On the day of the race, the excitement in the air was almost tangible. Reporters seemed to be everywhere that day, hoping to get interviews with the teams as they prepped for the race; but no team was targeted by the media entourage like the Go team was; as the reporters were practically camped outside the team garage.

"All teams report to your positions for the start of the race." The announcer's voiced boomed over the loud speakers; signaling the prep countdown of twenty minutes to finish any last minute adjustments before the start of the race.

Speed and Trixie left the garage together hand in hand, with Victoria settled on Speed's hip with her tiny arms wrapped around Speed's neck, as the press snapped pictures like crazy.

"Here it comes," Speed mumbled as he continued to smile.

"Just answer their questions and get it over with." Trixie mumbled back as they moved through the crowd of reporters towards the team pit.

"Speed, do you think you'll have a good run today?" A reporter shouted his question above all the others.

"The Mach 5 is in excellent condition, all we can hope for is good weather conditions and a good race." Speed said hoping they'd hurry up with the questions.

"Are you concerned about the threat of rain?" Another reporter asked, jumping at Speed's comment about the weather conditions.

"I think that all the teams are equally concerned. If the course becomes wet, it can cause trouble with traction."

"Are you concerned about crashing like Rex did?" a woman with a nasally voice asked. Speed had known that question was coming with the line of questioning the reporters were taking, but it still took a moment to recover from the emotions that came with it.

"No comment." Was all Speed could answer as he began moving through the crowd again; signaling the end of the interview. Security holding the press back, so the family can get to the Racer Motors pit.

"Just shake it off." Trixie whispered in his ear after they got through the crowd. Speed only gave a nod of acknowledgement.

Once they arrived in the pit, Sparky and Spritle were getting the car into position. Trixie got her headset from the pit overlook. She checked the battery and attached the transmitter to her belt. She also got her and Sparky's monitors ready for the race.

As Trixie was getting her communicator ready for the race, Speed went over to the pit wall that separated the pit crews from the spectators. Detaching Victoria from his hip, Speed sat her down on the pit wall.

"Are we going to win today?" Speed asked.


"And why's that?"

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." Victoria said, repeating the Racer family motto.

"Can't lose." Speed repeated as he lowered his head so that both of their foreheads were touching. Then pulling back, Speed remembers the next part in their pre-race routine. "Good luck kiss."

Victoria wraps her tiny arms around Speed's neck and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. After that, Speed lifts Victoria over the wall to where Mom Racer was waiting; before turning and heading to the car.

Pops and Mom Racer, with Victoria, were sitting with some other important people in the racing world. Leaving Sparky, Trixie, and Spritle to stay and run the pit.

The memorial race was a road race, meaning he was driving the Mach 5. But this race had a rule of no navigators; this was a race specifically for drivers. But it had become a personal tradition of his and Trixie's that while Sparky was doing his final check, Trixie accompanied him to the car.

Once Speed was in the Mach 5, Trixie secured the safety harness and went over the car's safety systems. It always helped to ease her mind knowing that she had checked the safety systems personally just before each race; as there were a lot of cheaters in the field that would try anything to win.

When everything was secure, Speed and Trixie would always share a passionate good luck kiss. When they broke apart, Trixie moved out of the way and closed the door on the Mach 5, securing the safety lock that was especially for races.

Speed reached over to the passenger seat where his helmet was sitting. Putting on the helmet, he made sure that it was secure; then he plugged in his communicator.

"Trixie, give me a sound check."

"Check 3, 2, 1. Can you hear me?" Trixie's voice came over the ear piece.

"Loud and clear, Trix."

"All teams to your final positions for the start." The announcer's voice came again; signaling the end of the prep time and the start of the race.

Unlike the track car, the Mach 5 had a key start; so Sparky went to his position in the pit and watched as Speed started the Mach 5 and revved the engine several times, prepping it for the race. Like Trixie, Sparky checked his communicator; making sure everything was ready for the race.

Inside the Mach 5, Speed starts the motor; but just sits there for a moment listening closely to the sound of the engine; feeling the vibration of the motor. He tilted his head slightly to the side and closed his eyes as he concentrated only on the comforting feeling and sound of the powerful motor.

Speed always took this moment to clear his head and concentrate on the track. He reached up and touched breast pocket of his racing uniform, inside it was a photo that he always raced with. Speed opened his eyes just as the other cars were finished staging themselves.

"Wish me luck, Rex." Speed whispered under his breath as he watched the start tree's lights come on.

Note: Speed and Trixie's race tradition comes from a drag racing tradition where, depending on personal preference and car division, a member of the driver's start crew will secure the safety systems on the car and make sure the driver's safety harness is securely fastened before each race. I also allowed the use of car telemetry during a race. In real life, the use of telemetry equipment is banned in an actual race; it can only be used in practice runs.