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Throughout campus Mai is known to give good advice. She has no problem helping those in distress. However when her professor, the young Oliver Davis, comes up to her seeking love advice, Mai has a bit of trouble. Naru x Mai and Yasuhara x Mai

Over a Cup of Tea

Chapter Seven

"So Mai-chan, you're in need of tutoring? Or for something else…?" Gene left it hanging…it implied many things.

Naru didn't give the woman anytime to reply, "We were just talking about her grades. And she was just about to leave." He gave the girl a slight push to the door. Yet, Mai didn't move. She simply stared at Gene.

Gene didn't believe it, but he played along. "If there's anything troubling you about the course, I can help you." He allowed his voice to dip for a much more playful tone. "I don't have a degree like my little brother, but I'm well rounded on the topic."

Mai smiled, "Thank you." His personality was so much more outgoing compared to Naru. She knew he was flirting with her. She would be lying if she said she didn't like it. It was as if Naru was flirting with her. Mai brushed that thought away quickly.

"I will make sure of that." Naru glared at his brother. Mai was taken aback by the bite in voice. "I am her teacher after all." He moved closer to the girl.

Gene resisted the urge to laugh. His brother was just too easy to annoy. "But, you have so much to do." The man walked around the office as he listed down his brother work. "Other students to attend too, papers to grade, meetings to go too, research." He sat on his brother's seat and held up a folder of Naru's latest case to prove his point. "…and Masako too." He had to add the young medium into the picture. "So, I will be available to help Mai-chan!" He smiled.

At the mention of Masako, both Mai and Naru went stiff. They glance at each other for a brief second thinking about their earlier discussion. Naru worried with his brother here if things with Masako will get complicated. Mai worried what she would tell Naru next time they talk about it. She also felt some jealousy.

'But his brother is here…maybe he'll ask him for help…and I won't have to deal with this.' Mai looked at Gene whom was entertaining himself with Naru's paperwork. Yet, she remembered him saying his family was pushing for the marriage…so maybe Gene wasn't going to be the best help.

Gene smirked. He didn't miss the little look. He was very curious about it. Yet, that could wait…maybe. "Mai-chan, tell me when you're free and we can set up a date."

Mai snapped away from her thoughts. "Um…" She didn't know what to say. She didn't really need the tutoring, but he said date…

Luckily, Mai didn't need to give him an answer Naru, like before, reminded her about that damn math class of her.

"You will be late to your next class."

Mai quickly checked the time and she had about ten minutes before her next class. 'He knows my schedule better than I do.' It scared her bit.

"I guess you're right." Mai nodded to her professor. She turned towards his much cheerful twin. "It was pleasure meeting you, Gene." She leaned over the desk and held her hand.

Gene took the hand, but didn't shake it, instead kissed it. "Madamoiselle, the honor was all mine."

The student turned a lovely shade of pink at the gesture. And the professor was seeing a lovely shade of green.

The older twin smiled as he sensed the strong emotions his brother was emitting.

Mai left not knowing Naru's inner turmoil.

"I like her." Gene said shortly after the door closed. "And so do you. You like her a lot."

Naru glanced at his brother's sly grin. "Just don't." 'Don't talk to her. Don't ask. Don't put your nose in my business.'

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Gene played innocent, but heard his brother's thoughts.

"Ok, all of you little ones now have to get ready for bed." Mai's instruction was met by a collective whine from the children.

"Come on, one more movie!" Seto's request, on the other hand, got a cheer from the other children.

Friday nights were movie nights at the orphanage. It was a reward for the week's works. The children were always excited for it. Mai, personally, loved it. Besides horror films, kids' movie were her favorite. She understood the children's excitement for more, but it wasn't the night for that considering they had a trip tomorrow.

"Nope, nope, nope." Yasuhara shook his head. "It's way past your bedtime and you'll need the energy for tomorrow." The man leaned in closer, "If you guys disobey then no zoo trip, right John-san?"

The priest nodded while trying his hardest to give the children a mean look, but he was failing.

The threat of missing their trip was enough for the kids to listen and rushing up for bed.

"I said it before and I'll continue saying it, thank you for the help." John said as the pair as they cleaned up.

"And we'll keep saying that it's not problem." Yasuhara picked up the bowls of popcorn as Mai organized the sofa and its pillows. "That's why we're here."

The blond nodded and wished another thank you before going after the children.

"You should have a jar." Mai said as she took from the bowls from her friend and headed towards the kitchen. "Everytime he says thank you just add a coin."

Yasuhara laughed, "In month we'll have enough money for a round trip to Hong Kong."

The laughter between them died down as they began to wash the dishes. Each one was sinking into their own thoughts. The silence between them was short lived.

"Did you know that Naru has a twin brother?" Mai blunted out.

