A/N: Ok so Bella is in love with her best friend Edward Cullen but he doesnt think of her as anything more than just a friend. When Edward gets a girl friend, Bella takes matters into her own hands and gets herself a boyfriend. And Edward slowly starts to realize that maybe he wants Bella to be more than a friend

"Hey Bella" my best friend Edward Cullen called, running down the corridor to catch up with me. Edward has been my best friend since we were five. We're almost complete opposites though. He's smart, funny, popular and extremely HOT! But I'm boring, considered a nerd and very, very plain. The only reason people liked me was to get closer to Edward.

I smiled as he grabbed my hand, ignoring everyone else who tried to get his attention. Just Edward's touch made my heart beat frantically. I had to admit, I was completely and irrevocably in love with Edward, but sadly my feelings were one sided.

"Bella, Edward!" my other best friend Alice yelled, as she tore down the corridor towards us. Edward sighed and held his arms out in front of both of us, just in time as the human torpedo came hurtling into them. Alice was Edward's sister and she was my best friend for girl stuff. She was funny, pretty and extremely hyper. She grabbed my other hand and together we walked to our first class.


I sat heavily in my seat at the Cullens table. It had been a tiring day and I was ready to hit the hay, although I still had, ugh, gym. Edward put his arm around me and I immediately felt a whole lot better. Alice smiled smugly at me and I shot her a glance of death; Alice would never leave me alone about Edward. She didn't get that it would break our friendship, which I definitely DID NOT want to happen. Even just being friends with Edward was better than nothing at all.

It was all right for her, and everyone else at the table, well except Edward who didn't seem interested in dating anyone, much to the disappointment of almost every girl in school. But Alice had a permanent boyfriend, she didn't know what it was like not to be able to completely trust someone not to run away. She didn't know what it was like to be in love with someone who never looked at you twice. I sighed accidentaly and hoped desperately that no-one would notice. No luck.

"What's wrong Bella?" Edward asked, looking down at me with concerned eyes. Alice looked at me knowingly. I tried to shrug it off but knew it wouldn't work because my face betrayed me and I turned bright red. I was frantically thinking up and excuse when Emmett thankfully interrupted with a joke that sent us all into hysterics and our previous conversation was forgotten.


I was lying peacefully on my bed, occupied completely by my own daydreams of Edward when my door was rudely thrown open and something heavy was flung on top of me. "What do you want Alice?" I yelled at her.

She looked at me, hurt by my anger. Then understanding crossed her face and a smug smile took over her hurt look. "You were daydreaming about Edward weren't you" she said

My answering blush made her smile grow even wider, "Oh Bella when are you going to tell him?" she pushed for what seemed to ten thousandths time.

"Never!" I screamed at her, "Alice, I don't want to ruin our friendship, I'm just gonna have to live with it." I finished my well practiced speech.

"Well then I'm gonna tell him!" Alice said, daring me to retaliate. I sighed; we had this same discussion every day, sometimes more than once. And it always ended the same; a stale mate.

Alice jumped up, "I have to go Bella. Are we still on for Friday?" She asked excitedly

I hesitated, I wanted to go out with Edward on Friday but I didn't want to seem too obsessed. Alice looked at me impatiently, "Sure" I told her, I could go out with Edward another time.



I think I'm in love. I saw this girl in the lunch hall. She was by far the most beautiful girl in the entire school. She was surrounded by a group of guys which just made me want her even more. "Hey who's that?" I whispered to Bella as I pointed towards the girl. Bella looked stunned and didn't answer so I turned to Alice and asked her.

"That's Lauren Malloney. We have Biology, PE and English with her" she told me as she moved down the lunch line with Bella behind her.

I stayed where I was, completely captured by her beauty, until Emmett put a huge hand on my shoulder.

"Someone's in love" he teased

"Shove off" I said a little too loudly and Lauren turned towards us. She smiled at me and made my knees go week. If I hadn't had Emmett holding me I think I would have collapsed.

"Hi, I'm Lauren," she said coming towards us

"Edward" I mumbled

She laughed, it was the most beautiful sound in existence. "Would you like to sit with me today" she asked looking up at Emmett.

He shook his head, "I have to sit with my girlfriend he said pointing towards our table.

"Oh, sorry. What about you?" she turned to me

All I could do was nod and follow her as she led me to her table.



Edward turned to me and asked me who this girl was. I wanted to tell him that she was the biggest bitch in the universe but nothing would come out of my mouth so he turned to Alice. After she had finished telling him, she grabbed my arm and dragged me towards out table. I sat heavily in my seat and watched in dismay as Edward followed Lauren to her table.

"Bella, earth to Bella, are you in there?" Emmett yelled at me

"Sorry, just…thinking" I mumbled

Alice grabbed my hand, "Its okay Bella, he cant really like her" she tried to reassure me

I nodded absently, "Yeah I know"

Emmett and Jasper were banging their fists on the table as they watched their younger brother make a fool of himself.

