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Throughout campus Mai is known to give good advice. She has no problem helping those in distress. However when her professor, the young Oliver Davis, comes up to her seeking love advice, Mai has a bit of trouble. Naru x Mai and Yasuhara x Mai

Over a Cup of Tea

Chapter One


"You pass this over to Mai."

The young man looked down at the folded piece of paper on his lap before giving his classmate a puzzled look. He didn't hear her clearly. The girl beside him repeated her words.

"Pass it over to Mai." She whispered a bit louder. "It's from Kaori." She added in. She pointed at a girl on the other side of the room.

The boy couldn't help but roll his eyes. He felt like he was in high school already again. Passing notes in class? Come on, they're in college now. He felt a poke from the girl beside him. She was urging him to pass the note to the brunette who was daydreaming.

He cursed under his breath. He picked up the note and leaned a bit closer to the girl on his right. "Hey Taniyama-san." His eyes looked back at the professor. He couldn't risk being caught. His grades were already low. He was going to call out to the girl one more time before just throwing the note at her.

"Taniyama!" It wasn't the boy, but the teacher.

"Yes!" The brunette stood from her seat in utter surprise. Her ears caught the laughter from her peers. Mai's cheeks burned up as she slowly sat back down.

"Taniyama, do you know what Shakespeare was implying in lines sixteen to twenty-five?" The teacher waited for an answer, but only received silence. He sighed, "Next time pay attention. Fall asleep in another class, but not mine."

The young woman nodded. "Yes, Nazuka-sensei."

As she was about to open her book a note was slid her way. Mai grabbed the note and hid it in her book.

"Begin reading the scene and then interpret the character's actions." The teacher's words echoed in the lecture hall. "It will be graded as a quiz. Hand it in at the end of class."

Mai quickly took out the note and read over it.

Mai! Thank you so much! Really! You don't know how grateful I am. I followed your advice and like you said they agreed. I never thought I would be able to convince them. Again thank you! –Kaori

Her lips unconsciously curled up into a smile. Her mood changed after reading over the words. Her embarrassing moment from before was erased from her mind. Just the thought that she helped yet another confused soul brighten her day.

Mai slipped the note into her bag before getting to the assignment. The smile still lingered on her face.


"Oh thank you!" Mai didn't step out of the room yet and she was right away attacked by Kaori. The girl continued thanking the other who was now embarrassed. She was receiving too much attention.

"Please stop." One thank you was enough for her. She didn't feel comfortable with people praising her. Mai never thought that her advice was that great. All she did was give her opinion. Though, at the end she was happy that her words helped.

Mai waved good bye to Kaori and headed towards her next class. Just when she thought everything was normal a voice called out to her.

"Doctor! Oh doctor!"

The young woman didn't dare turn around. She just continued walking trying to ignore the voice. Yet her peers around her didn't, they looked strangely at the boy trailing after the brunette.

"Aw! That's rude! You're ignoring me." He reached out and grabbed her shoulder.

"I wasn't ignoring you Yasuhara-senpai. I just didn't hear you." She said in her defense as she brushed off his hand.

The dark haired man just laughed. She was cute when she was angry. He adjusted his glasses. "I heard that you solved yet another problem Doctor Taniyama." He used a teasing voice. "You really should open a hotline."

Mai felt her cheeks burn up again. "Shut up senpai!"

"But Mai-chan, it's true." Yasuhara followed her into their room. "You have helped out more than fifty percent of the student population."

During her first week in school Mai helped out one of her seniors with some love issues. At the end the couple worked out their problems and continued dating. Until now, many months later, the couple was still together and more in love. The girl praised Mai for helping out. From there news spread like wild fire and everyone knew of Mai the counselor. Her reputation only grew as she helped out more people. Mai just couldn't say no to someone that needed help.

Yasuhara took his normal seat next to Mai. "I won't be surprise if I see one of the teachers asking for help." He leaned back into his seat and looked at the girl who rolled her eyes at his words.

"I don't see why my advice is so great." She rested her head on the table.

"Simple because you tell people the honest truth." He smiled. "You listen to every problem and take them to heart. You don't tell everyone the same thing. You treat every problem with such delicacy."

The last word reminded Mai of food. "I'm hungry…" She whispered to herself though it was heard clearly by the boy beside her. He searched into his bag for candy bar.

"Bottom line…" He took out the sweet and handed it over to the girl. "Mai you are a good listener. It's easy to talk to you. It feels comfortable. That's why you have some many people coming to you."

Mai sat up with a lazy smile on her face. "Thanks…" She said softly. It was sort of an answer to her question. She unwrapped the chocolate bar and as she was about to take a bite, books were slammed on the table.

"You eat on your own time."

It took everything in Mai not to scream and just throw the chocolate bar in his face. Instead she forced on a smile and said, "I'm sorry, Professor Davis." Her brown eyes met the emotionless blue eyes of her professor.

Yasuhara watched as the two glared at each. He tried not to laugh, but it was hard to do so. A chuckle escaped from his lips and the blue eyes of his teacher focused on him.

"What's so funny Yasuhara-san?"

The student coughed. "Nothing at all sensei." He continued coughing hoping the young teacher would leave him alone.

The young man dressed in black walked away from his two students, but still kept his attention on them.

