Staring across the intervening space, Kurosaki Ichigo studied his next opponent. It was a short, blue furball apparently created through some sort of alien experimentation. Ichigo had no idea about its strengths and weaknesses, except one thing, "So, I hear you carried my ass outta Kyuubi's firestorm. I appreciate it." Taking his sword from his back and bringing it to a ready stance, he finished, "Don't think that'll save you from defeat!"

Stitch, though he understood Ichigo's little speech, was also expecting it. The young man seemed rather hot-headed, which is funny, since Stitch could lose it with the best of them. Nevertheless, the little alien was moving as soon as Ichigo was, pulling some plasma rifles from his storage compartment and firing at the shinigami. Ichigo managed to deflect or dodge everything Stitch sent his way, and tried a powerful downward slash when he finally made it to the furball.

Stitch wasn't that easy, however, and got out of the way of the powerful strike. When he looked back to follow the human's movement, however, he saw that Ichigo was already gone! As soon as Stitch landed, he was off, desperately trying to find his opponent and keep himself from becoming a stationary target. However, with a deft shunpo the substitute death god was able to get ahead of the experiment, and nearly won the fight with a mere outstretched sword.

Stitch wasn't the strongest of his 600+ family for no reason, however, and managed to move just enough to keep himself from a debilitating wound. He still came away with a cut on his right side, but it was shallow and bleeding slowly, a good sign. Growling at the human standing calmly in front of him, Stitch curled into a small ball and shot towards Ichigo's surprised face. The young man hadn't seen anything like this creature before. It had a sixth sense, could move as fast as the death god himself with shunpo, and whatever those pistols were about, they'd hurt if they hit. It was turning into a good fight!

Smiling fiercely now, Ichigo waited for the little alien to stop rolling around. It would have to for it to attack him, unless it planned on a medicine ball attack. His eyes tracking the zigzag path of the little furball, the orange-haired teen brought his blade down where he expected the alien to show up. His calculations were right on, for Stitch's previous trajectory, but the alien had been waiting for an attack. Quickly changing course enough that he would bypass the blade, Stitch exploded into the air and out of his protective ball.

To be met with a smirking shinigami, whose blade was pointed sharp end towards Stitch. With a heave upwards, Ichigo shouted, "Getsuuga Tenshou!" The alien experiment was fully caught by the attack, and sent skywards as fast as the crescent moon of reiatsu could take him. In half a minute, Stitch was plummeting back towards planet earth and the mall of the world, contemplating how much this was going to hurt. Damn kids with their music…

Ichigo watched as the tough little furball collided with the ground a few yards from him, expecting another round in this fight. His surprise was evident when DbC stepped from out of nowhere, proclaiming him the winner. Puzzled, Ichigo asked the cocoalicious host, "Hey, I'm pretty sure the little guy can keep going! Why are you stopping the damn fight?!"

Turning towards his rather annoying entrant, DbC responded in an equally annoyed tone, "Because you two started late! I had to go with the last decisive blow. If Stitch had managed to hit you with his last attack, it would have been his victory. Next time I'd suggest you start fighting when I tell you to if you want to fight longer!"

Harrumphing, DbC made his way back to his executive sweet to torture a certain pointy haired middle-management type. Watching the milk chocolaty demon walk away, Ichigo felt a presence at his side. Looking down, he saw his opponent watching DbC as well. Sighing, Ichigo said easily, "Ah, forget him. Next time you'll win for sure. How about some lunch?"

Grinning his toothy, wide grin, Stitch immediately took a comfortable seat on the death god's head, grabbing hair with three hands and pointing straight ahead with the last one. Smirking at the experiment's two-year-old antics, Ichigo shunpo-ed away. There was a place he'd seen earlier that looked good…