So sorry for the delay

So sorry for the delay! Marie is 2 ½ months old now and she is just now starting to sleep through the night. (Thank heavens!) And Casey is at play group (Yea!!) Being a single mother is tough. Thank you all for your patients. I don't usually do excerpts from previous chapters, but since it has been about a month, I thought that I should

He felt her teeth pinch his skin as her wet pussy swallowed his dick. He had expected her to go slow, but she plunged.

He sunk his fangs deep into her skin as she drew his blood.

Kagome winced. She knew. He had told her it would hurt for a minute. Hell, she had seen his massive size herself. She bore down harder on his neck and finally let the pressure mellow as her own ache did. She released his flesh and tasted the coppery blood lining her lips. A sharp, but welcomed pain twitched her neck, then the smooth warm tongue of her lover caressed its wake. He turned his head towards her then and smiled. She looked down at his neck and saw the blood that still lingered on his skin. She wrapped her mouth around the red impression of her teeth. She sucked lightly and he let out a soft purr of pleasure.

Once the blood was gone she kissed the tip of his nose. It twitched and it made her giggle. She wiggled her hips, experimentally, and a shrill pleasure flowed through her. He groaned and she did it again. A strangled moan escaped her lips. She pushed her self up and slid down again. She didn't know what to make of the new feelings rising inside of her. Bracing her hands on his chest she pushed and sank again and again. Finally wearing herself out. She grunted frustrated. Still urning. Still wanting more.

She panted and Inuyasha looked up at her and grinned. He scooted them down so that he was lying flat on the couch.

"Move your legs so that they are flat and rest them on my shoulders." He said in an airy voice. Kagome complied and moaned at the tightness and the pleasure. A husky grunt emitted from the hanyou's lips. "Now put your left leg on my other shoulder. She did and another burst of pleasure burst through her core. Wordlessly he spun her on his cock so that she was facing away from him now. She inhaled deeply at the feeling. Slowly and carefully, he sat them up on their knees, never unsheathing himself from her hot, wetness. She braced herself on the arm of the couch. Inuyasha placed firm hands on her hips and pulled out almost all the way, then slowly pushed back in to her. He moved at a slow steady pace, all the while placing hot kisses along her spine.



"Can … you go … a little.." Kagome didn't even have to finish her sentence, he began pumping into her tight little bundle faster and harder, twisting and angling himself until he hit her sweet spot. She moaned his name, which seamed to push him harder.

Tightness built in the center of her stomach. He sucked lightly at the spot on her neck where he had marked her. One hand reached around and two fingers pinched her hard clitoris. Her climax hit her hard, and simultaneously, he emptied his seed into her body as his teeth once again sunk into her flesh.