The woman had being wanting to get that off her chest for a while. The whole day she was still reeling over that fact. She couldn't have shared the news to just anyone. She knew she could trust Yasuhara with the news.

"Yea, I knew." That was not the answer she was expecting.

"Really? And you didn't bother to share?" Mai splashed the other one with water.

"Hey, hey!" Yasuhara with soapy hands wet her back. "I had to do some research on our professor. I knew he had a brother, but not a twin." He wiped his hands and started to clean his glasses. "How did you find out? Does his brother have something to do with the whole love advice? And what did you guys talk about today?" He hit her hard with the questions.

Mai sighed. She knew this was coming. Her senpai was a nosy one. "Gene came to visit."

"First name basis already?" He raised an eyebrow.

"He's so different from Naru. He's the opposite. It's weird." Mai wiped her hands as she told him about the little meeting.

Yasuhara nodded away as she talked. "Hm, question…did you notice how Naru was acting during all of that?" He had a guess, but wanted to know if Mai picked it up.

Mai thought back. How did Naru act? She really wasn't paying that much attention to him. Her focus was on Gene. She did remember Naru practically screaming at Gene over the tutoring suggestion. "He was angry."

It wasn't exactly the term he wanted to hear, Yasuhara wasted no time to correct her. "He was jealous."

The brunette gave the other a questioning look. "I doubt that." Her senpai matched her stare with his own that said 'I'm right!'

Mai rolled her eyes, not believing. "If he was, which he was not, what would be jealous of?"

Yasuhara smiled as if was the most obvious thing in the world, which it was. "Our Naru was jealous because Gene wanted you!" He said in a teasing tone. As he expected, Mai blushed. "I don't blame him. I would have been too." He continued saying half-jokingly.

"Oh shut up!"

Yasuhara sighed. It was no good getting her angry or else she wouldn't talk. And he didn't want that, he was very curious about Naru's case. "Did you guys talk about the whole Hara situation?"

Mai frowned as she was reminded of the dilemma she had with this case. "Yeah…" She met Yasuhara's worried gaze. "He wants to break up with her."

The man was not surprised one bit. "Figured."

She snorted. "Do you know everything?"

"It was obvious from our little double date." He poked her forehead. "Come on, you saw it. Think with that pretty little head of yours." Mai glared at him. He ignored knowing she didn't mean it. "What are you planning to tell him?"

Mai shook her head. "I don't know." She was at lost with this one. "You know most people ask about how to get the girl or guy. Never dealt with this one. Plus, break ups are always messy. Someone always gets hurt. Even in a mutual one, there's some pain." She mused aloud. "I don't know what to tell him. And if I did, I don't want to be the reason for heartbreak." Naru wasn't the one who would be hurt, but the medium. She wasn't too fond of Masako, but that didn't mean she wanted the other to suffer.

Yasuhara crossed his arms as he thought about what Mai said. He knew the type of girl Mai was. You throw some mean comments at her and she would throw it back if you really got her angry. The double date was a nice example. However, at the end of the day, Mai wasn't going to hold a grudge, but just wish you well. Mai was also a considerate one, she thought about both sides and to make it easier for them.

"You could just refuse to help him." He finally said.

Mai was already taking that in account.

The weekend was going painfully slow for Gene. Friday was a fun day. He teased his brother all day about Mai and his teaching career. But, mostly just by mentioning the pretty girl's name. Now Saturday was dragging along. Besides trying to help his brother, Gene was hoping for some fun while in Japan. But, alas…Noll was no fun.

The dark headed man sighed for what was the tenth time in past hour. "Noll tell me again, why don't you have a television?" He glanced at his brother whom was buried in grading papers. He was ignored.

"We should go shopping for a television and maybe other stuff too. You need to make this place exciting." Gene picked up his brother laptop from the coffee table. "Maybe get you a new-"

"You never told me why you're here?" Naru interrupted his brother short.

Gene was wondering when Noll was going to ask him. "To visit you, of course! It must have been so lonely he-"

Naru rolled his eyes and cut him off again, "Don't play around."

"Harsh." Gene was met with silence. "Very well…I came here to rescue you." He met his own blue eyes as his brother stopped what he was doing. "I came to rescue you from marriage." He answered the unasked question. "Mother is getting wrapped in this whole fiasco of a union between you and Masako-san."

Naru remained quiet. He did not like where this was going.

Gene continued. "First off, you need to know that it started off as a joke. We, meaning father, mother, and I, never meant the whole marriage thing. We were pulling your leg. Same thing goes for the Haras, Miku-san and Ken-san."

"I do not like jokes." Naru was in such a mess because of it.

