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Olivia Benson wasn't very fond of working third shift. Sure, there was a lot more action, but there were also a lot more fatal accidents and Olivia always took the deaths personally. It made her feel as though she and her team didn't respond fast enough, and because she was a lieutenant within Ladder Company 28 and she was in charge of the night crew, she felt that it was her responsibility. She just hoped they could avoid any problems tonight.

"Hey guys," Liv called as she entered the station and noticed some of her crew already there. "Where is everyone else?"

"They got here early, just before a call, and decided to help out," Angie Barton, the only other female on the team responded.

"Anything we need to be worried about?" Liv asked, concerned.

"Not really. I think it was just a possible jumper at 54th and Lexington," Jose Gutierrez answered.

As he finished his statement, the last four members of the team entered the station. Johnny Daniels, Paul Unger, Danny Johnson, and Danny Mitchell all looked no worse for the wear.

"Hey guys, any problems?" Liv asked.

"Nah, the jumper was talked down by the police so it all turned out good." Danny Johnson, or DJ, responded.

Liv looked at the others, waiting to hear any other comments. When she was certain the no one was going to say anything, she began to make her start of shift inquiries, but was interrupted by a loud ringing throughout the station house, signaling a call out.

"Alright everyone suit up," she yelled, rushing to get her gear. "On the truck in two. Daniels, you're driving."

They arrived at the truck in less than two minutes and were on their way out to the building. It wasn't that hard to miss, as it was close to where they were located.

Making it to the scene, Liv could see that they were the first to arrive but she could also see the other trucks not far off. "Listen up," she yelled as her team was making preparations, "Unger, you and I are going in to make sure that everyone is out. The rest of you, man the hose and get that blaze out. Let's move it!"

Everyone was scrambling around trying to follow the orders that were just given. Within minutes, the hose was on and Liv and Unger were on their way in. Unger started a sweep of the bottom floor and was going to work his way up, Liv went up to the third floor to do the same.

Coming out on the third floor landing, Liv immediately notice a little boy in the hall with tears streaming down his face. She ran up to him, thankful that the smoke wasn't thick enough to require her oxygen mask just yet so that he didn't have to be scared of her.

"Hey little man, my name's Olivia. What do you say we get you out of here?" She asked as she scooped him into her arms. His only response was to nod and wrap his arms around Liv's neck.

Liv rushed down the stairs to get him to safety. When she exited the building and reached a designated safe area, she put him down. "Hey little man, where are your parents?" She asked the little boy.

"She's still in there," he yelled anxiously.

"Ok, can you tell me what floor you live on?" she questioned, trying to figure out whether or not he actually lived on the third floor, or if he had been trying to get out himself. All he could do was hold up his hand with five fingers up.

Liv cursed under her breath. She left the boy with the officials in the area as she sprinted back into the building. Knowing that the smoke would be a lot worse, she put her oxygen mask on and ran as fast as she could to the fifth floor. Thankfully, there were only a few apartments on this floor, so she didn't have too many doors to knock down. She cleared the first two apartments, making sure no one was still in them. When she reached the third apartment, the door was thrown open suddenly and a woman with blonde hair was standing in the door way, coughing. Olivia didn't even take the time to think. She knew this woman needed fresh air and she needed it now. She took a couple deep breaths, then removed her oxygen mask and placed it on the blonde's face. She bent down to scoop her up in her arms just as the blonde collapsed.

Liv ran back towards the stairs and went down as fast as she could. Finally reaching the last flight, Olivia noticed how the wood was now warped, signifying that they were unsafe to walk on. She tried to do her best to look ahead to the bottom to see how safe that was, but her vision started to blur, telling her that she needed to get into the fresh air as soon as possible. She stepped back as far as she could and took a running start. She leapt as she got to the edge, clearing the entire flight of stairs. When she landed, she immediately felt the pain and she was pretty sure that she had just sprained her ankle, but somehow she managed to stay on her feet and make it safely out of the building.

By the time she brought the blonde over to the safe area, she was already starting to stir. Olivia set her down and suddenly fell to her knees, knowing that she was going to pass out. The last thing she saw was the little boy rush over to the blonde that she had just rescued. She smiled as the blackness enclosed on her, knowing that she had returned the woman to whom she thought was her son.

Sometime later, when Olivia started to regain consciousness, she could hear a steady beeping, some light mutterings, and at least one person roaming around the room. Finally able to open her eyes, she saw her team sitting or standing around the room, and a nurse silently checking her vitals.

"Hey guys," she said hoarsely, aiming to get their attention.

"Damn L.T," yelled Barton, "don't you do that again. You scared the shit out of us."

"When, last night or right now?" Liv smirked.

"Both," Mitchell responded, causing everyone in the room to laugh.

"What happened?" She asked

"Well, after you rescued the blonde bombshell, you passed out. She flagged down the EMT's and they took a look at you. They told her that you would have to come here for oxygen and to get your ankle checked out, but other than that you s would be just fine. And now here we all are." Unger explained.

After the explanation of the night's events, the nurse realized that Olivia was again growing tired, she ushered the guests out of the room, all of them promising that they were see her when she got out. With that she fell asleep to the sounds of the heart monitor.

She woke for the second time, a few hours later, and noticed to familiar faces sitting in the chairs beside the bed.

"Hey, El! Monique! How's it going?" Liv asked her visitors.