As soon as his back was turned Mai took a bite of her chocolate bar. Yasuhara didn't hold back his laughter. In between his laughter he asked, "I wonder what crawled up into Naru today?" He made sure to whisper his question. He was positive that his head would be served on a silver plate if his teacher heard him.

Mai shrugged. Her eyes stayed focused on the young teacher who prepared for today's lesson. "Probably his fangirls stalked him home…again." She laughed at her own words.

The man beside shared in the laughter. However, they quickly covered their mouths when Naru looked directly at them.

"Today we'll continue taking about the Ryokuryou Case." Professor Davis began his lesson.

Mai twirled her pen in her hand as she listened about the case. She watched with careful eyes every movement her teacher made. All her attention was focused on him and him only.

Professor Davis was the youngest teacher in the school. He first started out as an assistant teacher, but after an accident, Professor Davis took over full time. He taught Parapsychology, the study of the supernatural and paranormal activities. It was an elective course that caught Mai's interest. She was always fascinated in the unknown especially ghosts. She wasn't the only one, Yasuhara also showed an interest. That's how the two quickly became friends. The class wasn't boring at all. There was also something new to learn. Plus when you had a young handsome teacher it made things interesting.

Oliver Davis aka Naru as Mai and Yasuhara dubbed him was only one year older than Mai. He came from England and supposedly studied in Trinity College in Cambridge. From what they heard, he graduated with top honors and earned some fame in both in England and in America. He was also a paranormal researcher.

When Mai first laid eyes on him she was mesmerized by his beauty. Like the rest of the female population she was thought that he was attractive. Mai will admit that she fell for his handsome face, but once he opened his mouth, things changed.

There was a reason why she called him Naru. It was short for narcissist, exactly what he was. His over confident attitude just threw Mai off. He was self centered and so prideful. It made Mai angry! She didn't like it one bit. However, it didn't matter if he was a narcissist or always got Mai angry with his cocky manner, he was a good teacher. Mai had to give him credit for that.

"You'll be writing a ten page paper on this case." Mai watched as Naru returned to his desk. "It'll be due in two days." He looked at his watch. "There are five minutes left…do whatever you want."


The class was silent. They looked at each other in shock. It was a first that they finished a lesson before the class ended. It was a first that he gave them a break.

Yasuhara cleared his throat. "Wow. Those fangirls must have tired him out." He noticed that the girl beside him stared at the young professor. "Mai?"

"Yea?" She almost blushed. She was caught staring at Naru. Mai didn't like Naru's attitude, but she respected him and was a bit worry about him.

'Possibly developing a crush on him…?' Her inner conscience spoke out to her. Mai chose to ignore its words.

"Doctor Taniyama, you have a patient." Her friend pointed at the boy behind Mai. He smirked as the girl narrowed her eyes at him.

Mai turned her seat to face the other. "Hey, Kosuke-kun. What's up?"

The blond blushed before talking about his problems. It was the first time he sought for advice; he couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable. "Well you see…"

From a far a pair of blue eyes watched. There she goes again, listening to others problems and giving them words of guidance. Naru watched as the girl nodded and listened to the boy's problem. Her eyes never left the boy's face. Her eyes showed compassion and understanding. The boy finished talking and a smiled graced her face. She wasted no time in talking and sharing her opinion.

'She's too nice…' The twenty year old man thought to himself as he continued to stare. He suddenly felt the gaze on someone on him. He turned to see his student staring back at him behind his lenses. Naru immediately looked away. He was caught staring at Mai, not good.

Yasuhara looked in amazement at his teacher then he turned towards Mai who finished giving her advice to Kosuke. He watched as his classmate thanked Mai. Before he had a chance to talk to the girl Naru dismissed the class.

"Mai Taniyama!" Both Mai and Yasuhara turned towards their professor. Naru kept his eyes fixed on the girl and overlooked the other. "I need to have a word with you."

Mai was speechless. Did she do something wrong? Her grades were average. She didn't fail any of his exams. Her mind went back to earlier and the glaring contest they had. Was it was that?

However, the bigger question was: Why was she getting worked up about this?

"Very well sensei." She managed to find her voice. She turned towards Yasuhara. "We'll talk later senpai?"

"Yes…" He smiled softly. "Have a good afternoon Professor Davis."

The others watched him leave the classroom. Mai began first. She didn't like the silence. "What did you want to talk about Naru?" She couldn't believe she let his nickname slip out. "Professor Davis!" She corrected herself, hoping the other didn't notice.

Naru raised an eyebrow and looked with curious eyes at the girl. "What did you call me?"

"Huh?" She pretended to be clueless.

Naru rolled his eyes. He wasn't going to bother. It didn't matter anyway; he already knew what his students called him. He decided to get down to business.

"Taniyama-san, you're known throughout campus to be a good advice giver."

Mai's eyes widen at his words. She had a feeling to where this might lead to. She just didn't want to believe it.

"Many of your clients are satisfied with their results after following your suggestions. This leads me to believe that you can help me with my own problems."

A ton of bricks fell on Mai. "Huh?" This time she wasn't pretending.

Naru smirked at her expression. "I'm seeking some love advice. I think it's best that we talk about this over a cup of tea."