His twin smiled. "You really do need to loosen up. Maybe Mai-chan can help with that." He said the last sentence quietly, but loud enough for Noll to hear. "Anyways, as you know recently the topic of marriage has been thrown around more…" He said it with some dismay. "Miku-san has been taking it seriously now. She had entered a crisis. She's under the impression that she will never have grandchildren now that Masako is investing most of her time on her television career. Mother…" Gene frowned. "She is now under the same idea."

"She's not be serious?" Naru was utterly confounded. His mother was always the more rational one of the two. She was a logical woman. Naru did not believe this.

Gene knew what his brother was thinking. "Yes, very serious. Father is not pleased with this. As for Ken-san, he doesn't want to upset his wife, so he'll leaning towards the marriage."

"I'm already taking steps towards ending it with Hara, so they can forget about it." Naru declared.

"By asking the wonderful Doctor Taniyama?"

Naru didn't hide his shock. "How…?"

"I did some research on her." Gene shrugged. "I wanted to know more about the girl who holds your affections." He teased. "She might be able to help, but it's always good to have a back-up plan and that's me."

"I don't know what use you will be. If I remember correctly, you started this whole marriage thing." Naru felt a deep urge to hurt his brother.

"I apologize deeply for that!"

In return, Gene was hit by a pen. "Ouch." Naru said nothing. Gene, on the other hand, wasn't taking it. He wasn't going to drop the topic. "I already hav-" He was hit by another pen. Ok, so maybe he was going to drop it.

"Fine…be that way." It wasn't like he hasn't dealt with a stubborn Noll before. He will be ready to help.

A comfortable silence fell upon them. Gene browsed the laptop. He distracted himself by scooping through his brother's email. Naru settled back into grading the papers.

"Hey Noll…" Gene broke the peaceful air. His eyes re-read the forwarded email. He wondered if it was against the rules for a student sending this over to a teacher.

"You are still not helping me."

"Whatever…I just want to know if you want to go to a party."

"Excuse me." Mai pushed her way through the throng of people. She repeated her words over and over as she made her way to the kitchen.

Keiko's party was in full swing. The music blasted from the speakers making the floor shake. The dancers swayed to the beat of the music allowing themselves to be taken away. There was a little bar set up and everyone taking full advantage of it. Those who weren't dancing or taking their shots were scattered around happily chatting away. Though, what made the party fun was that it was a masquerade one. Keiko, at the last minute, decided to add the mysterious theme. And it wasn't a bad decision.

'Yet, she could have gotten masks that weren't so glittery.' Mai thought as she desperately tried to get to the kitchen. Mai was given a glittery lavender mask at the door. It was gorgeous mask, but the glitter was sprinkling everywhere including her eye.

Mai rushed to sink once she got there. Luckily for her, no one was in the kitchen, so she was safe. She was having fun being hiding behind the mask. She and Yasuhara were playing an amusing little game. They were imitating some of their classmates trying to fool others. Alas, it was cut short.

She ran the water and splashed some on. She was able to blink it off quickly. But, she was bloody wet.

"Need some help?" Mai was startled by the male accented voice.

"Um…yes." She kept her head down not wanting her identity to be revealed. She reached for her mask, but was stopped.

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone." The man said.

Mai looked up to see a dark haired man wearing a white mask. The color of the mask made his dark blue eyes shine out. They looked so familiar. 'Naru?' No, it couldn't be. He was probably grading papers tonight or taking his brother out for a tour of the city. Plus Naru at a college party? Yea, he was not that older than his students. But, really? The man did not look like a party goer. There was also the man's accent. So maybe he was an exchange student.

"Thanks." She took the paper towel and dried her face off. She felt the man's gaze on her. "Shouldn't you be getting back to the party?" Mai broke the awkward moment…at least it was awkward for her.

The man turned towards the entrance of the kitchen. He was able to see a bit of the living room, the main area of the party. He shook his head. "Don't want to."

Mai raised her eyebrows. "Not having fun?" She had put on her mask.

"None at all." Sir White said. She settled on that nickname for him.

She crossed her arms. "That sucks."

Sir White gave her a small smirk as he leaned in closer. Mai felt her heart flutter. "So tell me, advise me, how should I have fun?"

The brunette smiled. This was easy. "Do something that you wouldn't normally do. Take a walk on the other side. You have the mask as your shield, so no one will know who you are. They don't know it was you the next day. Just get out of your comfort zone. You might like it and if you don't then just go home and you'll have an experience to learn from."

The man chuckled as if it was joke. Mai felt slighted and he noticed it quickly. "Sorry, I didn't mean it as an offensive. I was laughing at an inside joke." He gave her a smile. "Though, you're probably right."

Mai was bit prideful. "I am. Just try it out." She started to make her way out. Her senpai was probably looking for her by now.

"Oh I will…"

Mai felt a warm hand take hers. Her shocked brown eyes gazed up at alluring playful blue ones.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm taking your advice. So, we're going to dance."

I wonder who Sir White is…

Next time: The party continues…