"Who the hell is Bella? And where did Ophelia go? Why are none of you speaking? Was that a mate's call I heard? What is with Edward? Does he know Ophelia? What is going on here? I demand to know!"

Tania stamped her foot to emphasize each question. Her voice had risen in her indignation as each of the Cullens ignored her. They all opted to furrowing their brows instead and looking at one each other in silence.

"Tania," simpered Margret, moving to her side and placing a pudgy hand on her leader's slim shoulder. "Ophelia has obviously been a lying, cheating wench. She's no doubt this Bella bitch, and just has been quite the skank-"

"I want to hit her," Emmett growled, casting Margret a side glance. Rosalie, who stood a little ways away, nodded sympathetically.

"Go away, Margret." Tania scolded, shaking off the 'comforting' hand.

She walked up to Carlisle who had his arms crossed tight across his chest as he stared hard at his wife Esme who stood at the opposite side of the room - staring straight back. Tania placed a small slender hand on his arm, putting on her sweetest face, her eyes growing abnormally large. Carlisle looked over at her and blinked - Tania looked absolutely angelic.

"Please, Carlisle," her southern accent appealingly strong. "She's my friend. I want to know. Who's Bella?"

Carlisle sighed deeply and opened his mouth to begin the long, strange explanation when a sound came from the couch.

Jasper sat on the couch, attending to Cathy who was now just beginning to come round. His long pale fingers were deep in her fur, brushing against the tears he felt in her skin. Alice had her legs up in her chest, her large golden eyes closed as she tried hard to figure out what was happening. Suddenly, her eyes snapped open and she gasped.

Carlisle and Tania looked over at the small vampire as she made an 'O' with her mouth. Her eyes looked slightly anguished. Jasper looked over at her, sensing the odd emotion that came off her.

"What did you see?" Emmett asked, walking up to his little sister and catching her eye.

She cleared her throat. "They've made up."

"What do you mean?" Emmett asked.

"I mean what I said," Alice snapped, standing up and walking away from Jasper, who was now trying to lower her embarrassment. "No one else needs to know. They'll come down and see us in a few hours."

"Hours?!" Emmett yelled out, his hands in the air. "Who 'makes up' for hours?!"

They all froze in place as they answer occurred to them all simultaneously. Alice bowed her head, if she could blush she would have been. The silence dragged on, no one knowing exactly what to say.

"Its only natural, I suppose," croaked Esme, looking to Carlisle who's eyebrows had reached his hair line.

Suddenly Emmett boomed out with laughter so loud that the ground felt like shaking. He threw his head back with the laugh, his hands on his stomach. Rosalie looked absolutely horrified as her lover boomed at the ceiling. Jasper scowled at his brother as he doubled over with his laughter.

"Look," Jasper said, rising from the couch, Cathy in his arms, "let's go have dinner. We have no right to intrude on their - activities" another booming laugh from Emmett. "We'll be able to talk to them soon."

"Yes," Tania said, her eyes sharp. She would have liked nothing more then to interrogate Ophelia (or is it Bella?) and Edward. The situation was the strangest and most interesting thing that had come across her in years. "Let's go eat."

"Yeah," Emmett agreed, working hard to contain composure. "Edward shouldn't be the only one."

Everyone groaned as he laughed again.