Chapter 11 – You Dress Up For Armageddon

After Abby and Tali were done at the hospital, Jethro drove them home, per the request of Jenny and Meira. When Abby and Tali walked through the door of the Gibbs house, they were instantly smothered by their mothers.

"Abby," Jenny chocked out in a strangled sob as she clung to her daughter like she was never going to let go.

"Mom," Abby choked. "Can't breath." Jenny pulled away from Abby but didn't let go.

"I was so worried," Jenny said as she lead Abby to the kitchen. "How's your leg?"

"Feels better already," Abby said, masking the truth from her mother. The truth was that it hurt quite a bit and it was all she could do to keep her limping minimal.

After Jethro dropped Abby and Tali off at home he returned to the house where they had picked Abby and Tali up. The couple, a Emmet and Rose Hale had graciously let them set up a command center in their living room. Constant surveillance on the place that Abby and Tali had escaped from revealed that Jack Doherty hadn't left yet and neither had his henchmen. All they were waiting for was for Jethro to come back to go in and arrest them.

When Jethro arrived at the Hale's house Balboa handed him a bulletproof vest and an NCIS jacket. Gibbs walked over to the table that held the earwigs and microphones. He hooked up his earwig and slipped the microphone onto his jacket sleeve.

"Alright, they don't know that we're coming for them, so we have the advantage of surprise. I want a team on three lead by Balboa to go through the front and I'll take three in though the back. Those are the only exits on that house. If the suspects are armed you have permission to shoot at will," Jethro said and the n motioned for them to move out. Morelli was staying behind to man the command center.

The two teams moved silently up the house. Balboa took his team around to the front and Jethro led his team out back. He peered inside and then held his wrist up to his mouth.

"On my mark," Gibbs whispered. "Three, two, one." The two teams kicked sown the door and stormed inside. Doherty appeared right away and Gibbs shot him, seeing as he had a gun in his hand. From his vantage point he could see two bodies in the next room.

"Clear," Gibbs said into his wrist piece. Balboa came through the hall from the front.

"What happened?" Balboa asked.

"He had a gun,' Gibbs said simply. Balboa just shook his head.

"As long as you have to the paperwork and not me," Balboa said.

After Ziva had taken Tali home, she returned to the Gibbs household and snuggled with Tony on his bed while they half paid attention to an episode of Bones that was playing on TNT.

"I'm glad that Tali and Abby are okay," Ziva mumbled though her half closed eyelids.

"Me too," Tony said. They were quiet for a moment and then Tony spoke again. "I'm glad you moved in next door," Tony said.

"I am too," Ziva said.

"I have to say though, you are definitely not the typical girl next door," Tony said, kissing her forehead.

"No, I am not," Ziva said.

This is where I am going to end this story and I do not know at this time if I will continue it. I know that this ending might be a bit of a disappointment meant, but I don't feel a connection with it anymore. Check out my new story though, Picking Up The Pieces. Also, check out my blog, (http: / journals. aol. Com /chefvamp1125 / ncis /) (take out the spaces, the link is also on my profile) for reviews every week of the new episodes and the occasional ramble about the show.

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