"You should really go save him" Rosalie said and I nodded, as much as I hated this girl, I wanted Edward to be happy

"Bella, I though you of all people would object to this" Emmett said gesturing towards Edward and Lauren

I shook my head, "I want him to be happy" I said

"Oh aren't you a good girl" Emmett teased. I looked over at Rosalie, who nodded and then punched him.

"Aww Rose, what was that for" He complained

"For being an idiot, now go save your brother" she yelled at him

Emmett stood up slowly, cursing under his breath and rubbing his arm.

Everyone else laughed but I wasn't in the mood.

The bell rang and I hurried out of the cafeteria to get to biology with Edward.

I sat in my seat and waited for him to arrive. Everyone else was already there when he finally ran in, Lauren right behind him. I looked on I horror as she whispered something in his ear, making him blush, before returning to her seat. Edward slid in beside me but he wasn't able to say anything before the teacher arrived.

It was agonizing to watch the way Edward kept his eyes on Lauren the whole period and the way they sent notes back and forth between each other. As soon as class was over Edward was out of his seat and standing beside Lauren as he prepared to walk her to PE. I trailed miserably along behind.

When we arrived Lauren gave him a quick peck on the cheek before walking into the girl's locker room. I couldn't help but notice the way Edward's eyes followed her, almost hungrily. I got changed and then went to stand with Edward as we waited for class to start.

"Isn't she great Bella" he said happily, a huge grin across his beautiful face and his bright green eyes sparkling.

I mustered up a fake smile and nodded. I thought he's see through it immediately, him knowing me so well, but he wasn't really with me, his thoughts were with someone else, and so he grinned happily at me. "I'm glad you like her Bella" he said.

We stood in silence for a coupe more minutes until Lauren came out of the change room. She smiled at me and then grabbed Edward's arm and walked off with him. He didn't even give me a backwards glance. I stood there, shocked, until Alice took my hand and led me over to the other end of the room.

"Bella I'm so sorry" she said, her small face full of concern

"It's alright Alice, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I just wish he'd choose someone a little less…" I flailed my arms around in an attempt to describe Lauren

"Bitchy" Alice supplied. I laughed and nodded.

The teacher called us together and started to explain what we were doing today. Tennis, this would be interesting. Usually, being with Edward in PE made it bearable and I didn't make too much of a fool of myself. The teacher told us to grab a racket and pair up. I started walking towards Edward, and was almost there when I saw him and Lauren going to collect their tennis rackets. I stopped and turned around to Alice who stood behind me, watching me warily.

"Sorry," I said, "I forgot"

Her answering smile was small and sad as we went to get out rackets.

Alice was so great during PE. I was already bad enough when my thoughts weren't solely on Edward and Lauren. Alice didn't say anything about it but I felt so sorry for her. We lost almost all our games and I managed to hit her more than once. It was alright when I was with Edward. He was good enough to play for both of us, but of course today he was with Lauren.

Our last game was against Edward and Lauren. Edward laughed as I missed the first ball and without thinking, I glared at him. He held his hands up in apology but Lauren saw. I think she considered me competition that needed to be extinguished and the game that followed was far from friendly. Lauren hit her balls with all her strength and Edward followed her lead. Alice and I missed almost every ball and Lauren and Edward cheered all the way through. Lauren hit an extra hard ball and it hit me square in the nose. Blood spurted out and I collapsed on the ground. Lauren turned to Edward for a high-five which was the last straw for Alice

"What the hell is wrong with you Edward" she screamed, "Bella, your best friend in the entire world has just been hit in the nose by ball, which was hit a lot harder than necessary. She has blood pouring down her face and she's about to faint and all you do is give the person who gave her the bloody nose in the first place, a high-five!"

Everyone stopped to stare at Alice. Edward was still for a moment before he rushed over to me. "Bella, Bella, are you alright?" he asked me.

"Just leave her, she'll be fine in a minute" I heard Lauren say but my head was spinning at a thousand miles an hour and I felt the darkness creeping in around me as I slipped into unconsciousness.


"What's wrong with her? It wasn't that hard" I heard a voice a say

"She doesn't like blood" Someone else replied, it was a familiar someone

"Bella, Bella!" Alice called and I opened my eyes

Immediately Edward was by my side. "Phew, you scared us there Bella" he said

I smiled weakly, "Sorry"

"Its okay Bella, we were just worried about you is all" He grinned brilliantly at me and I felt a whole lot better

"We have to go" Lauren interrupted us. She grabbed Edward's hand and dragged him out of the room. This time he was polite enough to give us a farewell wave before disappearing

Alice sat down heavily on the foot of my bed. "You'd think that this would be enough reason to break up with her" she said grimly

I nodded sadly, why did Edward have to fall in love with her?

"You ready to go?" Alice asked, standing up and holding out her hand to me

I laughed, "You can be my stand-in Edward Alice" I said as I took her hand

So do you like it? People might have realized that the characters are loosely based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer so
Edward (Xander), Bella (Willow), Alice (Buffy), Lauren (Cordelia), Mike (Oz, sorta).

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