"Why is it that it that it takes a hospital visit for me to get to see you?" Monique asked, placing a few magazines in front of Liv.

"What can I say? I've been busy the last couple weeks."

"Just to let you know, Cragen's pissed at you." Elliot warned.

"What did I do this time?" Liv asked.

"You almost got yourself killed." Monique filled in.

"I was doing my job!" Liv exclaimed.

"Yeah and now you have a sprained ankle and currently sound like you have been smoking for forty years." Elliot explained.

"First of all if I could have taken a different way out, I would have. By the time I found the woman she was already in the hall and it would have been pointless to take her further into the burning building to use a fire escape. I knew the chance of the floor being structurally sound wasn't good, but I had to get her out. Second, she was having trouble breathing and needed clean air as soon as possible. My oxygen mask was the closest thing at the time. I got her out safely and that is all that matters."

"Well, I just thought you should know that Cragen is gonna be here later." Elliot responded.

"And the woman's name is Alex Cabot, just so you know." Monique added.

"How do you know that?" Liv questioned.

"Because she is our ADA." Elliot said.

"Damn! How's that for a coincidence?" Liv asked, more to herself than her visitors.

"That's actually the other reason that we're here." Monique said.

"You mean you didn't just want to check on me to make sure I was ok?" Liv asked with mock hurt in her voice.

"Are you kidding me? You'd give superman a run for his money on the invincibility scale." Elliot laughed.

"Yeah right," Liv scoffed. "So what does this have to do with ADA Cabot?"

"Do you remember the little boy that you pulled out of the building?" Monique questioned.

"Yeah, I think he was actually looking for Ms. Cabot when I found him. He ran up to her as soon I got her in the safe area." Liv told them.

"We think he witnessed the arson and the rape that took place beforehand, but we can't get him to talk to us. He wouldn't even talk to Alex so she took him to see Liz Olivet. She couldn't get him to talk either, but he kept drawing pictures of the fireman that saved him. Huang seems to think that he might talk to you if he saw you again." Elliot explained.

"Well, they are keeping me for another night for observation. When do you want me to talk to him?" Liv asked.

"The sooner we have something, the sooner we can find the guy." Monique responded.

"If it's alright with Ms. Cabot, have her bring her son to the precinct around noon tomorrow and I'll give it a shot." Liv said.

"Thanks, Liv," Elliot said standing to leave. "Well we had better get going and let you get some rest. See you tomorrow, Liv."

"Try and get some sleep girl. And no hitting on the nurses." Monique mock scolded as she made her way to the door.

"Are you ever gonna let me live that down? It happened one time. And for the record I was hopped up on pain killers."

"Whatever you say Benson," Monique replied. "And what does that say about everyone else when you still came out of that with at least four numbers?"

"What can I say?" Liv shrugged. "I can't help it if my natural charm comes through even when I'm drugged."

Instead of responding, Monique laughed and followed her partner out the door. As soon as the door closed there was another knock. "Come in." Liv yelled, not looking up from her magazine.

"Lieutenant Benson?" came a foreign, angelic voice from the doorway. Olivia's head immediately snapped up, her chocolate brown eyes meeting ocean blue. "I hope you don't mind me stopping in like this."

"No, not at all."

"I just wanted to thank you for saving my life." Alex responded.

"Ms. Cabot, right?" Liv asked, motioning for Alex to sit.

"How did you know?" Alex asked, shocked that the lieutenant knew her name.

"Detectives Stabler and Jeffries were just here and told me that I had saved their ADA," Liv explained. "They wanted to scold me, thank me, and ask for my help, all in that order."

"Please call me Alex," she stated. "If you don't mind my asking, how do you know do you know Elliot and Monique?"

"I used to be a member of SVU, obviously before you joined, and Elliot was my partner. Monique was there too, but I met her when I was still a beat cop."

"So you used to be a detective as well?" Alex questioned. Seeing Liv nod, she continued. "If it's not too personal, seeing as I don't even really know you, would you mind telling me what happened?"

"I pissed off the wrong people." Liv smirked. "I was working the Nelson case. You might have seen the file, seeing as the case was never officially closed. I had evidence that connected Judge Hogan to the crime. Apparently you don't question political officials as suspects in a rape/homicide investigation. He had the right connections, made my evidence disappear, and forced me off the squad. Other than the fact that we couldn't make him for the crime, I don't regret it. I love my job now and apparently I'm good at it."

"Yeah you are," Alex reassured her. "Wait a minute! You were the lead detective on that case? Alex asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Because, you are famous around the precinct. Because of that case, Hogan was forced off the New York bench, too much bad publicity I guess. From what I hear he moved out to No-name, Nebraska." Alex replied in awe.

Feeling the sudden silence starting to grow awkward, Alex changed the subject. "Besides thanking you, I actually came by to ask you a favor," she explained nervously.


"Well Jimmy, won't talk to me about what happened…"

"I'm guessing that you want me to talk to him?" Liv asked.

"Yeah, how did you know that?"

"Stabler and Jeffries asked me the same thing. I told them that if it is convenient for you then you could bring Jimmy down to the precinct around noon tomorrow and I'll give it a shot."

"That shouldn't be a problem." Alex responded thankfully. "Well I should get going and let you get some rest." With that, Alex stood up and made her way to the door. "See you tomorrow Lieutenant."

"See you tomorrow Counselor."