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Summary: Just because Sarah defeated the Labyrinth, doesn't mean that the story is over. Sarah enthralls herself in fantasy once more. But what she doesn't know is that her dreams were gifts from a particular unhappy King.

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Chapter Three

Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered

The owl gave a playful squawk and descended out the window.

Sarah was left holding her reddening face in her hand.


"Damn Goblin King…"

I glared agonizingly into my vanity mirror. The dark rings under my eyes greeted themselves boldly in my reflection. Sleep was wishful thinking for the rest of the night. Once the Goblin King left I swayed anxiously on my bed replaying the night in my mind's eye. It happened so quickly yet so much to remember. The man who kidnapped my brother showing up out of the mists like that—something was afoot. For thirteen hours I hated him yet admired him. Within his maze I was afraid, but enamored. Every turn led to something new and exciting. I never knew what to expect…because nothing was what it seemed. Which is more then I can say for my current existence in this world of humans. Day in, day out. Sunrise, sunset they say.

The Goblin King offered an escape from that. Even for just for a bit. I already told him that I would accompany him to the festival, but I am still weary of his proposal. Every coin has two sides, so what is the other side of his Majesty…?

"Sarah? Are you up, Sport?" Along with a few taps on my door I can hear my Father's voice on the other side, "It's almost nine, Sarah."

"I-I'm up, Dad. Just about to take a shower!"

"Well don't drag your feet, we're going to go out for breakfast. You got a half hour," his footsteps disappeared along the carpet as he walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I didn't really want to go out today. I just wanted to sit and think about the current…situation. Following through with what I told Dad I drudged out of bed feeling heavy and exhausted. An invisible force applied pressure to my shoulders as I walked to then bathroom connected to my room. My body begged for sleep and rest, but my brain refused to give up its hold on me.

I turned the knob in the shower letting my fingers linger in the droplets until the water heated to the temperature of my liking. Perhaps a nice warm shower will ease my aching muscles…

I slipped out of my pajamas, letting them schlep on the floor as I walked into the spray. I shut the shower door and closed my eyes. The water droplets raced across my face like soothing fingers tingling my skin. I kneaded my shoulder for a bit before reaching for the soap. I lathered a thick foam in my palms and applied the fragrant substance to my forearms and chest. The scent of Lavender overpowered the bathroom air. I breathed in deeply before exhaling into a smile. The soap lingered on my skin, allowing the scent of it to fuse with my body. I rubbed my hands together and slowly pulled them apart creating a thin film between them.

I blew lightly creating small bubbles. I would always make soap bubbles as a kid as my father gave me baths. We would pop them as quickly as possible to see who could pop the most. But if course my Father would always say I won to make me feel better even though he clearly was the victor. I blew another bubble, but this time it was a long, slow breath that filled this bubble. The circular soap globe swayed in front of me strangely. Usually the spray of the shower would have destroyed the delicate thing by now. I stared intently at it.



I peeked out of the shower. It couldn't have been 30 minutes already has it? I fell under the spray of the water again rinsing the soap from my skin.


I looked towards the corner of the shower. The bubble was still there. Still floating so elegantly, rising closer to the ceiling until it came about eye level with me.

"Now I do hope you have made up your mind by now dear, Sarah.."

"J-Jareth..? Where?" I asked myself.

A light, amused laughter chortled in my head, "Why, in front of you of course…"

And in front of me it was.

The bubble.

The bubble that would not pop.

Had the face of a snickering Goblin King on its transparent surface.

My eyes grew wide and I felt my mouth open just slightly to let out an unworldly scream.


"I still can't believe you screamed over a spider, Sarah," Dad was in the driver's seat on the way to breakfast. I puffed my cheeks as I looked out the window.

"It startled me, Dad. I screamed, I squashed it; it's in the trash. The End." My face was still tinged red from this morning's fiasco with the "spider". I am not actually afraid of arachnids but when Dad came pounding on the bathroom's door asking what had happened that caused me to scream—I panicked. "It was a spider, Dad!" was what I said. And now I am regretting it. Toby poked and teased me from the minute I walked down the stairs all the way to the car. Even now he continues to make spider movements with his hands, his fingers crawling up my arms in an attempt to creep me out. I love the kid, but sometimes I just want to buy a holding cage for him and stick him in the backyard.

