A/N: Ok, an extra chapter. The aftermath of Ayumu's death… I was inspired to write one while reading my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again…it was a bit based on the chapter commemorating Dumbledore...and a little inspiration from eating too much Hello Panda cookies (the one L eats in the Anime)...gosh I missed my school...I used to buy one box a day before...:(

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--In Memoriam--

It has been a week since they have caught Higuchi but the Kira killings still continued. Could it be that Kira can pass his powers to other people? L thought. But, the killings happened ever since Amane Misa was released. Then, she was indeed the second Kira. But then, it was his mistake of voicing these thoughts to others. He had listened as Watari, his father figure, died inside his office and the message of 'All data deletion' appeared on every screen he has set up. He knew from his instincts that it would be his turn next. He whipped around his swivel chair to see that the white shinigami has gone. "Everybody, the shiniga – ," his breath caught in his throat as he fell over his chair. He landed on something soft as he saw Light Yagami catch him. The man that he had accused as Kira. The man who has the same name as the panda bear he gave Ayumu on that fateful Christmas day. "I was right then… but I…" and L closed his eyes never to open again. It was his last defeat. But it was no his greatest defeat.

After L's funeral, the team searched the building. Watari, or rather, Quillish Wammy's death had been reported but L's had been covered up. They decided to break into the only locked room inside the headquarters. The one where L is supposed to be sleeping in. They had hoped that it might contain any information regarding L's true identity. With several hours of effort, they had managed to open it and were shocked at what they saw. It was like a girl's room. It contained a grand piano, and on the bed, was a single panda bear stuffed toy wearing a Santa hat and has it's arms spread wide as if saying 'hug me!'. It looks very battered now as if it was L's been putting all his frustrations on the bear. True, L had hugged this and sopped at it uncontrollably. He had also punched it and screamed at it when the lonely nights became almost unbearable to him. On the bedside table was a picture of Watari and a girl wearing large, black, glittery wings.

They opened the drawer to see several pictures of that girl. Soichiro Yagami turned one over to see L's tidy writing on it, Kuroda Ayumu, you could have been Mrs. Lawliet. "So, L's name is Lawliet?" Matsuda exclaimed. The task force members shot him dirty looks. However, there was shock etched in their faces. They never knew that L had a girlfriend. Soichiro proceeded to open another drawer and in there are several pictures of babies. He turned one over again, and saw L's writing, she could have been our baby if you were not shot. "So, his girlfriend died from gunshot," Soichiro Yagami muttered.

They proceeded to look at L's files in his working table. They almost felt like thieves doing this. Matsuda got hold of a folder with writing on it. The original name of the case had been crossed out with a black marker pen and replaced with "The Case that Killed Ayumu". They leafed through it and found out that Kuroda Ayumu, L's girlfriend, had been a student and was a hacker he hired to help him out for the case. Through Ayumu's effort, they were able to uncover the criminal's true identity, Hanazakarino Ayako. She was caught on Christmas day but not before she fired a gunshot that killed Kuroda Ayumu and the baby she was carrying. At the very back of the file was a letter in L's writing. But it was so messy and blotched in several places.


I never really thought that from the first time I met you, I would fall for you. You were very stubborn, you know that. You kept asking me where you were taken. Now, let me tell you where you are. You are in my heart. And you will always stay there.

I remember now clearly what you told me about a family and I really hoped that I could build one with you, us being both orphans. I am willing to be an ordinary family guy just to be with you, but now, it is completely unnecessary now that you have left me.

The sorrow still have not left me and I do not know when it will lift. I know I look stupid writing to a dead person but I can only care less for those people who may laugh at me. I can only conclude that they have not yet experienced losing a family in one night, 100. I could almost picture the family we almost had. Our baby, could it have been a boy or a girl? I have never known. And I never got to experience going home to a loving wife.

But I promise that I will represent justice and righteousness until the day I die. Whether I be L, Erald Coil, Danuve or just plain Lawliet, I will be the best detectivein the world until the day I die. That's what I promised you before you die and I will keep it.

Remember what you told me about the victims' hard drives after they have been hacked. It's the same as my feeling. When you died, I was never the same again.


L Lawliet

Light took the letter from his father's hands and read it through. Somewhere in his heart or maybe, his soul, he felt guilt. He murdered a man with a broken soul. But, his natural Kira instinct told him that he did L a favor. He was finally reuniting with his Ayumu in heaven and he, Yagami Light will finally reign as the god of the new world.