Full Summary:

Full Summary:

Ataya, Kata & Mazaska are charmed sisters. They have been living on Darran, a planet where they are welcomed as witches and sought after when demons come up from the underworld and start killing humans. When Mazaska is invited to go to Hogwarts on Earth, her sisters send her. What happens when a student tries to stupefy her and she freezes the spell in mid air? Will her & her sisters finally have their true powers? And what happens when a few demons show up from Darran, looking to kill Mazaska and her sister? Will they be able to vanquish them before they're killed?


My sisters and I have been living on Darran since I was two years old. Ataya was eight and Kata was four. We moved their from Earth because people didn't understand us and because we knew we would be welcomed at the home of our grandma. Our mother and father were killed shortly after we moved their and we were left in grandmothers care. When I turned seven, Kata was nine and Ataya thirteen, our grandmother started to teach us about witchcraft and Ataya was sent to Hogwarts. We learned from that moment on which demons were good to trust (like they are anyways right) and which was we were to kill when we got older. Grandmother vanquished the demons while we were young and in school, but once she was gone, we inherited our full powers (which kept evolving with every year we grew older).

When I turned eleven, I was sent to Hogwarts just like my sisters were. Ataya was in her seventh year, Kata was in her fifth year and I was going into my first year. We were all in Gryffindor house together, but I was the only one nobody liked. Kata & Ataya were liked by nearly the whole school. But when the students started teasing me, they stood up for me, which put them at risk for teasing to. But it didn't happen that way. We began practicing our magic on different things. I could freeze & blow up demons and things along with healing the injured. Kata could levitate, had premonitions and had the power to orb anywhere (and anything) she wanted. Ataya could move things with her mind, astro-project herself anywhere, transform into anything she wanted and produce a force field around her and anyone else that she didn't want to get hurt.

Now Hogwarts was about to find out that the legend was real. The Charmed Ones were real and they were here to stay! Who you gonna mess with now punks!