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Epilogue: Love Story

A Month Later...

"Who is he?"

"Who's he with?"

"He's hot."

As I was circling the room at the Smith Publishing's Annual Author Gala, I couldn't help but notice and overhear the women talking about the most dashing man in the room. He was standing across the room, never noticing the glances from the women who were dressed in their finest. He was too wrapped up in his conversation with BJ and Mr. Crane. He didn't know that he was the topic of every woman in the room, not that he would really care in the first place.

Most of the women never noticed me, even though I was one of the authors being honored, receiving an award for Up and Coming Author for my first novel. They were too worried about who that man was and who he was with. It didn't matter, because I knew who he was with, and it would blow their minds knowing who it was.

When his eyes rose to meet mine, I couldn't help but smile as he said his goodbyes and slowly began to walk toward me, never losing contact with my eyes. The women obviously thought they had finally captured his attention, but how wrong were they. He passed them without a glance and slowly came to a stop in front of me to lean forward and gently brush his lips against mine. Let's just say I was on the receiving end of many glares of death.


"Thank you," I smiled as he pulled me up into his arms.

I couldn't help but smile as the women glared at me. To them I was nothing, but to this man… I was his world and I was so happy to finally be here with him, especially after everything that we had been through to get here to this moment.

A few weeks earlier...

As Edward carried me into the house, I felt at home for the first time since the moment I had lost Charlie, and that was something to be said. When he reached the sofa he laid me down before he laid himself gently over me.

His hands gently traced the contours of my face, his touch so warm, I couldn't help but lean into his touch. I knew it was silly for me to feel embarrassed, but I knew I was since I could feel my face warming, and I knew it was turning a bright crimson color.

"I keep asking myself if this is a dream," he said with a slight smile.

"It's real... At least I hope this is."

I couldn't help myself. I had to look at him. This was the first time that I knew that I didn't have to look away from him to hide how I felt. I could look at him all I wanted because he was mine now, and as strange as it was to think, it was true. His eyes were bright with joy, and I knew mine were just as sparkly, but it was fine with me. I was finally getting a taste of true happiness.

"I'm so happy you're home," he said, "Now we get this chance to be together and we can stay here..."

I couldn't let him go on like this because I knew there was too much to be said…

"Edward, I live in Chicago. I work there. I would have to get a transfer and everything, and that could take months to even get a transfer. I can't just pick up and leave right now. Not after all the work I have done to get to this point in my career."

I knew my words had to hurt him, but he had to know that I was telling him the truth. It wasn't like I was telling him I didn't want to be with him or anything like that.

"So what's going to happen to us then," he asked with a sigh.

Honestly, I didn't know. I didn't know how it would all turn out, this was all too new to me, and I just wanted this moment of happiness with him. It could be dealt with later at a different place and time.

"Edward, can we think about this later? Let's just take it one day at a time and just enjoy this moment. Please…" I said as I stroked my finger slowly down his face, "We can talk about this tomorrow."

He smiled as he rolled himself so he was on the bottom before he pulled me against his chest.

"Okay. We'll talk about it later," he replied with a smile.

Sighing, I nuzzled my head down in his chest, breathing deeply, allowing myself to take in his very presence.



"You want to know something?" he asked, lifting up enough that he could see my face.

"What would that be, Edward?"Edward Cullen. More than you could ever imagine."

"Whatever happens after this point, I want it to always be with you. I have spent so much time without you I don't think I could handle being away from you anymore. If it will make you happy, I'll come to Chicago with you. My home is with you, and wherever you are, that is where I want to be."

Leaning forward, I kissed him, ever so gently before I pulled back again to look in his emerald eyes.

"I love you,

"I think I do, since I know how much you mean to me."

"Dance with me," he whispered as the song "Unchained Melody" began to play, along with bringing me back from my memory.

Taking my hand, he led me to the dance floor as he wrapped his arms around me.

"This is heaven," I said while he twirled me around the dance floor.

