A Short Story on this day. Do not own, just want to honor

25th Of April by Bluerock 7

"Sargent Smith, You are a New Zealander?" asked Colonel Sheppard.
"Yes Sir"
"What is so special about today? I know it is your memorial day but why the 25th April and not November 11th like all the rest"
"Well Sir, In 1915, in World War I, Our troops along with theAustralians were ordered to take a peninsula on the Turkish Coast, on that date. It was a bloodbath. Rocky shore, The Turkish soldiers hold up in the mountains, steep terrain, many of our soldiers died and we failed to take to Peninsula"
"So why the Commemoration"
"New Zealand and Australia were a Colony of Britain, Many then looked on England as the Mother Country and as a politician said at the beginning of World War II, 'Where England goes, New Zealand goes'. But we felt betrayed by England then and in the next war in Greece but Gallipoli wasthe start of breaking our ties with England. We started to become a Nation, to think of New Zealand as our Mother Country and willing to die for her"
"So the 25th of April is a special day for you"
"Very much so. All our World War I veterans are gone now and our WWII veterans are in their eighties and nineties and will soon be gone as well. We have the Korean and Vietnam Veterans not not so many and they were not popular wars, my Uncles went to the Korean war and were booed when they came back, which surprised me because I had heard about the Vietnam veterans treatment but didn't know that the Korean Veterans were treated the same way"
"Is your ... What do you call it"
"ANZAC day commemoration"
"Australian New Zealand Army Corp"
"Are they popular or well attended"
"Yes, I believe when we started to lose all the old soldiers and people from that time, their descendants wanted to remember them and honour them, so ANZAC day Parades are well attended by the Old Soldiers and the all the generations. WWI was such a senseless war, decided by politicians like Vietnam, Our soldiers should never be forgotten"
"No , when wars are thought by politicans, so many lives are lost needlessly"
"So many of that generation of WWI who could have made a difference in Medicine, Sports,Literature, Art, and Science, were lost"
"Yes, even in USA when we joined in 1917, lost so many potentially great people. Thank you Sargent. I will meet you at 11.00am for the Commemoration"
"See ya then" Sargent Smith waved a salute and walked on.

Colonel Sheppard was soon joined by Doctor McKay, Teyla and Ronan who was questioning the red flower, Rodney was wearing.
"It is a Poppy, used by the Australians and New Zealanders as a remembrance for the Fallen soldiers. Money donated is used to help care for the Returned Soldiers, the Memorials that are doted around the Countries and other stuff"
"So why are you wearing one Rodney?" asked Sheppard "You are Canadian"
"My country like New Zealand and Australia are part of the Commonwealth countries and have close ties so when our Sister countries mourn, we do too. And I am honoured to wear this flower"
"To remember the Fallen is an Honourable thing" said Teyla

"Yes, that is why we are all going to the ANZAC Day Parade at 11.00. No excuses"
"Yes Rodney" agreed the other three and smiled as he stalked from the room.

Colonel Sheppard turned to the others and said "We all have People we want to remember. This is a good occasion for that"
Teyla and Ronan nodded and followed John as he left the room.
Soon all of Atlantis headed towards the Main hall for the Commemorations. All had many to remember including those that had died to defend Atlantis. Sumner, Weir, Grodin, Griffin and all the other Scientist and Soldiers that had perished.

We Will Remember Them!