"Damn Goblin King."

"What was that, dear?"

"Nothing Karen. Absolutely nothing…."


I thought I told him to leave me alone until tonight?

During breakfast Jareth found it amusing to make startling appearances in my coffee. The black drink sat off to the side, I refused to put that in my stomach.

"Sarah," Toby poked me, "You're not drinking your coofee…"

"It's cawfee. Coffee, Toby. And I don't feel much like it today."

"Then can I have it?!" He reached quickly for the beige mug.

"NO!" I surprised myself along with the rest of the restaurant. Without my knowing I stood up from my seat as I grasped my little brother's wrist. I tried laughing it off with small chuckles, but nothing could hide the shade of pink of my cheeks, "You're too young for coffee, Toby."

Karen and Dad stared at me with confused glares.

"Drink your OJ, Toby…"

The adults continued to watch me as Dad sipped his water and Karen nibbled her toast, "I thought I saw something disgusting floating in it anyway…."


Everyone was just about finished with their breakfasts. The contaminated cup of coffee sat cold and untouched for the rest of the morning. Father had a giddy smile on his face. The same smile he always has when he is satisfied with something. Especially food.

"Mmm, mmm ,mmmm!" Dad hummed happily, "This biscuits and gravy is delicious! Try it Kare!"

"Dear you know I'm watching my figure..." My stepmother flattened her dress to prove a point.

"Watching it do what—bloat?"

Karen gave me a threatening glare of hatred. Dad was too enthralled with his biscuits and gravy to have heard my insult. Which was good for me. Karen dabbed her mouth with a napkin as elegantly as possible and gave me the most fakest smile I have ever seen. I have seen more sincere faces on clocks.

"So…Sarah. What are your plans about college? Hmm? Are you even considering having a successful future at all?"

This woman still knows how to push my buttons…

I smiled right back at her, "Actually, Kare. I'm—going on a little road trip……tomorrow. With friends…to look at colleges…"

"Tomorrow? That's such late notice, Sarah. I would feel better if I went with you or maybe Karen!"

"I think it is a GRAND idea, dear. Let her go. Please."

My father's brow crinkled, "who is going with you? Jennette?"

I actually haven't seen Jennette since Junior year, but she was the only friend that Dad and Karen still think I have contact with, "Um, yes. Jennette. Jennette and her Father actually. Mr. Wilson will be there with us so you don't have to worry."

"Why are you telling us this now? Why not earlier?"


My eyes turned to Toby next to me. His face was smeared with Jelly from his toast. He drew merrily with his crayons on the paper given to him by the waiter. On it was a large hill with flowers and a happy sun with glasses and a flying turtle in the blue sky….

"….I might be considering……Sky….Hill…..Academy!"

"Sky Hill Academy…? I have never heard of it."

"Well its fairly new, but apparently exclusive. It's an art/multimedia kinda school. I can pursue my writing there as well. It's just to check it out, look in on classes, stuff like that….and they are offering tours around the school, but only for this week…."

"When did I get so good at lying?" I thought to myself.

"Where is it?" He asked me.



"It's not too far from Middlebury College, which I might look at to. It's a Liberal Arts School."

"I don't know…"


My Father stared at me for a minute then opened his mouth, "Alright, but you better leave me the number to the college to call and address. I trust you Sarah, Not just because you are turning twenty soon but merely because I trust you."

"…..thanks, Dad…"


After calling Jennette--after surprisingly finding her number in an old notebook, I called in a favor from her. It's not like we are not friends anymore, but we lost touch when she joined cheerleading, but we are still at least acquaintances. I asked her if I could use her number as the reference number to give my Father. When she asked me why I told her….I was meeting a guy in Vermont. Being the hopeless romantic I remember her being she agreed and wished me luck on my secret love.


I gave her all the information I assumed she would need to know. Address of the college, some made up classes and programs, etc.

"Thank you so much Jennette."

"No, prob. We should get together some time when you get back from your rendezvous…"

"Yeah sure. Thanks again."

"Good luck, Sarah!"

She hung up and I let out a breath of relief.

"What have I gotten myself in to…"


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