Disclaimer: Any characters, settings and other references you recognise belong to JKR. I just play with her ideas!

This was written for the SU 'Going Away' challenge, and is dedicated to ToManyLetters:
I wish you all the luck in the world. Thank you, for sharing this moment of friendship with us all.
I'll miss you.


And even though your smile lingers in reflection,
I find I miss the mischief in your eyes.
The emptiness of your absence echoes louder than my token
Superficial gash; not half so easy to fill with something
Meaningless, I leave your impression incomplete.

I've not been here alone before. The world tastes
Like a stranger; Perhaps, I am one myself.
My expectation for your presence endures. In the corner, a
Dementor drains at my reality, and I must fight to regain
Clarity through the haze of your shadow.

Know I am a little less myself. Silence at my lips;
In clumsiness I've lost the words.
Every expression betrays laughter you left behind for me to
Share; I'm sorry, my dear, that's been misplaced, too.
Be sure I am more careful with your memory.

Note: I hope the subject matter is obvious enough. This is probably the first proper poem I've published online, so concrit is MOST appreciated. I know I need the help!

Thank you for reading!