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There's a door in front of you, and you pause...

You're not perfect.

You've never been perfect.

In the plainest words possible, this is fact. You are not perfect, and anyone who says you are is fooling themselves. But anyone who says you're normal—that you're like everyone else—is blind.

You're not normal.

You've never been normal.

You know that. You've always known that. What else would you call it? A perfect kid… sometimes you wonder who's fooling themselves.

There is no such thing as a perfect person, and normal is an illusion cast by the masses to prove themselves the same. By becoming, normal—by showing to others that you can never attain perfection, you become one of them. You are accepted. And when you show anything to prove that maybe—just maybe—you're a little bit more perfect than the rest of them makes you an outcast.

You know all this. You know the rules; you know how pieces fit together. And still, you become an outcast. You destroy the places people have created for themselves; and then they fall to ruin. You want to scream. You want to end all this, to make it stop.

You don't realize what hope these people put into their fake places. You don't realize that they'll break like glass without them.

It's never been that way for you. It will never be that way for you. Because you accept that you're not perfect, not different, and you won't strive to be any different. It's not worth the effort, you think.

So you'll close your eyes and pretend today…

Because acceptance for one day is better than rejection for one more.

You open the door, and walk in.