"I think maybe you have that right," he chuckled as he pulled me closer to him.

Leaning my head against his shoulder, we danced for hours. I never left his arms. I was happy where I was, and there wasn't any place in this world that I wanted to be than with him. I spent so long without him, so now I wanted nothing more than to stay with him. Maybe forever wasn't such a dream anymore…

Back In Forks…

Sitting on the back porch of Edward's house, I was curled up in one of the chairs along with my favorite new book… one about a band of brothers who were vampires. I could hear Edward walking through the house. He had spent hours in there, and I could have almost sworn he had been pacing back and forth for over an hour, but that was crazy. I just let him do what he needed while I was absorbed in the world of my book.


Looking up over the rims of my glasses, I could tell something wasn't right, well… maybe not wrong, but off.

"What is it?"

"Nothing, I was just wondering if you wanted to go with me for a ride. I was thinking about taking the bike out for a while, and I thought that you would want to go."

Putting my book down on the table beside my chair, I stood and crossed the distance between us.

"Sure, just give me a few minutes."

He moved to let me pass through the house, and I climbed the stairs two at a time and ran in the bathroom to freshen up a little before I headed back downstairs to find him standing right in front of the door, motorcycle keys in hand.

Extending his hand to me, he led me down the front steps and out to the bike. After getting it off its kickstand, I climbed on behind him, wrapping my arms around him tightly. He glanced back to smile at me before the bike rumbled to life.

I had gotten used to riding with Edward, though. It was a different experience now that we were together. The feel of his warm body against me warmed my very heart and soul, the rumble of the engine beneath me was accelerating. It was perfect in my mind.

As we rode, the day began to turn to night and the stars started to shimmer above us, covering us in the splendor of the night. After a few hours, he slowed down out in a remote spot and finally came to a stop.

"I think we should stop here for a while," he said as he stepped off the bike and helped me off.

It didn't take me long to realize where we were, though. This place held so many memories for us. Dancing… our first kiss… this place would always be special to us.

With my hand wrapped in his, we walked out of sight of the road, and he sat down out amongst the grass, bringing me down beside him. Finally he settled himself and pulled me down to lay in the grass with him, my head against his chest.

The night was quiet, the sky so clear, I could have sworn that I could see every star in the sky. I relaxed as I listened to the sound of Edward's gentle breathing.

"You know maybe you were right…" started Edward.


"About love being so great, like it was written in the stars…"

"What brought that up?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Nothing, it was something that I was thinking about though…"

I didn't say anything else. I just went back to staring up at the sky, watching the twinkling stars. I didn't know how long we stayed there or how long the silence was, but his next words caused my heart to jump.

"Marry me…"

Jumping up to bring myself to his eye level, I looked at him with utter terror. Maybe not terror, but it was startling…


Taking my hand in his, he leaned forward to kiss me gently on my hand.

"Isabella… You were my playmate as a child, you were my friend when I needed you… a better one than most people could be, and now I see you as I should have seen you all those years ago. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known and I can't stand the idea of waiting another day to put a ring on your finger," tracing my ring finger as he spoke, "and letting the world know that we love each other and that we are going to spend the rest of our lives being happy together. Isabella Swan, will you marry me?"

I could feel the tears welling in my eyes as he spoke, and the words he spoke were not famous like Shakespeare or even Jane Austen, but those words, in my mind, were the most beautiful, the most perfect words I had ever heard in my life.

I couldn't speak, so I leaned forward and my lips crashed into his, letting him know my answer. There was such passion in his kiss and mine as well. Everything that I had ever wanted was here. I had my career, and now I had the man that I had truly never thought I deserved. He loved me… and someday soon, I was going to be his wife.

He pulled back and smiled… "So the answer is yes, right?"

Pushing him playfully, I answered…

"Yes. There is no one else in the world that I would ever want more than you. I love you… so much."

Pulling me into his arms, I knew my dreams had been answered and there was much to come in our futures together.

The thing I didn't know was… the past has a way of coming back to haunt us all…

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