Boy Meets World- "How Time Flies"

Chapter 9- Daddy

It was now two years after Shawn's death, and everyone gathered at the cemetery to visit his grave.

Cory stood there, looking at the grave marked for Shawn Patrick Hunter, and tears came to his eyes.

"Daddy!" Noah yelled and came over. Cory wiped his eyes quickly and turned around. The excited four year old ran to his father. "Dad, Shawn said my name!"

Cory picked him up, "Really? That's great, son." he smiled.

Topanga walked over, carrying their one year old son, Shawn George Matthews. His first name, obviously, for their good friend, Shawn, and his middle name for Mr. Feeny.

"Honey, are you alright?" Topanga asked.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about some stuff..."

She rested her head on his shoulder and softly said, "I miss him too..."

Morgan and Angela pulled up in a car with their children and walked towards the grave. Danny, who was now 7 years old, held each of his two-year-old sisters' hands.

"Hey Morgan, hey Angela." Cory greeted, turning around and seeing them.

Cory hugged his sister, and Topanga hugged her best friend. Then they switched.

Danny walked with his sisters right up to the grave. "Daddy." he said plainly.

Angela stood there with her arms crossed over her chest. She took a deep breath, "Yes, that's your daddy."

Morgan kneeled down in front of the grave and put her arms around her daughter, "Honey, this is your father. His name was Shawn Hunter."

Ashley reached out and felt the engraved letters of his name with her tiny fingers. "Dad lives here?" she asked curiously.

"No, dear, he lives up there." she pointed up at the sky. "And he will visit you whenever you want him to. He loves you."

"I know, mommy. You tell me how much daddy loves me every night before I go to bed."

Danny and Noah went off and began chasing each other in the grass.

Angela looked back and saw Eric and Rachel approaching. She held a rose, and he held a little redheaded child in his arms.

"Hello everyone." Rachel greeted.

Topanga smiled and embraced her friend.

Eric and Cory shook hands.

"Wow, Rachel, she looks so much like you." Topanga said when she looked at the girl.

Eric looked at the child, "Erika, say hello to the people."

"Hey-yo" she said slowly and smiled an innocent smile.

She was a little over a year old and had Rachel's red hair, which at the moment was in pigtails. Her eyes were brown like Jack's.

Eric began to tickle her and she giggled loudly, "Daddy, stop tickling me!" she laughed.

"So," Cory said, "Have you two set your wedding date yet?"

"Yes, actually." Rachel answered, "We're working on a wedding in June." she moved right next to Eric.

They all stood united in front of Shawn's grave. "It seems like it was just yesterday he and I were falling asleep in the middle of Feeny's history class..." Cory said.

"Shawn was one of the greatest men I ever knew." Rachel stated.

"He was always there for Cory and I." Topanga added.

"He was an amazing father." Angela almost began to cry.

"He was such a loving man." Morgan said.

"I miss him a lot." Eric commented.

Rachel placed the rose in front of the grave and turned to hug her fiancé.

Angela held her daughter, Jessie, tightly. Morgan had her arms around Ashley.

Topanga was still holding her baby boy and she kissed Cory on the cheek. "It's alright to cry." she noticed the tears fighting in his eyes.

Shawn stood behind them all, smiling. Nobody could see him, but he was there. He was always there.


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