Author: NCISskittlesvampy TIFF and a friend...from school

Rating- PG

Disclaimer-I don't own anything you

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Summary: Ziva gets an e-mail and wants to know what something is...Ziva and a modern-day children's movie...HA

Ziva David walked into the bullpen. She had a lot on her mind. For instance, she was wondering why her father wouldn't answer her calls. He must be busy. She spotted Tony standing there, she frowned. He looked happy, too happy.

"Hey, Zee-vah" he said, stressing her name as usual. She looked over at him and smiled lightly. She wasn't in a particularly good mood.

"Hello Tony." Ziva said. She sat down at her computer and began checking her e-mail. She looked in her junk e-mail folder. There was an e-mail called 'which oompah-loompa are you?'

Ziva looked at Tony, then her computer. She opened the e-mail and jumped as the little things started dancing and singing. She looked over at Tony, who had moved behind her after hearing the singing.

"Tony, what the hell is an oompah-loompa?" Ziva asked.

Tony just smirked. He looked around the bullpen and smiled. He then walked over to Ziva's desk and took her hand. "Come on, I'll show you." Ziva took his hand and followed him to his car.

They drove to his house and he forced her to sit on his couch. Tony walked over to his shelf unit and took a DVD off the shelf. It was 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ziva watched the movie with interest. It was actually quite funny.

Then the part came when Johnny Depp's character told his story about the oompah-loompas. Ziva watched this part with a look of concentration. Once the part was over, Ziva frowned.

"So, an oompah-loonpah is a little person who sings and dances because they didn't want to live in a forest?" Ziva asked. Tony just rolled his eyes and began playing the movie again.