followed, grabbing the door silently before it could close and slipping in. She turned on the shower, and stepped in. Beyond the sheer shower curtin, he could see her smooth down her hair and breasts under the water. He took a deep breath to steady his thoughts.

Mark her now. Make her our mate! His yourki side screamed at him. He pushed it to the back of his mind.

His breath hitched in his throat when he saw Kagome take the shower head off the wall and change the setting. She leaned against the wall, and put one foot up on the ledge of the tub, and aimed the sharp spray at her center. She began moaning his name and he couldn't take it any more.