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--Chapter 1--


L frowned at the computer monitor as each data presented itself before him. No, he could not understand these things anymore. He was a genius, no doubt about that, but when it comes to computer programs and hackings, he just couldn't understand it at all. It was like walking in a very dark street with no light guiding your way. He's got to hire a computer expert or he would have no lead at all in the case he was solving. He gently sucked at his thumb thinking of the best way he could get hold of his computer expert. No, the children at Wammy House can't handle it. They were highly inquisitive, yes, but he could not imagine any of them to be dabbling with computers. Most of the children there think they are above such types of man-made machinery. That immediately crossed out the Wammy children as his choice. He needs someone who understands computers very well as if he was a part of it. He needs someone who knows how computer crimes work or even knows how to do it, someone who is like a hacker himself.

L had been working on a case of computer crimes for a few weeks now. It involves a series of very well-organized murders involving random people with nothing in common, whatsoever except for the fact that they all have an access to the internet and that they all have single or multiple accounts on different e-mail service providers and networking websites. The only answer to that is that the murders were carefully planned through hacking for the people murdered does not have any big rivals and usually stay at home for long periods of time. After all, they are all students. But L found it difficult solving the case since all the evidence he needs are expertly hidden in the ruins of the victims' hard drives and he does not have a clue on how to interpret these. He desperately needs someone's help.

Out of pure curiosity, L logged in the internet to see what is so appealing about these networking websites that the victims were so hooked on it. He browsed through different profiles and his eyes landed on one particular person. What was written on this person's occupation intrigued him so he decided to check on this particular person's profile. Her name is Kuroda Ayumu. She's about eighteen years old and is currently studying information technology in one of Japan's famous universities. What intrigued him the most is the occupation written by the girl. It might be bluffing or a joke but no student her age would be doing this when at this stage in their lives, they are all busy studying of going to parties. No, the occupation of being a student and part-time hacker doesn't seem to fit a girl her age. Yet, L couldn't help but feel that what this girl is saying on her profile is true. He immediately called for Watari and ordered him to start looking for the girl.

L waited for about three days for any news of Ayumu. He deeply trusted himself that the girl will be able to help him. Finally, news came in the form of the blindfolded Ayumu being ushered inside of the headquarters. She did not show any sign of being afraid and still walked with grace even if she doesn't know where she is heading to. Finally, she was in a chair and L, walked over to her, dragging his chair along. He sat on his chair facing her and began questioning her.

"Who are you?" L asked in a calm voice.

"Geez, do I really have do be asked the same thing for the whole day? It's Kuroda Ayumu. Are you happy now? Where am I?" The girl asked back.

"It's me who is asking questions. Now, tell me how much you know about computers?" L refused to answer her question. After all, the location of the headquarters is very top secret.

"It depends on which aspect you are asking about. Where am I?" Ayumu still pressed on with her unanswered question.

"I told you before. I'm the one asking questions here so don't be such a nag. Do you know how to make programs?" L asked again.

"I've been doing the simple once since high school and I've learned a lot more of the complicated stuff in college. Anything else? Where am I?" The girl answered back, the irritation in her voice now very obvious.

"How about hacking? Do you know how to hack?" L asked once again. It's important to go to the bottom of thing before answering this girl's questions.

"I basically do it for fun. However, if it's hacking and infiltration of computers you're asking and cracking a passwords and stuff like that, I can definitely do that. Where am I?" she answered.

"Tell me how much you've done in hacking," L said. He wanted to know how good this girl is. He wanted her to match the prowess of the murderer in computers.

"I've broken into a phone company's security, just to see if I can make free phone calls but I never used it. I've also broken into he National Government's system. With the path I've used I can basically store my files there and retrieve it anytime I like. Satisfied now? WHERE AM I?" Ayumu shouted out of frustration. L, however was satisfied of the girl's answers.

"One last question. Are you willing to work on an investigation team? We're on a case right now. There's a hacker out there whose using his hacking abilities to murder students. Will you help us?" L asked.

"That sounds interesting. I'll help you but please, take off this blindfold and tell me where I am," the girl answered.

L stood up and untied the girl's blindfold. It took a while for her eyes to get accustomed to the light of the room and when her eyesight it clear once again, the first person she saw was L.

"I am L. I am head of the investigation team working on the said case. You are in the team's headquarters. We blindfolded you because we are still unsure that you can help us. However, I am sure now of your abilities and you're now part of the team so giving you our exact location would be just fine. That guy over there – " L pointed out to Watari who is standing in a corner. "- is Watari. He's a fine man can we can trust him. Now I will have to ask you one last thing," L said making eye contact with Ayumu.

"What s it now?" she asked back.

"Are you willing to stay here in the headquarters? You'll still be able to go to school but you've got to stay here. You should always be available to help out with the investigation," L said.

"If that's what you want then it's fine with me. I've got no parents to stay with, anyway," Ayumu answered.

"Where are they?" L suddenly felt concerned yet this did not show on his face nor on the tone of his voice.

"I don't know. I basically grew up in an orphanage. I left it when I was about fifteen and stayed on an apartment. I worked to pay my rent ever since and I was able to continue studying because of a scholarship," Ayumu answered, staring at the floor. L felt pity for the girl. Somehow, they had things in common. They were both geniuses left by their families in orphanages and had to deal with their own lives on their own…


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