Summary: Bella tells best friend, Edward, she loves him & he wants to stay friends. Bella moves on to another guy, but she comes back into Edward's life & he realizes he loves her too. He has to fight to win her back before she marries someone else. All human, OOC, AU.

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Prologue's Song: It Could Have Been Me - Billy Ray Cyrus
Reasoning: Well, I thought the lyrics say it all. If you haven't heard the song. Check it out.

Written In The Stars


Prologue: Too Late


She is going to marry another man, one that doesn't deserve her kisses, her caresses, and her love. She is everything a man could desire, and more. She is my angel, my soul mate. I never thought that I would find my soul mate when I was nine. Before my eyes, she became the most fascinating, beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.

I'm in love with my best friend. I never knew that someone could wrap themselves up in our lives as a trusted confidant, and then take control over our heart. Over time, my feelings for her have deepened, became more intense. The longing that I have for her breaks my heart, because she is soon to be out of my reach.

I shouldn't be here. I should be anywhere but here. Sleep wasn't something that could come to me, so I got on my motorcycle and lost myself in the night. Everywhere I went, the image of her flashed before my eyes. Like a ghost, she haunted me, floating in my thoughts. The lake, the field that I danced with her, the bar that I finally saw her for what she really was tugged at my heart strings, making me ache with want. Normally the rumble of the engine beneath me would calm me, but not today. I couldn't forget her. All I could see in my mind was her chocolate eyes, her flowing brunette hair, her gentle heart-shaped face, and the many curves of her body. A body that I wanted so badly, the lips I wanted to kiss. I want everything she has and could offer. All I could do was stare at the stained-glass windows of the church that held the wedding of my love, a wedding that I was not the groom at.

I had been a fool. I let her slip through my fingers. It was really stupid on my part. She tells me that she loves me, wants me, and I tell her that it would be better for us to be friends. I didn't want to take a chance of losing her, losing the only thing that matters. But, in the end, I still lost everything. I just wanted to be near her and now my only way of doing so is to stare at the building that holds the woman I love. Dressed in an exquisite wedding dress draped in silks, looking up into someone else's eyes preparing to say vows before God to love, honor, and cherish him. The thought of that made me feel sick, like I want to die.

Damn it to hell! I screwed up royally and I was paying for it. I could have all these loving feelings for her, but would it really matter? I didn't do enough to make her see how much I love her and that it was my love that she wanted, not his. I wanted to punch something, but what's the use in that? Sitting here wasn't going to help me either. She was getting married, and it wasn't me at her side, and it was my fault. How could I have been so stupid? A beautiful woman tells me she loves me and I refuse her.

I was definitely not acting like the typical man. If it would have been any other woman I would have used her until I was bored and then get rid of her. I had so many women in my life and they were nothing to me. But not Bella. I love her. I couldn't stand seeing her hurt and even worse knowing I was the cause. Maybe it was the thought of hurting my best friend, or maybe my heart knew something that I wasn't conscious of at the time, that she was the love of my life.

The more I sat there in the parking lot staring up at the church the angrier I got. I had to get out of there. To flee with the wind and leave my thoughts behind me. To let the speed consume me until my mind is so numb I couldn't feel. Maybe then I would start to forget.

I was about to start my bike, when I heard a slam of doors of the church. Turning back to the doorway stood my angel dressed in a gorgeous wedding dress, her hair falling down around her face.

Her eyes were filled with tears. Each teardrop was like a knife into my soul. I locked eyes with her. Everything was quiet, and in that moment I wanted to jump up and sweep her up into my arms and comfort her and protect her from whatever was causing her harm. But what if I was the cause of her pain?

She began to take steps toward me. It was as if she was fighting her own personal demons. Like she was unsure of if she wanted to come any closer to me. I wanted her to. I wanted to wipe away all the tears from her lovely face and wrap my arms around her. But what claim did I have? I had lost, hadn't I?

I finally got enough courage to speak, though I didn't really know what to say to her. "Bella?" I whispered.

I wouldn't have noticed the man behind her if I hadn't heard the doors slam again. Both our attentions turned to a man standing just outside the door. Dressed in his silken tuxedo, he stared at both of us. When he saw me, I knew he wanted to rip me apart. He blamed me for this. His dark eyes bored into my soul and I know he wanted me dead this very moment.

"Bella, I love you. I want you to be my wife. Please, come back inside." He begged.

I watched the struggle in her eyes. Her voice was barely a whisper when she turned to him. "I don't think I can. I don't know what to do."

Her eyes traveled back to mine and I wanted to beg her to stay with me, love me, to marry me. I knew I couldn't do that to her, that would have been selfish. I had already done too much to her. This was her choice.

With a trembling voice, I spoke to her.

"I love you, Bella. You are my heart, my soul, my everything. I was such a fool to tell you all those years ago that I didn't want your love. I missed out on so much with you, but this is your choice. I have been a complete asshole to you about your feelings for me, but you have always believed that I was this good and sweet person. You make me want to be that person. I'm tired of the womanizing, I want a person that means something to me, and that person is you. If you love him more than me, I will go away and leave you to your happiness. The only thing that really matters is your happiness."

After I told her what I felt, it was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, but now it was a waiting game. Bella's eyes moved from me to the eyes of her fiancé. The question was who she would pick, me or Jacob Black.