My first HSM fanfiction, and it's Sharpay-centric

My first HSM fanfiction, and it's in Sharpay-centric. Wow, that is scary…

My cousins think I'm Sharpay.

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"The summer is over! I hate this, and just when I was getting used to seeing Zekey everyday!" Sharpay shrieked in homeroom, well, before it started.

The first day of class, and here she is, Sharpay Evans, surrounded by her "friends." Wait, erase the quotes, they really are her friends. Still trying to get used to that. Well, actually, she's had people surround me all the time, just a different kind. The kind that would kiss your foot if you told them to.

"Shar, don't you get to see Zeke everyday in class?" Gabriella giggled.

So Gabriella and her developed a friendship over the summer, big woof. It's bound to happen sometime. I mean, it's summer!

Everything changes.

Her face dropped. "Do I even have to tell you what's wrong in that sentence?!"

Gabriella looked over at Taylor with confusion.

God, even Taylor doesn't know what I'm talking about! And she's the captain of the deca-- decath… whatever team, why?! she thought.

"Ugh! It's the "IN CLASS" part! Gabriella, IN CLASS! Can anything be more wrong?!" she exploded.

Gabriella and Taylor still wore confused faces.

"You know Sharpay, we could all just hang out after class." Taylor suggested.

She rolled her eyes and dropped her head on the desk.

Just then, the gang of East High's well known basketball team enters.

Oh goody! Zeke! Sharpay shot her head up and smiled, waiting for Zeke to kiss her cheek.

"Hey babe, what's wrong?" he asked.

Okay, now she was the one confused.

Nothing is wrong with me. "What are you talking about?"

Everybody in the gang was looking, of course, their arms on their respectful girlfriends, and even they are looking at her weirdly.

Ryan came up suddenly. Wait, where has he been?!

"Um, sis, your forehead… is red."

Everybody shifted a horrified look at Ryan.


She shrieked in panic. My face! Oh shit, if anything ever happened to my face!

Gabriella held out a mirror, but she couldn't see a damn thing, so Sharpay snatched it from her hand and focused it on her forehead.

Oh, great. It's red!

She shrieked again.

I don't even care the people around me's eardrums are gonna blow. MY FREAKING FOREHEAD MIGHT HAVE A FREAKIN LUMP!

"Dude, calm your drama queen of a girlfriend down." Chad spoke, irritated.

Zeke kissed her red forehead softly and squeezed her shoulders, but not before they both gave Chad a glare.

"Oh shut up, lunk head." she glared.

Lunk head is a term provided by nonetheless, Taylor McKessie, a.k.a. Chad Danforth's girlfriend.

He glared. "Watch your mouth before I send you back to the north pole."

That's it. This person has serious problems. She was just about to stand up when Zeke held her down and Taylor backed the jerk down.

That's about the time Ms. Darbus picked her entrance. You could tell everybody in the room rolled their eyes as she ranted on about this and that.

Sharpay sighed. I wonder what musical we'll be doing now. Like I said before, me and Gabriella are friends, but if she steps foot on my turf again I swear—

"Ms. Evans, detention after class."

She shot her head up. What the hell? She gaped. What could possibly…

"There goes Ice queen." Chad chuckled.

Oh the jerk. I better kill him before I'm old enough to go to prison. Oh wait, I'll just hire someone, that way, I won't have to soil my perfectly manicured hands.

"That goes for you as well, Danforth!" Darbus roared.

Chad dropped his basketball, the one thing he loves more than dear life itself.

Sharpay wore a face of victory.

"What? Miss Darbus? What did I do?!" he complained.

Sharpay rolled her eyes. Look, he's trying to talk, no wait, babble himself out of this. I'm wasting my time observing this pointless scene.

She looked over her shoulder, next to Chad, at Zeke, who was smiling widely. She blew him a kiss and winked.

"Don't think I didn't see you pass that note to Ms. Evans."

Her eyes widened.

She quickly spun around and looked at her desk. A yellow paper had "From Zeke" on it. Her lips parted once more in a gasp.

"But Miss Darbus…" She stopped herself as she thought it thru.

I know better than to put my Zekey in trouble, but then again, that is WAY better than spending the day with… She scrunched up her nose… Danforth.

"Yes, Miss Evans?"

"Nothing Miss Darbus, it's just that, Chad sent me 3 notes. Does that make it 3 days of detention?" she smirked, giving a mocking look at him.

Ooh, I'm good.

Chad gave her a death. He's shaking his head slowly, trying to act dangerous.

She just rolled her eyes.

Darbus gave thought to what Sharpay said, looks like she'll have my way, again.

"You make a point, Sharpay. Alright then, 3 day detention for both of you."

Ha, I knew it—

"WHAT?!" they both screamed at the same time.

Chad bonked his head on the desk and his bushy hair bounced.

God his hair's annoying. Wait, Too busy minding my own problem. Great, I just worsened my problem to the limit.

Kill me, end my extremely fabulous life now…


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