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Daughter of a Potions Master

01-Obvious Occurrence

"I'm not surprised at all Alexis," old Mr. Ollivander smiles at his daughter. "I'd be surprised if our sweet little Alexandra hadn't been accepted to Hogwarts."

"I know father," Alexis sighs and pushes back a stand of her dark brown hair. "I just worry about her."

"The girl can take care of herself and you know that Lex," a woman says as she enters Ollivander's wand store.

Alexis turns and smiles at her best friend, Hogwarts Herbology professor Pomona Sprout. "Pomona! It's good to see you!"

"Now Alexis, why are you worried about Alexandra attending Hogwarts? The girl's eleven years old and capable of matching your potion-making skills flawlessly. Not to mention that you made it a point to teach her Defense Against the Dark Arts. You got the Ministry to approve letting her own her own wand since she was seven. She's been helping you at your potions store since before then and she's capable of waiting on a Dark Wizard without getting scared at all."

Truthfully, Pomona was merely stating what Alexis already knew about her daughter. Although, she hated to admit that the girl was overly observant and a quick learner. Alexandra had grown up watching Alexis make potions for Wizards and Witches from both Diagon and Nocturn Alleys. What a shock for whoever that current potions professor at Hogwarts that a First year student already had the skills of a Potions Master! Ha! Alexis smiles evilly at her father and Pomona. Defense Against the Dark Arts, another slap in the face for a professor at her former school.

"Pomona," Alexis looks at her friend and motions to the door, "care to spend the day with us?"

"Of course," Pomona nods as the bid Ollivander goodbye. "She'll be thrilled to know she'll have me as a teacher."

"Yes," Alexis smiles sadly. "I just hope she won't try to find out anything she shouldn't know." And with that statement, the conversation turned to Hogwarts and current going-ons within the old castle.