Task to Guard

Task to Guard

Summary: A new threat has emerged, one that is set on destruction. Can Speed put an end to the threat or will it be the one battle he can't win? First ever Speed Racer fic. So please be kind.

Two men clocked in the shadows; one of the figures is sitting at a desk, and from what can be seen of his face, he is very angry.

"A certain race car driver in this city has become an intolerable nuisance." the man said as he slid a magazine across the desk. On the cover was a photo of Speed Racer as he accepted his trophy for the trans-Africa race that had been three weeks ago. "If he wins the grand prix, it is quite likely that he will discover the secret behind the Phantom Team. How do you propose to handle the situation?"

"Warn him off. It's my experience that a scared man is more useful than a dead one." The second man said, the cockiness apparent in his voice

"A warning... is that not a bit tame?" The first man said, in a sinister tone

"Depends how you do it." The second man said, in a voice that hinted that what he hand in mind to do to Speed would be more than a verbal warning.

"I don't care how you do it just make sure that Speed Racer doesn't finish the race."

"Don't worry sir, if Speed Racer even enters the race he won't survive."

Just outside the room a masked man stood in the shadows, he had heard every word of the two men's conversation. Not knowing what the men had in mind to do to Speed, he knew he had to warn him. As the masked man exited the building, he raised the sleeve of his shirt and raised his wrist towards his mouth. "I need constant surveillance on Speed Racer."

On the concrete drive outside Pop's Motors garage was a little girl riding a shiny red tricycle, as she rode she made the noise of a racing motor raise and shifting gears as she maneuvered the tricycle on a course drawn on the concrete in chalk.

"Pulling into Victory lane the winner: Victori…" the little girl said as she crossed the finish line. Stopping short, she looked around her surroundings. Noticing a figure standing in the shadows of a nearby tree, she could tell that the man was wearing a mask.

Still staring at the man who hadn't made a movement, she called out "Daddy!"

To the masked man's surprise, Speed came out of the large garage door that had been open. Kneeling down next to the little girl on the tricycle, Speed asked, "What's wrong kiddo."

The little girl didn't say anything, but pointed in the direction of the masked man.

Looking in the direction that she was pointing, Speed saw the man leaning against the tree watching them.

The masked man could hear Speed telling her to go inside with her mother; as he picked her up off of the tricycle and placed her on the pavement, turning her toward the garage.

After Speed watched her go into the garage, he turned his attention to the masked man. Making his way over to the tree, speed noticed a feeling of familiarity of the man; but it wasn't until he was close enough to see the mask that the realization of who the man is sunk in.

"Racer X?"